Top 5 Mobile Game Development Engines You Should Know About

Can mobile gaming be made serious? The mobile game development company is one of the most thriving and common businesses in the world. Its revenue is estimated at 76%, with $71.3 billion in 2018. With hits such as Fornite, Toon, Candy Crush Saga, Pokemon Go, and Blast, it is clear that this industry has matured rapidly. Technology advancements like unlimited data offers and faster processing speeds delivered by mobile operators have made it more engaging. Also, other development platforms have had a great impact on industrial growth. Developing mobile games has become easier and enjoyable since you can build and use them to earn revenue. Here are the 5 mobile game engines you should know about.

Corona SDK

Looking for software that has a hugely supportive community? Consider the Corona SDK. This software is a development kit that has gained popularity by offering famous mobile games in decades. It is the perfect and popular choice applied in creating OS X, Windows, Aneroid TV, Apple TV, and a wide variety of other mobile platforms. This software commonly uses Lua script language, which is often applied by the developers. The Lua scripting language is preferred since it’s relatively simple and lightweight than others.

Creating an advanced project with additional features with this software will need additional pay per feature. For enterprise solutions, a developer is likely to be charged $79 monthly and $199 monthly for people who are after sophisticated projects. Corona SDK can only support 2D, thus blocking people with 3D from accessing this software development kit. Also, it doesn’t focus on AR/VR.


SpriteKit is an upgraded apple framework designed perfectly for 2D mobile game development. This is common in mobiles that use Objective-C programming and Swift languages. This apple framework is present on OS X and iOS, running on tvOS, macOS, watchOS, and iOS. This mobile game engine is better for the Apple developers. It is targeted at creating instant games and other essential graphics-intensives mobile apps. 

The SpriteKit subjects you to physical behaviors and extensive animations library that bring about a graceful and smooth user experience. Also, it features a metal API used for rendering. This is what makes them the better choice for developers. Moreover, the apple framework for 2D mobile games provides maximum support to lighting, integrates, and OpenGL ES shaders. These aspects help the developer create incredible lighting effects and advanced animations. Consider this mobile Engine for incredible and enjoyable games on your android phone.

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Unity is an advanced mobile game development object tailored for the creation of 2D and 3D mobile games. This game development tool is one of the popular software favored by most developers. Also, it is featured in the previous overview. This incredible framework is applied in combining top-notch coding capabilities and an image editing interface. Also, with unity, you can easily code in Unity Script or in C#. Moreover, you can apply the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE to code the debugging and analysis, making them a breeze and easy.

Unity comes with a wide range of features. It has a notably self-generated interface. Despite its long-range learning curve, the platform has given many developers a great chance to create excellently captivating and complex mobile games. This platform is applied by most mobile game developers to come up with new and perfect games for you. For basic developers, there is a basic version of this platform that offers services for free. Furthermore, it also features a number of rich versions that are available on a payment basis. Unity 3D comes with a VARTEQ Festi Cloud platform that integrates seamlessly to make your work easier, especially when creating social multiplayer games.

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is one of the professional and incredible game development webs. It has gained wide recognition and popularity among some well-known professional developers. This platform is intended for developing both 2D and 3D immersive mobile games. Also, the unreal engine framework publishes a wide range of platforms such as mobiles. Moreover, it features various game types and genres like educational, RPG, and adventure, among others. This is what makes the framework one of the excellent options for many mobile game developers. 

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The Unreal Engine features a convenient UI designed with a drop feature and simple drag, which allows you to easily include elements in your games. The coding language of this framework is C++that is one of the complex languages compared to other mobile game engines. This platform is also advantageous since one can use it for free so long as the earnings are below $3000. The default IDE of this framework is Microsoft Visual Studio; however, it can be integrated with other related game development platforms if there is a need to.

Amazon Lumberyard

Unlike most platform mobile game development engines, Amazon Lumberyard is a platform developer can use for free. However, for rich and advanced features, you will be required to pay. This platform is excellent in developing AAA mobile games. Also, it supports 3D, thus allowing you to develop realistic, immersive projects. This framework comes with cloth physical, UI editor, particle editor, and weather effects. Amazon charges every multiplayer posted online. 

The Amazon Lumberyard also features Twitch that allows you to stream your games online. You can also use the platform to promote or market any given product, thus giving a direct ticket to many gamers. Multiplayer makes gaming more enjoyable. Therefore, when creating a game for the purpose of multiple players, consider having a concrete backend. In most cases, Festi Cloud Platform makes an excellent backend solution since you can apply it for development and support.

Final Thoughts

Mobile gaming is one of the best and fun activities you can enjoy in your free time. There is a wide range of mobile games you likely to get, especially with the ever-growing technology. For games to be excellent and perfect for you to play, there must be critical engines behind every success. Mobile game development engines have been helpful to many game developers. These engines feature unique features that help create incredible mobiles games for you. As a game developer, consider engaging these mobile game engines for creating complex games.

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