What is XTRA PC?
XTRA-PC is used to install a new operating system on your old systems. If you are using a 10 or 12 years old computer which was very fast in that time. But with the passage of time updating to new Operating systems, installing new softwares make your PC very slow. Now if you don’t want to replace your PC hardwares and need to improve speed of your Old computer. This XTRA PC OS will help you with it. XTRA PC gives you speed and large storage capacity.
You can XTRA PC OS Free Download

What operating system does Xtra PC use?

The Operating System Xtra PC used is Linux OS.

How do I use Xtra on my PC?

Follow this step by step guideline to use Xtra PC ISO

  1. Shut Down your PC
  2. Put XTRA PC in your PC usb port before restarting
  3. On your computer
  4. Now it will ask you about selecting an operating system. you need to select operating system from XTRA PC Usb. Named as USB Sandisk.
  5. Enter your password in “Please Choose Password For your administrator account”
  6. Welcome To Xtra-PC 🙂

Nearly ten years ago the ReactOS Project released version 0.3.0. Today we are proud to announce the formal release of version 0.4.0. A great deal of work has gone into making this release happen and as we look back it is remarkable to consider how far the project has come since that release a decade ago. This release is both a celebration of and a testament to everything that the ReactOS team and community has achieved together. Thank you to all of you for having stood by the project for this long and we hope rewarding journey. For those of you chomping at the bit to check out the release, go to the download page to get it now.

Here we document some of the highlights that separate 0.4.0 from not just the 0.3.17 release but also the cumulative achievements that the 0.3.x series achieved.



First of course the bulletpoint shortlist for those of you who don’t want to wade through my giant mountain of text.

User-Centric Improvements

ext2 read/write and NTFS read support
New explorer shell and theme support
SerialATA support
Sound support
USB support
VirtualBox and VirtualPC support
Wireless networking

Developer-Centric Improvements

CMake support for GCC and MSVC compilation
Compilation times significantly improved
GDB remote debugging interface for kernel debugging
WinDBG support

And now onto the meat. In alphabetical order because it’s as good as any other order.
Build Modernization
Those who have been with the project since its early days will likely shudder at recollecting the means by which ReactOS was compiled back then. The first attempt to normalize the situation was in the RBuild system, a custom build specification format based on XML that was supposed to make it easy for developers to add new files and modules to the project. While impressive for its time, it suffered from structural issues that not only introduced very subtle bugs but also prevented the project from using anything but GCC to compile ReactOS.

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The solution to this was a migration to the CMake platform, an effort that took many months and saw countless issues fixed. The first formal release using the CMake-based build system was 0.3.15 and since then the modernised build system has allowed developers to use not only GCC but also Microsoft’s compiler and debugging suite to build and test ReactOS, an ability that was crucial to many of the features and improvements listed here today.


Another Solution is:

1. Somewhat of a time to be up and running [ patience is not there anymore , they expect instant results .

SSD is the best answer . 15 seconds vs minutes, windows or Linux

That and at least 4 GB of ram for linux and 6 GB for windows.

2. The internet experience , has to be good enough also for them , that their friends are experiencing

A good connection and use something like uBlock origin to stop the ad servers from slowing the browser and which is where 90+% of the nasties come from now.

3. E – Mail , they need to be able to use e-mail

I switch to on line years ago. Glad I did as I do a lot of traveling at times.

4. Photos , they need only a simple program to view and to be able to share .

Windows – I use faststone image viewer http://www.faststone.org/FSViewerDetail.htm

Linux, I r-click the graphic and select feh in AntiX and MX to view

Share, well learning how to use the email , facebook and the like is required. Still fighting a brother-in-law. windows or linux.

5. reader for , PDF type of files are somewhat of a must nowdays , esp. for manuals etc:

Firefox is about all I use . If downloading a pdf in linux I am prompted to open it in a native linux program.

Just a simple word processor , a full blown office is not needed for the novice user .

If Libre office> LibreOffice Writer is not native the Open Office, lighter yet is a option.

7. Printer , needs to able

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Best make sure there are linux drivers before purchasing the printer. I still have not been able to install my Epson printer or scanners so I have to use Windows.
Bummer as far as I am concerned. IE 11 Copy/Paste issue Has Been Fixed

P. S. just to mention the ones i set up with a dual boot system , actually prefer to use the linux one .

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Now that I can believe!

Overall Linux works for about 90+% of what I do. But somethings, I just have to use Windows. Hope this bit helps!