Common Reasons For Slow Laptops

Common Reasons For Slow Laptops

Why is my Laptop so slow?

Suppose you are an average Laptop user who doesn’t know a lot about how it’s made and how it works. Then you might have experienced that sometimes your laptops become slower than usual speed. When it happens, a question appears: why is my computer so slow? Almost everyone has once experienced the time when the laptop seems quieter than usual. Laptops are made from hardware, and an Operating System is required to use that Laptop. Operating Systems are made using computer languages. Mostly the slow laptops are using Windows. Windows is the world’s most extensive Operating system for computers and Laptops. We can run many different programs and software on Windows. Sometimes your laptop can be very slow, and you might ask why my laptop is so slow? 

Well, only two primary possible reasons can make your laptop slow.

  1. Operating System 
  2. Hardware

There are some possible ways to determine whether the fault occurs inside the OS or the Hardware.

OS-related problems  Why Is My Laptop So Slow.       

You can try different methods to check that problem is occurring inside the OS but not the Hardware.

There may be many reasons to make your laptop slower. An operating system can become very slow under the following circumstances. 

Storage Mess Why Is My Laptop So Slow

A laptop can be slower when it is not organized. Lack of organization is one answer to Why my computer is so slow? So it isn’t easy to find a needle in a room filled up with cotton or anything. Acer best nitro gaming laptop The same is the case with operating systems. You should never install all the software in a single folder. Dividing and simplifying the documents, software, files, and games in different folders can reduce the mess. Then you should partition your hard drive to organize it much more. This method is for those who have regular laptops with average specifications. 

Desktop Mess

Sometimes the desktop mess is enough to destroy a laptop. If you have many icons or files on your main desktop, it can cause severe performance problems. The details behind this are very confusing. Suppose you are the person who likes to keep all the stuff on the desktop instead of drives and folders. Then you have to organize that. An easy way to clean your desktop is to make Three folders—one for the icons of applications and games, one for regular files, and last for documents. You can further create more folders inside those three folders, but this method will keep the desktop clean.

Wrong Architecture or Version of OS

Another answer to why my laptop is so slow is that you might have the wrong architecture or version of windows installed. So if your computer is not for business use, you should use the Home version of Windows. The Home version of Windows is pretty good in performance. Secondly, check if your processor is 32 bit or 64 bit compatible. If it is 64 bit compatible, then install an x64 bit Operating System. If the system is 32 bit, then you should install the x86 version of windows. X86 version of Windows is faster on x64 bit systems, but it may not run x64 based programs. But if you are limited to just everyday daily use like watching videos, you can use it. 

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If we talk about Windows, then installing a Pro version is not recommended. The Pro version of Windows is more dedicated to security but not for performance. If you are using a laptop for some confidential business, then the Pro version is acceptable. Using a Home or Home Premium version is best for performance. 

Viruses and Malicious Software

Having a virus is an essential answer to why is my laptop so slow? Yes, many times, malicious software and viruses can do a great deal of damage to your computer. Sometimes your computer may get viruses from online websites. But many times, it comes from cracked software and some standard software. It would help if you used antivirus software to get your system cleaned from viruses. There are hundreds of antivirus software that can scan your Laptop and clean the virus and malicious software. This is an excellent method that can help you to make your laptop fast again. 

Task Manager

Task manager is the best method to solve slow laptops. If you have the question, “ Why is my computer so slow? Then the task manager can help a lot. From the task manager, you can find all the processes, services, and running programs. You can quickly stop the methods which you think are not necessary. If you have a slow laptop, then you should learn to use a task manager. Even though the task manager is not complicated, still watching some tutorials can save your Laptop.

Performance Boosters Why Is My Laptop So Slow

Well, the most effective way to increase the Laptop speed and performance is to use Boosting software. This is the final answer to that question: Why is my laptop so slow?

Many software is specially programmed to speed up and boost your Laptops. This software is the easiest way to improve system performance and speed. You can find hundreds of software that can quickly increase the speed of your laptops. The best one is the RAZER CORTEX. Yes, the Razer Cortex can do what other software can not do. This is the easiest to use and super efficient Laptop and computer speed booster. 

You can download it from its official website. After the installation, the using process is easy. You can click on the boost button to immediately boost your laptop. But you can also add the application which you want to use with good performance. So you can grow everything at once, or you can boost the specific software you want to use. Don’t worry; it is not overclocking software. This software cleans RAM and enables the CPU and GPU. So this software is not dangerous at all. If none of the above methods works for you, then this method will do the work.  

Above were the methods that are effective only when your laptop was speedy previously. But if your Laptop was slower from the first boot, then the problem is hardware. There are many components when it comes to hardware. Most of them are to increase performance, but some are more effective, like RAM, CPU, and GPU.

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Hardware-related problems       

Many problems can occur in hardware that can make you think, Why is my laptop so slow? 

Some of the problems and solutions are listed below. You can use these methods to increase the speed and performance of your Laptop.

RAM / Memory     

Memory and RAM are the same things in Computers and Laptops. RAM means Random Access Memory. When it comes to system speed, more RAM can help a lot. The RAM stores the data immediately but not permanently. Naturally, laptops come with 4 Gb RAM, but they can be easily upgraded. 8 GB RAM is enough if you are not going to start gaming on your Laptop. You can quickly run your software and also some games. The speed difference will be very prominent. If your Laptop has 8GB ram, you can upgrade it to 16 or 32 GB. Its capacity depends on how much your laptop chipset can allow. This method might solve your speed problems.

Storage Device

Almost every regular laptop has a hard drive used in it as the primary storage device. Well, you can also use a Solid State Drive SSD on your computer. If you change your hard drive and use an SSD instead of it, the laptop will be way too speedy. The average hard drive in laptops speeds near 70 to 100 Mbs because they have moving parts inside. An SSD doesn’t have any moving component inside it, so it is very efficient. A good SSD can give up to 700 Mbs of speed. The difference after installing it can be easily noticed.  


CPU means Core Processing Unit. The CPU is attached to the board in many laptops, but you can upgrade it on some laptops. So if your laptop model can change the CPU, you can upgrade it to any good CPU that is compatible. Well, upgrading RAM and SSD is enough, but still, if you want more, then you can go for it. 


GPU is a short form of the Graphics Processing Unit. A GPU require to play heavy games and run heavy software. So every laptop has a small PCIe slot where you can use an external graphics card. This is an easy process to upgrade and get more speed on your computer. You have to buy a power supply, a graphics card, and a mini PCIe converter. Once you have assembled it, you can easily plug it into your laptop’s Mini PCIe connector. Your Network card might be installed there, but you can easily remove it and use a USB dongle for network connection. If you cannot do that, you can watch a tutorial or get it done by a professional. 

After using these simple methods, you will never ask yourself, Why is my laptop so slow? All these methods listed above are useful, but you should use them with correct information. These methods will work, but it’s better to watch some Tutorials before applying them. You can get a lot of speed once you have tried these easy methods. The Hardware upgrade might cost you some money, but it is worth it. If you have an ancient Laptop, then you can also buy a new one. But if you are low on budget, then upgrade. 

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