When you pour milk into the corn flakes bowl every morning, you may not be fully awake and may not have thought about the origin of corn flakes. After all, it is a relatively simple and unremarkable corn flake in terms of current food choices. But there are many shocking (and disturbing) answers to the question of people “Why invented corn flakes?” In this article, we read about Why were cornflakes invented?

Nachos were developed by John Harvey Kellogg and his brother WH Kellogg in 1894, not to satisfy the grunting belly in the morning but to suppress your sexual desire. Kellogg was very opposed to sex and masturbation and allegedly never even completed his marriage.

Kellogg got inspiration from another snack inventor. The food they created still widely circulated today and specifically used to curb people’s desires. Kellogg also proposed some quite violent methods to suppress sexual appetite. So next, let’s take a look at the origin and brief history of your favorite breakfast food.

Kellogg advocated tying up children’s hands to prevent them from entertaining themselves.

Kellogg created all kinds of strange medical machines in Warabrook Nursing Home. He invented everything from a slapped machine to a device for passing electricity through the urethra. Why were cornflakes invented?. He also suggested some more disturbing methods, mainly to prevent children from touching themselves. Kellogg wrote:

“The practice of bandaging the area has been successful. Bounding hands is also successful in some cases; but these are not always successful, because they tend to find ways to continue the habit in other ways.”

Kellogg never had a married life with his wife.

Without an in-depth analysis of Kellogg’s data, it is difficult to determine whether he is a sadist or just asexual. Sex, as a very natural and the only successful way of fertility, he thinks is “impure.”

He and his wife Ella Eaton (Ella Eaton) have never had a married life, and they slept in separate bedrooms throughout their relationship. Because they had no children, they adopted and raised their eight children at War Creek Nursing Home in Kellogg.

Kellogg believes that sugar and spices will lead you to hell

Kellogg firmly believes that a person’s diet has a significant influence on their sexual desire. He believes that people should maintain their lives with a diet similar to barn animals because this will never produce any desires. He believes that anything with spice or taste will cause an immediate strong sexual desire.

“Tea and coffee have caused thousands of people to die in this way.” Kellogg said: Candies, spices, cinnamon, cloves, mint, and similar spices, will powerfully stimulate the reproductive organs and cause the same result. This is why he decided to invent corn flakes-arguably the blandest thing to eat.

Kellogg silently supports child abuse and cruelty.

Kellogg has no children of his own, but he manages an agency with more than 40 adopted and foster children. He suggested in his book that to identify child masturbators, you need to catch their behavior. This means rushing into the child’s room inadvertently. For boys, you will see apparent erections. For girls, it is similar.

He wrote: “If you observe a girl under the same conditions, you will find that the clitoris is congested, and other reproductive organs will also be moist due to increased secretions.” And he recommended that parents check their daughters for swelling. Clitoris. But his treatment recommendations for children are not limited to examinations. When it comes to a so-called “despair case,” that is, a 10-year-old girl, he removed her clitoris and labia.

He wrote: “In the end it is necessary to use surgery, I hope she can be cured permanently, because we did not hear any negative news later, and the remedy seems to be effective,” but this is left forever in the nightmare of those children—his position.

Kellogg believes that women masturbating during pregnancy will allow them to give birth to future perverts.

People want to know whether Kellogg has read Freud and what he thinks about the development of sexual psychology. After all, these two characters were alive during the same period. However, they have very different opinions on how and why children start touching their genitals at a very young age. Kellogg believes that “masturbators” are formed in the womb because mothers masturbate or have sex during pregnancy.

Kellogg believes that these dozens of diseases are caused by people masturbating.

“Whether it is the plague, war or smallpox, there is no harmful habit like loss of appetite, which has such catastrophic results for humans.” Kellogg wrote: “Such victims died by their own hands. Why were cornflakes invented? “In his terrifying essay “Facts for all ages’ ‘, including the natural history and hygiene of organic living, he outlined 39 symptoms of masturbation.

Some of these include acne, heart palpitations, epilepsy, and warts. Kellogg believes that speaking out against masturbation and encouraging people to change their eating habits will help control people’s preference for self-desire and help create a healthier and more spiritual atmosphere.

Corn flakes do not add sugar because eating sugar will cause blood collapse.

John Kellogg and his brother WH Kellogg invented corn flakes while working at the Battle Creek Sanitarium in Michigan. However, although John is a “pharmacist,” he has a Puritan heart, and Will is more entrepreneurial.

The Kellogg brothers experimented with various grains to make flaky biscuit-like substances and used ingredients based on wheat and oats. One day, an accident in the laboratory led to the birth of flakes. Why were cornflakes invented? Once they discovered that corn was a better raw material than wheat, corn flakes entered the market and were immediately tested on patients in the nursing home in Kellogg in 1894.

WH thought that if they added sugar, sales would be better, but his tough brother refused. Therefore, WHAT eventually brought the copyright to the corn flakes to change the recipe, especially with sugar. John naturally opposed it fiercely. Because he believes that adding sugar will cause blood collapse, John firmly opposes this. Will founded the Zhanxi Grilled Corn Flakes Company in 1906 and later added bran flakes to the rotation.

Kellogg got his idea from Graham crackers.

Pastor Sylvester Graham was one of the most straightforward members of the temperance movement in the 1830s. He was one of the first people who advocated that the ordinary diet of oats and wheat can successfully suppress libido. While others in the temperance movement were concerned about the dangers of alcohol, Graham focused most of his sermons on the horror of masturbation, saying that masturbation “inflames the brain more than natural excitement.”

To spend money on the blade, Graham invented the Graham biscuits in 1829. It was initially made from unbleached wheat flour, bran, and coarsely ground germ. Graham specifically marketed it as a significant deterrent to adolescent boys’ masturbation.

Kellogg’s flakes are his original idea on how to stop masturbation.

Kellogg has a bunch of weird ways to deal with the urge to masturbate. The scary thing is that some of these methods directly lead to genital mutilation. For men, he recommends piercing the foreskin with a silver thread to make the erection painful. Why cornflakes invented? For women, he recommends burning the clitoris with carbolic acid to make it tender. So he is a sick, sadistic person.

The Victorian era was not a friendly era for masturbation, alcohol, or anything interesting.

The abstinence movement took a stand against alcohol, tobacco, sex, and masturbation. At that time, masturbation called “onanism.” The Victorians were a group of, particularly sorrowful people. With the revival of religion in the Western world simultaneously, masturbation and general sexual behavior unprecedentedly humiliated.

Several books published at that time explicitly condemning masturbation. “The Heinous Crime of Masturbation and All its Terrible Consequences” an exciting book, as Samuel Tissot’s “Disorders Caused by Masturbation.” Therefore, books like this were popular reading at the time, so you can understand the circumstances under which John Kellogg’s mentality was born.

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