Top GTA Games That Are Compatible With Android Devices

If you are a gaming freak, you wouldn’t deny the specialty of the GTA series. With the release of the grand theft auto franchise, Rockstar brought a revolution to the open-world gaming genre at the same time leaving a landmark that other gaming companies can follow. Find the list of the best GTA Games that are compatible with android devices.

One of the most successful franchises of Rockstar Games is grand theft auto. The developer has released seven major installments of the series so far, releasing the latest GTA 5 back in 2013. The game is considered to be the best open-world action-adventure video game of all time. Wanting to enjoy playing the game on mobile devices, mobile gamers are asking developers to release a mobile-friendly version of GTA 5.

Well, if you too are eager to play GTA 5 on your mobile device, you can satiate your want to some extent by enjoying the other GTA games are available for Android and iOS devices. In this post, we have listed the best GTA games for Android that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. 

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

GTA San Andreas was the next sequel that marked the special place of the GTA franchise in the gaming world. It took the series to an altogether different level. GTA San Andreas introduced added features like shopping, swimming, eating, etc., giving a very realistic feeling to players while they play.

Just like the former game, players also enjoy playing San Andreas again and again because it’s thrilling and engaging. The best part is the game too is available for Android mobiles! Though GTA San Andreas isn’t accessible for free, buying the game is worth it. 

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

The story of GTA Vice City APK goes back to 1986. It’s set in the vice city, Miami. Players play the role of Tommy Vercetti. As you complete the challenges and progress through the game, you get closer to becoming the most powerful gang leader in the city. You seize power and run the city.

It’s such a legendary game that players still enjoy playing in 2021. It invokes a nostalgic feeling among players. The graphics and soundtrack are pretty amazing and the same as the pc version. The missions and gameplay also remain the same. This might be surprising for GTA fans because most people don’t know that this amazing sequel is available for Android users! 

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

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This game was specially developed keeping in mind the requirements of mobile gamers. The game was released for multiple consoles in 2009 and has never stopped being the top favorite of GTA fans. In GTA Chinatown Wars, players explore the life of the young Triad Huang Lee, who discovers the shocking truth regarding the death of his father while dealing with criminals. What’s different in this sequel is that it doesn’t proceed in the first person view.

Rather developers have incorporated the concept of a fully rotatable camera from the top. If you are looking forward to playing one of the best open-world video games, you must try playing GTA Chinatown wars. It involves a lot of rough action and is sure to give you a refreshing experience. 

Grand Theft Auto III

After the release of GTA 2, GTA 3 came with a bang. Unlike the preceding sequels, GTA 3 is set in New York and centers around the story of Claude who wishes to take revenge on his girlfriend. Meanwhile, players get involved in dangerous gangs, resulting in a fantastic, interesting storyline that continually motivates players to explore the game. 

GTA franchise is known for its unique action and storytelling mechanics and GTA 3 did justice to their selling point. Rest assured that you wouldn’t regret playing this game. 

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

If you have already played GTA 3, you can’t miss playing GTA: Liberty City Stories, because it’s the prequel to GTA 3. The game was originally released for PlayStation in 2005. Much later, the game was made accessible to Android and iOS mobile gamers. 

The game bears similarity to the previous installments of GTA in various ways. For instance, the game centers on the story of Toni Cipriani and depicts how he struggles after getting involved in the criminal business. Liberty City Stories is set in Liberty City, a fictional city in New York, and dates back to 1998. 

Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime 

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This game takes place in Vegas. It’s an open-world video game featuring the grand old city of Las Vegas and third-person action races, challenges, and missions, together with collectible items. The game’s description bears reference to Rockstar’s iconic title, persuading gamers to try their luck with casino games of their choice. One can also see alien wars, zombie infestations, and tanks in this game. 

Grand Theft Auto 5

All thanks to Microsoft’s Xbox game pass, even the latest installment of the GTA franchise, GTA 5 can also be played on your Android device. Though the game cannot be directly downloaded by the play store like the other GTA games, you can enjoy playing ut through Microsoft’s cloud service. 

Recently, Microsoft included GTA 5 on the Xbox game pass. Besides being available on an Xbox game pass, one can also access the game on the cloud beta service. But for accessing GTA 5 on your device, you have to buy a subscription to an Xbox game pass. Apart from the subscription you also need Bluetooth enabled Xbox controller. 

That’s the detailed list of the best GTA games that you can consider playing on your android device. If you are waiting for GTA 5 to be accessible to android mobile, it’s best to enjoy the games that are already available. These games are legendary and full of fun. They give you a glimpse of the underworld evil activities, allowing you to experience them as you like.

The gaming experience of gamers is further enhanced by the impressive graphics and visuals. Equally praiseworthy is the background soundtrack that perfectly suits the ambiance and genre of the game

























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