What to Consider when Choosing Storage Sheds in Norman, OK?

Storage Sheds

Is it finally time for you to purchase or Choosing Storage Sheds? If so, plenty of questions are probably going through your mind linked to the size, cost, and design of these outbuildings. 

Storage sheds are considered a large investment, as most homeowners rely on them for fifteen to twenty years. The material you opt for should be aesthetically appealing and durable. While wood is the obvious choice of most buyers, vinyl and metal are worth considering as well. If shopping for a storage shed, these are the main factors to consider while Choosing Storage Sheds. 

What items it will hold- Choosing Storage Sheds

The first consideration when choosing a storage shed in Norman is the types of items the structure will hold. Homeowners who decide to devote it to storing bulky items, such as an ATV or a motorcycle, should look at sizes of at least twelve feet by ten feet. Nevertheless, small items tend to eat up space once they start adding up. Most individuals use their units for storing garden furniture, sports equipment, holiday decorations, or gardening tools while underestimating their needs for storage. 

The unwritten rule saying “bigger is always better” should be taken into account when selecting a shed of the right size. You should leave room for growth, as more items are likely to add up over the years. Therefore, sizing up a bit for the future is recommended to each owner in need of such a structure. There are numerous size selector tools online, helping homeowners estimate the size of their outbuildings based on their storage requirements. 

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Design considerations are also important when shopping for a storage shed in Norman, Oklahoma. These outdoor storage structures aren’t just designed for storing items away but for complementing the appearance of your property as well. Hence, the unit you select is supposed to enhance the look of your house and yard. 

For instance, homeowners whose houses are country-style should consider a unit with a rustic design. Those with modern houses should opt for a shed with formal features. Since these outbuildings can be custom-made, you can match certain features of your home to your unit, such as arched doors or windows. Check out nineteen stylish shed designs to get inspired. 

Storage Sheds

Another thing to consider is how to integrate your outbuilding into the landscape. Plants have the potential to help storage sheds easily blend into a backyard. For example, you can surround the unit with garden beds planted with either perennials or annuals. If the siding of the structure is made of wood, you can grow vine plants that climb up the walls. 


The following consideration when choosing a storage shed in Norman is the selection of wall and siding materials. There are three most common material options for constructing such outbuildings, including wood, plastic, and metal. Wooden units are available in different construction styles, such as overlap, shiplap, tongue and groove, etc. Overlap units, as the name implies, are built by overlapping board pieces, which need to be hammered to vertical struts for walls to look rustic. 

A more advanced type of construction is the shiplap construction, where boards interlock to make walls more weather-resistant and stronger. The most superior construction is tongue and groove, which is incredibly watertight and rigid. Nevertheless, woodsheds require almost the same amount of maintenance as houses. Homeowners have to repair rotted and damaged parts, fasten loose parts, and repaint the surface.

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Plastic sheds are usually made of vinyl or another similar type of plastic. There is no coating or paint to maintain, which makes them very low-maintenance. They provide excellent protection against weather elements but tend to get steamy in the course of summer. The following link, https://www.whatisvinyl.com/, explains the properties, discovery, and applications of vinyl.

Metal storage sheds usually consist of a metal framework, while the walls and roof are covered with vinyl-coated metal. These units are secure and maintenance-free. On the negative side, metal corrodes if the protective coating or paint accidently gets damaged. 

The bottom line

The outbuilding you select should blend with the landscape, withstand weather elements, and last for at least a decade. 

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