The 5 Best Gaming Magazine Worth Reading

The 5 Best Gaming Magazine Worth Reading

Are you passionate about PC games and gambling? If so,you should know that there are lots of great magazines for gamers like you. Choose to be informed, discover all you want to know about your favorite products, strategies and gaming tips. Keep a watchful eye on the next article and find out which are the best 5 magazines you can rely on even in 2021. 

PC Gamer Magazine

Maybe you win some free spins at one of your favorite casinos or play a slot for fun, and now you want to take a break reading a great magazine. PC Games is one of the greatest magazines a player can read and it’s available in UK and US versions. You can buy it for smaller prices if you opt for digital issues. The prices can start from 3 dollars to 10 dollars.

You can dive into the newest released games like Cyberpunk 2077 or Shadowlands and learn more about them. Not to say that you can discover games inspired by lots of cultures and look at the top selected games that are in trend for now. And, if you are nostalgic, PC Gamer comes with an old game that will rewind some memories. Overall, it’s the world’s no 1 magazine, so you won’t be disappointed to buy it.

Game Informer Magazine

Game Informer is a premium issue that comes with exclusive insights for the video game market. Those who are interested to subscribe, and aren’t from the US, should contact customer support.

For a PRO membership, you can score points, claim a birthday gift, receive credits, and other advantages. 

Game Informer Magazine

You can have an all-year-long subscription that’s up to 20 USD or simply read the issues for free. Note that you can cash in points through the reward certificates, online coupons, and new Pro membership. The points can be used at GameStop.

Retro Gamer Magazine

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Sometimes, old games are better than the newest games that are in the gaming market. Retro Gamer Magazine it’s an award-winning classic video game issue. It comes in different price ranges and it’s a little bit more expensive than the other two. You can subscribe for the print version, the digital issue, or for both of them. The prices vary from 3.00 USD to 6.67 USD.

With retro-gamer, you can rediscover the best old games, including Sonic Adventure, Mortal Kombat,  Resident Evil 2, and even Pac-Man. Above the original games, Retro Gamer will show you the best collector items and tips and tricks to play modded console games.

Ind13 Magazine  

Here’s a magazine for those who want to try out great games provided by the best Indie Developers. The issue covers everything you want to know about Indie games. You can find out how to play them, look at some great walkthroughs and read the in-depth reviews made by professional Indie gamers. 

Ind13 Magazine  

Ind13 Magazine stars only independent developers and not mainstream ones. Through this issue, you can find games you never heard about and discover previews, reviews, and tips about how to play them like a PRO.

Pocket Tactics Magazine

Pocket Tactics Magazine is made especially for mobile games. Discover the best apps to play and the products that worth your time and money through this issue. Find real reviews about games like Pet Master, Coin Master, Pokemon Unite, or Genshin Impact. You can join the community, look at the step-by-step guides to help your gameplay.

Note that Pocket Tactics often comes with job opportunities and advertise offers for those who are interested in this gaming field.


Although lots of players consider that gaming magazines are outdated, they are a great source of information, packed in well-structured articles. They are cheap and more enjoyable to read. You can discover which are the new gaming trends, accessories and games ready to rock your world.


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