With various huge contrasts from its past seasons, the fifteenth edition of the Indian Premier League was altogether different from the last. Since Lucknow and Gujarat were a part of this rich tournament, it was a 10-team affair, and the 2022 edition was the greatest, best, and truly exciting.

What makes IPL 2022 bigger, better, and more exciting?

Let us take a sneak peek at how the newest edition of IPL stands out from its previous editions:

1. 10 Teams – 2 brand-new franchises

Ten teams participated in IPL 2022. Formerly, eight teams were competing for the title, but with the addition of two new franchise teams, Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) and Gujarat Titans (GT), this year’s tournament was even more exciting. Find out who qualified for the playoffs, the odds for each match, and much more on Parimatch.

2. IPL Mega Auctions – totally new groups

For the new season, the IPL 2022 Mega Auction was facilitated in Bangalore on the twelfth and thirteenth of February. The mega auction saw a total reshuffling of every participating team. Each team needed to remake from the scratch after holding only four players. For two new groups, the quantity of retention was only 3. Furthermore, subsequently from a pool of 600 players, the 10 establishments built their groups for the approaching season, which saw numerous players being purchased by new groups, in this way making each group new.

3. New IPL Format

Since the IPL 2022 was a ten-team affair for the first time since 2011, the regulations governing the matches were different. The 10 IPL franchisee teams were divided into two virtual groups based on their number of title victories and appearances in the finals, to ensure balance among the clubs.

In the second group, each team played twice, once with the teams in their group and once with the team in the same row. The second group’s teams played once during the season.

4. Total season in the home country after two years

IPL 2022 is unique in the way that it was the tournament’s return to India after a two-year absence. The IPL 2020 was contested entirely in the United Arab Emirates due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. When the Covid-19 instances began to rise in India, the IPL 2021 competition was transferred to the UAE after a total of 29 group stage games.

Fortunately, the entire IPL 2022 event was held in India, which is fantastic news for all cricket fans. The 70 group stage games were held in Mumbai and Pune, with each club attempting to outperform its opponents to win the coveted silverware.

5. Crowd allowed in stadiums

When Covid-19 seized control of the earth, the world came to a halt. When the games restarted, spectators were severely prevented from attending for nearly two years, following all relevant safety regulations and procedures. As a result, no one showed up for the IPL 2020 and 2021. The BCCI permitted 25% of fans to watch the IPL 2022 as long as they followed the rules and followed the safety protocols.

6. New captains for IPL teams which makes it more exciting/new strategies

Apart from the two new teams, IPL 2022 witnessed the introduction of new leaders, implying unique and distinct captaincy styles and strategies from each of the teams.

While a few captains were retained, including Rohit Sharma for Mumbai Indians and MS Dhoni for Chennai Super Kings, the selection of new captains adds to the excitement of the upcoming competition.

7. IPL Teams playing with new jerseys

Teams were seen in new jerseys for IPL 2022, as has been the practice in recent years. New sponsor logos accompany the new jerseys. Aside from the sponsor, a new jersey provides a boost to the team’s morale and generates cash through jersey sales.


The 2022 Indian Premier League (IPL) is set to be bigger, better, and more exciting than ever before, thanks to a larger pool of talented cricketers, two new franchises, new rules, and more matches.