Have you heard of anything like hybrid mobile app development? What is it? According to the survey, the mobile app industry is evolving with more than 2.7 billion smartphone users worldwide. There is no doubt that most developers need to use React Native android app for Android users and React Native iOS for iOS users. If you wonder how this cross-platform mobile app development helps developers, then I have covered that part. I have also come up with the top-most essential things to start developing a mobile app with React Native if you are a beginner. So, let’s start with this.

React-Native:- Develop Cross-platform Mobile App:

React-Native is a worldwide used open-source mobile app framework that Facebook had created. Cross-platform Mobile App means that this software is useful for Both Android and iOS apps as well as for TVs, Mac OS, 

TVOS, Web, Windows, and UWP. It is possible because it enables developers to React’s framework along with native platform capabilities. It is the Powerful JavaScript Framework to design and develop genuinely native smartphone applications for various platforms.

If you are a developer of mobile apps or a manager of online e-commerce business or online businesses, you have a better opportunity to target all types of users with different operating systems by getting your software built on React-Native. Therefore, to decide if your project and software should be developed on React-Native or not, I recommend you to read this post throughout and understand everything.

Why Should You Use React Native?

  • If you are a coding expert and professional, it allows you to develop native-smartphone-applications using JavaScript only.
  • You can create cool UI experiences for mobile app users with declarative components.
  • React-Native has become one of the most used and popular mobile app development tools. It happened because it lets the developers work for both Android and iOS.

As I mentioned, the technology has themed on the JavaScript library that Facebook had created as React. Most developers have found this development tool the most reliable choice while considering React Native Android app development and React Native iOS app development.

If you are a start-up or a business, you might have called it a quite difficult task to take your business online. It is a fact because there are smartphones operated on the not same operating system. Therefore, companies have to develop a mobile app on various development tools of there is no tool for integrating everything in a single kit.

Bullets On Facts Related To React-Native:

  • The main feature of React-Native is React itself.
  • It’s a Native framework used to develop mobile & web apps with the help of JavaScript.
  • It allows coders to employ Native components governed by the JavaScript platforms. 
  • Apps, like Facebook, Bloomberg, Instagram, Walmart, and Wix, were developed on React-Native.

How React-Native Development Helps?

Like any other mobile app development technologies, React-Native has helped developers develop applications faster and businesses to grow without disturbing the growth.

If developers have React-Native skills, they can see the growth in their official careers. To understand how React Native Android app development and iOS app development can help both developers and businesses, we need to consider its benefits and drawbacks.

Benefits Of React-Native App Development:

No doubt that any technologies that debuted in the growing world benefit the world, and here is how React-Native does it.

Reusability Of Codes:

Do you think that dealing with React-Native is embracing? Think again. React-Native allows you to reuse the codes you have written once. It has this feature as an added advantage. It lets you integrate up to 90% of the native framework to develop the app for both. It saves your time, efforts, and capital invested in development.

It Has Optimal Performance

Even if you hate technologies, you still will love to say that React-Native’s controls and modules help developers to get a better command over performance facet. It has employed various threads from the APIs and UI that raises the performance level.

A Large Community Of Developers:

Like, I have already discussed that React-Native has covered almost everything regarding app development, and there is no doubt it has a big community of coders. They are in touch with each other to solve their errors and queries. If you think you are a beginner, you can reach out to professionals to take their advice.

Other Benefits:

Apart from the above-discussed benefits, React-Native has the following few benefits.

  • It’s easy to get your hands on it to learn it.
  • It provides a shared database between Android and iOS apps.
  • It improves constantly.
  • It has an active and growing community.
  • It does not take time to develop an app like other development tools.
  • It has given components to both.
  • It has various libraries. 
  • It reduces labor resources.

Drawbacks Of React-Native App Development:

No matter how much technology helps the world, coders, and businesses, they may have a few drawbacks that people have faced as issues or problems. Let’s discuss it.

It’s New Technology:

This technology is still new and fresh. So, lot’s of experienced, experts, and professionals think the technology needs testing before trusting.

If you compare it with Android and iOS programming languages, it is new and does not have that many years of development. Therefore, it has the following drawbacks.

Security Robustness:

This development tool is an open-source JavaScript framework. Therefore, experts say it may have a gap in the security Robustness.

Learning Of It:

Even if most experts said it is easy to learn, most experts have said it is a debate. They believe React-Native development languages to develop React Native Android app and React-Native iOS app might be tough to learn. They said it is hard for new developers and inexperienced coders.

Other Drawbacks Of React-Native:

Apart from the above-discussed drawbacks of React-Native development, there are a few more warm feedbacks for this open-source JavaScript framework.

  • You can not use it for each app and each type of feature.
  • You can no longer use Android Studio for React Native Android app.
  • It is a novel framework. Therefore, its updates can impact-negatively current projects.
  • You can not say that JavaScript is a strictly typed language.
  • It needs a JavaScript engine to run. It may slow it down.

Minimum System Requirements For React Native Development:

  • Your computer system must have at least 8 GB of RAM.
  • You need; 
  • Android SDK 25.0.2.
  • Android Studio version 2.2.3.
  • NPM 3.5.2.
  • Java 1.8.0_121.
  • Node Js 4.2.6.
  • React-Native cli 2.0.1.

Following Things Is Must For You To Learn As A Beginner:

If you are a beginner developer, you need to learn the following things to start with React Native Android app development and React Native iOS app development.


Getting started with React Native app development requires Knowledge of JavaScript. Therefore, if you know the basics of JavaScript, you can quickly get your hands on it. Know JavaScript as a beginner, and it will help you a lot. I said it because ReactJs depends on it.

Learn Backend:

If you want to perform any task or store user-data with a dynamic strategy, you must know about the backend. If it is not there, the apps developed by React Native support only the resources of clients.

React Native

What do you mean by React Native? It is a targeting platform to develop apps when you have basic knowledge of programming and development. You have to learn it to understand the syntax, or you can say user interface.


To structure a large amount of data, you must know React. Facebook itself uses it to build web apps. 

NodeJs & NPM:

To build JavaScript code, React-Native uses NodeJs. It needs NPM to install and use packages from external sources. It means you have to learn both to push up yourself to the next level.

Third-party developers have created some libraries to allow you to add features to your applications. You need a node installed on the system to build React Native apps. However, there is no need to worry if you do not know about the node. Developers need it for package manager only.

Learn Navigational Library:

You can find several navigational libraries you need to use when doing React Native Android app development and React Native iOS app development to react to Native apps. It is essential to know this library to have navigation on mobile.


Whenever you create your first app with React JS, you come to know that it is quite hard to manage some resources and components during development. Redex is a State Management Library to help you in managing the State while developing with React JS.

Final Thoughts:

Have you understood how the future is for hybrid mobile apps development with React Native development tool? Do you think the above-discussed benefits can encourage more and more smart coders and developers to learn React Native Android app development and React Native iOS app development even though React Native has received warm feedback from experts and professionals as it is in the development stage and immature?