Know About Cipher, And How To Encrypt Using Redefence Cipher

Do you know about cryptography? Cryptography uses a cipher to perform various tasks like encryption and decryption. In this article, we want to share the right information about cipher, Redefence Cipher, and how you can encrypt. So, without taking much time, let us start with the cipher first.

What Is a Redefence Cipher?

An algorithm to perform encryption and decryption is known as a cipher in cryptography. Cipher is a series containing well-defined steps to follow as a procedure. We also know it as encipherment. It means converting any information into a cipher or code. In general, the cipher is synonymous with code. The reason is that both are sets of steps that encrypt a message.

In the output, codes substitute different length strings of characters, but cipher has the same number of characters as input.

Cipher Operation:

It is dependent on a piece of auxiliary information that is key. The procedure to encrypt depends on the key that changes a detailed operation of the algorithm. You have to use the Key before using a cipher while encrypting a message. The reason is that it becomes extremely difficult without the knowledge of the key.

Let’s Discuss Redefence Cipher:

Redefence Cipher is a tool that encrypts or decrypts with Redefence automatically. It is a variant from Rail Fence having a key defining the order of lines that can be read after writing in a zig-zag pattern.

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Know More About Redefence Cipher:

You will learn In the upcoming sections about Redefence Decoder, Redefence Encoder, encryption using Redefence Cipher, recognizing Redefence Ciphertext, deciphering redefence without the key, and the variants of redefence cipher.

Redefence Encoder:

You have to redefence ciphertext, keep punctuation with spaces, and try to use first permutations. Also, use the Cipherkey. Then decrypt.

Redefence Encoder:

First, redefence plain text, use the Cipherkey, keep spaces and punctuation, and encrypt.

Use Redefence Cipher To Encrypt:

This cipher has similarities to the Rail Fence Transposition cipher, but it has the key to define both the numbers of levels in the zig-zag. It also has the order for the lines to read.

For Example;

If the pain message is DCODEZIGZAG, which has the Key ZIG of size N and the letters 3, redefence encrypts the message. It has Rail Fence that has writing in zig-zag and N levels. Here is how you can see it.

1 – Z :- D — E — Z —, 2 – I:- C – D – Z – G – A , 3 – G, — O — I — G.

Redefence has the characteristics to have a key defining the reading order of the lines.

For Example;

It arranges the letters of the Key ZIG 

alphabetically as G, I, Z that defines the reading order of the lines 3,2,1. Thus, the encrypted message composes line 3 OGI, line 2 CDZGA, and line 1 DEZ giving the final Message as OIagCDZGADEZ.

Decryption Of Redefence Cipher:

Before decrypting redefence, you have to know the encryption key. The reason is that it conditions the order of reading and the number of levels N.

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For Example;

If you have encrypted the message as DNRFEEEEC and its key is ZAG 2,3,1, the size is N = 3. It draws the expected shape depending on the length of the message and the number of levels.

Here is how it is:




After that, you have to write the letters of text that start from lime 1.

2) E—F—E

3) -E-E-E-C-

1) –D—N–

Now the plain message is readable in zigzag form starting from left to right.

Recognize Redefence Ciphertext:

Both frequency analysis and the coincidence index of the message are similar to the plaintext language, as redefence is the cipher of transposition.

Deciphering Redefence Without The Key:

All levels can attack a brute force for Rail Fence. Therefore, you are required to work extra to find the order of the lines.

Redefence variant of the Rail Fence Cipher adds the possibility to modify the order of reading the lines forming zig-zag. Now you have to understand almost everything about this cipher and to encrypt and decrypt with this cipher.

Wrapping Up:

Have you ever come in touch with cryptography? You might have an idea about cipher and redefence cipher, but you had never been in contact with these terms, and I hope this article could have solved your queries and given the necessary information about cipher and how to encrypt and decrypt with it to get the reading order of the lines.


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