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Have you ever wondered who can someone write the best thank you email after attending interviews? It course, it matters, and that’s why some candidates can write thank you emails after interviews. But what about others who don’t have an idea how to do it? In this article, we will guide you through different examples of Post Interview Thank You Email. You can use them to write your interviewer. Before that, we will try to discuss some crucial points about it to give an overview of what you should know about a thank you in an email. 

Why Writing Post Interview Thank You Email?

If you have an upcoming interview, it means you might compete with a minimum of four to five more candidates having similar work, qualifications, and experience profiles. Hence, you have to keep something that works to gear up the interview at your side. However, most candidates don’t send Post Interview Thank You Email

What Do You Need To Know About Thank You mail?

Before writing a thank-you email, you must know how to write a thank-you email to dazzle your interviewer. You can use those emails for your future interview, where you only have to change a few things related to the Next Interview. You should have an idea about when to write your email, who should receive the email, and how to write it down.

What Is An Ideal Post Interview Thank You Email?

It will be great to discuss the ideal thank you email for post-interview writing because you can reference it to write down your thank you letter. Here is the perfect example of thank you for an email.

Subject: Thank You, Mr. Rajiv!

Hello Rajiv,

I heartily say thank you very much to take your time and meet me. It was great to discuss the job position of Senior Digital Marketing Specialist in your company XYZ. It was a pleasure meeting you and discussing how to get more organic traffic to your business. 

It is too exciting to join your firm XYZ, but the most interesting thing about the interview was the discussion about efforts required to focus on actual reader experience, not only the technical Search Engine Optimization issues.

I thought about increasing your subscribers, and we can do it by offering free bonus content in the next three months. Currently, I’m working as Content Marketing Specialist in the form ABC, and I’ve successfully increased their subscribers by 45%. Therefore, I assure you to bring the same and better success. It is only your company, by working as Senior Digital Marketing Specialist. You can contact me anytime whenever you want to know more about me and my profession.

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Thank you again for your time!


Jayesh Maheta

Your Contact No:

Email Address:

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How To Write Post Interview Thank You Email?

As we discussed, you should always write a thank you email to your interviewer within 24 hours of your interview. You have to send a personalized thank you email to all the interviewers. It is where you have given the interview. It must be a genuine thank you where you thank you for the opportunity. You have to write whatever you discussed in your interview.

Top Examples Of Post Interview Thank You Email:

There are a few easy steps to follow while writing a professional and genuine thank you letter to the interviewers. Let us understand this process step by step. 

  • Create A Subject:

Your email has to start with a clear subject line without any jokes, puns, and it should be to the point subject line. For example, thank you for your time, thank you (interviewer), thank you for yesterday’s interview, I learned lots of things about your company, and thank you for our discussion.

  • Personal Greetings:

Address your hiring manager by his name. Then send personalized thank you emails to all your interviewers. 

  • Expressing The Appreciation:

Do not forget that it is a thank you email. Always write a thank you first. It has to be always sincere, authentic, and have gratitude with appreciation. You have to express that you give importance to the interviewer’s time he spent discussing with you.

  • Express Your Interests In The Job:

Your interviewer wants you to ensure that you are the perfect fit for the company. Therefore, they would like to know if you are genuinely eager to start your job. You have to mention this in your Thank You Email. If you have found from the interview that the job is not better for you, you must tell this in Your Thank-You Mail. It helps managers appreciate your honesty, and you can save their time.

  • Something Specific You Discussed:

You can tell them what position can attract you and why. You have to clarify that why you are best for this position.

  • Additional Information:

You can mention that you would give additional information to establish trust and responsibilities to meet deadlines.

What Is The Best Ending Of Post Interview Thank You Email?

Your email ending has to be polite and brief. It may start with your questions, like do you need additional information about me? Or, you can begin, like feel free to contact me whenever you need.

Closing with thank you again

Examples Of Best Thank You Email:

Do you want to know how the template of thank you email look in practice? We have given three examples of thank you for an email. It is a reference for you to write your unique email.

  • Short And Simple:

Do you want to write a quick follow-up after the first and second rounds of your interview? This one template is quite helpful.

Hi Johnny,

Thank you very much for meeting today. It was a wonderful experience to learn about the marketing manager role, and it excited me to join your crew as a new crew member. 

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I am looking forward to hearing from your side for the next step. And please don’t hesitate to ask for any additional information about me because I can provide more information about myself.



  • Stand Out From The Crowd:

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you can be more specific by writing your thank you email. You can do it by showing you had given full attention in the interview and felt great after getting excited to get this job.

Hi Mr. Arnold,

I would like to say thank you for inviting me to your office today. It felt great to hear about your firm’s goals of streamlining the software and placing the quality on UX design. I observe your way of looking at the engineering department as playing a role in your initiative. Your company seems the best workplace. It is not because you mentioned some of the best things and outings, but it is great because I appreciate your mission, vision, and the style of driving your business. It excited me to look for the opportunity at your firm. If I can join, I will apply ideas to redesign the homepage.

I Am Looking forward to a great reply from your side. 



  • Next Level Thank You Email:

Of course, these two letters will help you a lot, but you can blow a hiring manager by adding a few lines before you start writing as I LOOK FORWARD TO…..

Think about a quick mockup of anything you discussed in your interview to show your creativity. You can also create some taglines for the brand. And some slides to show the possibilities of business in the future.

Hi Sandy,

Thanks a lot for meeting me today, and I learned lots of things about your car company. I think I might join as fifty employees, and it seems like I can see a company growing. I’ve created and attached some mocks up for my ideas on how to increase renewals. I know your company is about to see growth shortly, and I’ll be happy to be an active member and helpful individual for the company.

I look forward to hearing from you about our next step.



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Pro Tips:

If you wish to take your Post Interview Thank You Email to the next level, you can use various professional words and writing tools. It can make your writing professional and valuable. Of course, your interviewer will appreciate your efforts in writing an email to them. However, you can write a few samples and compare them with each other. It will help you improve your writing. Thus, when you think this mail is correctly written, you can directly send it to your interviewer.

Wrapping Up:

Did you find this information needed? Have you understood how to write Post Interview Thank You Email? What do you think about it? If you have given an interview recently, you should write them a thank you letter. They will appreciate your efforts and understanding. You must send individually designed and written thank you emails if you have given interviews in more than one firm. You can keep copies of your written emails that can be helpful when you want to send emails to other firms.

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