5 Best Adobe Spark Alternatives to Improve your Designs

When it comes to photograph editing, graphic designing, and video editing, Adobe is the name that comes to mind. With a variety of highly powerful softwares in its repertoire, Adobe has carved out a niche for itself in the market, and in fact, has set the standard for photograph editing. Adobe Spark Alternatives-

While most of their professional editing software is paid for, Adobe has captured the novice photo editing market with Adobe Spark alternatives. Spark can be termed as a lighter version of Photoshop. With its user-friendly graphic user interface, simplicity in use, and a variety of features, Spark has become the rage amongst amateur photographers who’d like to create beautiful visuals on the go. 

But while Spark is one of the most popular software for photo editing, it isn’t the most popular one, and there are several reasons for it. For one, a majority of the world cannot afford an Apple iPad or iPhone which happen to be the only two products that actually support Adobe Spark alternatives. Nor does everyone else want the same things from their editing applications. 

So, if you’re planning to download an editing app, and are open to exploring a few options, here is our list of the 5 best Adobe Spark alternatives in the market that you can definitely try:

  1. Animoto 

Be it an amateur vlogger, or a seasoned ad-maker, Animoto is a video editing platform that anyone can use with relative ease. Animoto is a cloud-based video editing platform that is targeted towards individuals or firms with a tight marketing budget. It can be your go-to software if you’re looking forward to creating engaging videos that have been created by slickly converting your individual photos and videos into slideshow-style videos.

Animoto boasts of more than 3000 one-click filters and pre-designed slides accompanied by a ton of transitions that will add a certain dynamicity to your videos. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface is quite simple to master, making Animoto one of the most easy-to-use editing platforms. There’s a vast library of more than 1 million stock images and videos sourced from Getty Images so that you don’t have to waste your time looking for copyright-free resources. 

Given all the plus points, there are a few downsides to Animoto too. The platform only allows 30-second videos to be created, which can be a bit stifling. The font library is not vast, and while the pre-designed templates might be handy, they do have editing restrictions that might cut into your creative freedom and flexibility. HD videos are a no go. Lastly, and this might be the biggest blow, Animoto is solely supported on laptops and computers, and does not have a mobile app yet.

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So, if you’re looking for an easy, light-on-the-pocket video editing platform, Animoto might be helpful. You can choose from a USD 8/month basic plan, USD 15/month professional plan, and a USD 39/month professional plus plan for this platform. 

  1. BeFunky

This one right here is for the graphic designing junkies. BeFunky is one of the best graphic designing tools that one can use in this day and age if you’re looking to create a cool and engaging digital advertising campaign or simply looking for designs to post on your social media. 

Like Animoto, BeFunky is a cloud-based graphic designing and editing solution for young creatives. It has a large library of pre-loaded images, vector illustrations, and video templates. BeFunky allows you to upload the final rendition directly to your social media channels and has a ton of one-click filters, a photo-collage tool, and much more. 

BeFunky is primarily a graphic designing application available on phones irrespective of the operating system it uses. However, BeFunky is not very beginner-friendly and requires a little knowledge about graphic designing beforehand. 

  1. InVideo

InVideo is one of the best Adobe Spark alternatives available. You can use InVideo to create content that will engage well with your audience. Irrespective of your business’s size, you can use InVideo to edit your company’s videos. The best thing about InVideo is that you can produce high-quality videos without hassle.

Also, InVideo is known for its excellent customer service, as if you reach out to them with your concerns, they will immediately respond to all of your queries. InVideo offers you a variety of templates that you can use to make your videos better. All of these templates have been curated to meet the different needs of the consumers. You will have access to a huge library of templates to create videos for different purposes. 

  1. Fotor
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Fotor is a visual content creation tool with an emphasis on image editing. It allows the user to take benefit of one-click filters and thousands of design templates for their social media campaigns. There are several options that one can use for readjusting the tone and mood of their images, and canvas options as well. The collage maker tool allows one to take up personal projects and render captivating images with them without a lot of hassle. 

Fotor is available and supported by both Android and iOS, and is a very easy-to-use editing app to have on your phone if you’re looking to edit your images quickly and on the go. The free version would suffice for newbies if they can tolerate the ads, but the paid Fotor Pro is a good investment too at USD 9/month. 

  1. Filmora 

Enough with the easy-to-use software for novices. With Filmora, we enter the big league. Filmora is a complete video-editing software that is made for seasoned video editors and creatives. It allows video recording via webcam, voiceovers, and several other end to end video editing features that put it alongside premium applications like Adobe Premiere Pro. 

Safe to say, unlike Adobe Spark Video, Filmora is not targeted towards hobbyists. It will require intricate knowledge about video editing to make use of this software efficiently. Some of the key features for Filmora include a silence detecting mechanism that detects long periods of silence in your videos, multi-track editing, split-screen presets, text and video customizations, transitions, overlays, animated elements, and a library of visual and sound effects. Filmora has a mobile app called Filmora Go with limited, but useful features. 

Of course, such a powerful is not available for free. Filmora only offers a free trial period, hence making it a bit less pocket-friendly. Beginners would have a tough time navigating the interface, but the experience it offers would be invaluable. Lastly, Filmora requires certain specifications on your system such as 10 GBs of space, 8 GB RAM, and Windows 10 or MacOS 10.13 or above. 



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