Understanding the concept of social science

Social science is the study of human behaviour and relationships. It encompasses many disciplines, including sociology, anthropology, political science, economics, psychology, and education. Social scientists use a variety of methods to research and understand human behaviour. They often use survey methods to collect data from a large group of people. They also conduct interviews to learn more about individual attitudes and beliefs. Social scientists use this information to develop theories about how people interact with each other.

They then use this knowledge to explain how different social issues are related. Social scientists may use their research to explain why poverty is widespread in certain parts. They may also use their research to suggest ways governments can address poverty rates. Infinity Learn offers the best class 8 social science guide

Social Science Theories

One of the most critical aspects of social science is understanding different theories. This helps to better understand the world around us and how it works. There are many other social science theories, but three of the most important are sociological theory, psychological theory, and behavioural theory. Sociological theory is used to study the relationship between society and individual behaviour. It focuses on how social factors influence people’s behaviour. Psychological theory is used to study the relationship between emotions and behaviour. It focuses on how thoughts and feelings control our actions. The behavioural approach is used to analyse how people’s behaviours are motivated by their goals and desires. It focuses on how individuals decide which behaviours to perform.

How Does Neoclassical Theory Relate to Social Science?

The neoclassical theory is a model that has been used in social science for many years. It is based on the idea that societies are composed of individual people who interact with each other to create a community. The neoclassical theory predicts that organisations will operate according to specific rules. These rules will be based on the principles of economics, which are the study of how peoples’ behaviour affects the economy. The neoclassical theory also predicts that societies will progress in an orderly way, thanks to the actions of the individual members of the community.

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Exploring an Alternative Theory: Functionalism

Alternative theories are a valuable tool for gaining a deeper understanding of a topic. Functionalism is an alternative theory that can help to explore the social sciences. Functionalism is based on the idea that different aspects of life are based on specific functions. These functions can be both mental and physical. For example, the process of eating is to provide energy for the body. The role of mating is to produce offspring. The function of socializing is to learn from others. Each social act has a specific purpose that helps to promote the well-being of individuals and groups. By exploring an alternative theory, students can gain a deeper understanding of the social sciences. This understanding can help them to better understand how societies work and how people behave.

Which Theory is Best Suitable for Me?

There is no one perfect theory that is suitable for everyone. Different people will find different approaches to be more ideal for them. Some people may prefer the scientific theory, which is based on evidence and observation. Others may prefer the existential theory, which focuses on the individual’s experience and worldview. Still, others may prefer the sociological approach, which focuses on the social interactions between people. The best theory for you will depend on your personal preferences and experiences. It is essential to find an idea that resonates with you so that you can learn from it and use it to improve your life. There are a number of theories that can be used to explain social phenomena. Which approach is best suited for you depends on your interests and background.

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Marxist Theory

This theory focuses on the study of society as a whole, looking at how it works and how people interact with each other. This theory is often used to explain social problems such as crime, poverty, and drug use. The Marxist theory of social change is based on the idea that society is controlled by class struggle. This means that there are two groups in society: the classes. The classes are made up of those who have power and those who don’t have the ability. The classes compete for resources, which leads to conflict and eventually change.

The cognitive-behavioural theory of social behaviour was developed by Aaron Beck and Jerome Kagan. This theory focuses on how thoughts and behaviours affect our social lives. It helps us to understand why people behave the way they do and how we can change our behaviour to improve our relationships. Which theory is best suited for you depends on your interests and background. I


In conclusion, the ncert solutions for class 8 social science courses have been very beneficial for students as they have learned a great deal about different social science theories and how to apply them to real-life situations. 

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