You don’t have to have it at hand! 3 ways to turn off Find My iPhone!

When using an iPhone, the “Find My iPhone” function comes up. Since it is originally attached for the purpose of preventing theft, many people may find it a little confusing.

So, in this article, I’ll explain how to turn off Find My iPhone more carefully than anywhere else.

Whether you are not good at operating a smartphone or just starting to use an iPhone, we will explain it so that anyone can understand it 100%, so please refer to it.

When do you turn off Find My iPhone? When you really want to let go of your iPhone

Well, why should I turn this off in the first place?

That’s because Find Your iPhone has a security role.

That’s right. Find My iPhone is one of Apple’s security systems .

If “Find My iPhone” is turned on, you can remotely erase or lock your iPhone in the unlikely event that you lose your iPhone.

Find My iPhone has a function to help you find your iPhone when you lose it .

So if you really want to let go of your iPhone, you need to turn it off.

Specific examples when you have to turn off Find My iPhone

Then, when do you have to turn it off?

  1. When sending out for repair / replacement
  2. When to trade in
  3. When initializing
  4. When to give your iPhone to someone

“Find My iPhone” needs to be turned off mainly in the above four situations.

Of course, other than this scene, you can turn it off if you do not want to add security or if you feel that you do not need the “Find My iPhone” function.

When sending out for repair / replacement

Find My iPhone must be turned off when sending it for repair or replacement.

If left on, Apple will not be able to accept repairs. Also, if you send it out for repair at a non-authorized store, it often involves initialization, and you need to turn off Find My iPhone at that time.

Even with LINE Mobile, when you send your iPhone for repair using the carry-on device warranty, you have to turn off “Find My iPhone”, so be careful!

When to trade in

Trade-in services are substantial at major mobile companies. If you make good use of trade-in, you may be able to keep the cost of the new model at a low price.

When you go to a major mobile phone shop to trade in your iPhone, it usually checks to see if Find My iPhone is turned off on the spot.

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However, be careful when trading in by mail.

If “Find My iPhone” is left on, you may not be able to receive it and you may be sent back.

When initializing

If you want to initialize all the data and settings, that is, the contents of your iPhone, you will get an alert “Please turn off Find My iPhone” before the initialization.

If you do not follow this step, you will not be able to initialize.

On the other hand, if you want to initialize only the data (keep the settings), you can initialize it even if “Find My iPhone” is on.

When to give your iPhone to someone

When you give your iPhone to your family and friends, you probably do some initialization.

As I mentioned earlier, if “Find My iPhone” is on, you can’t initialize all the contents of your iPhone, so you need to turn it off in advance.

There are three ways to turn off Find My iPhone

Method 1.  Turn off “Find My iPhone” on your iPhone

If you have your own iPhone and can operate it, this method is the easiest.

  1. Tap Settings
  2.  Tap your information at the top
  3. Tap iCloud
  4. A screen like this is displayed → Scroll and tap until you find the iPhone
  5.  Tap Find iPhone
  6. Enter the password and tap Turn off

You are in trouble because you don’t know your password! First of all, this is the condition for Apple passwords!

  1. At least 8 characters (up to 32 characters)
  2. Includes numbers, uppercase letters, and lowercase letters, all one character at a time
  3. You can’t use the same string as your Apple ID
  4. Cannot use 3 consecutive characters of the same character
  5. Passwords used in the last year cannot be used

When setting a password, it seems that there are many people who have trouble placing capital letters and place it in an easy-to-understand place such as the beginning or the end. Let’s put capital letters and try it once!

Method 2.  Turn off “Find My iPhone” on another person’s smartphone

In such a case, the recommended method is to borrow another person’s smartphone and turn it off. This way you can turn off your iPhone even if you don’t already have it!

However! Be careful as you can’t do this unless the iPhone you want to turn off is turned off ! Let’s take a look at the flow.

  1. Find the “Find My iPhone” app
  2.  Enter your Apple ID and password to sign in
  3. Ask the owner about this location information!
  4.  Next, select the screen you want to delete → slide to the left → tap delete
  5. When this screen appears, tap Delete
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However, since you have entered important personal information on another person’s iPhone, please sign out properly at the end by the following method .

  1. Tap the sign out on the upper right
  2. Tap sign out
  3. Complete on this screen!

Method 3.  Turn off “Find My iPhone” on your computer

The last is to turn off Find My iPhone on your computer instead of your iPhone.

This method can also be turned off even if you don’t have the iPhone you want to turn off.

However, as with ②, you cannot do it unless the power is turned off, so please be careful. If you are accustomed to using a computer, you may find it easier to use your own computer than “Renting another person’s iPhone” in (2).

Let’s take a look!

  1.  Access → Enter your Apple ID and password
  2. Click Allow
  3. Remember the 6-digit confirmation code → Click Finish
  4.  Enter the 6-digit confirmation code you remembered
  5.  Click Find My iPhone on the menu screen
  6. Click all devices at the top
  7. Click the iPhone you want to turn off
  8. Click Delete from account
  9.  Click Delete

If you can’t even remember your Apple ID

If you can’t remember your Apple ID, it depends on whether you have an iPhone or not.  In each case, I’ve put together a separate article on how to deal with it.

I can’t do anything without knowing my Apple ID! Please refer to those who say.

How was it? Here are three ways to turn off Find My iPhone.

The “Find My iPhone” function that comes up when you are an iPhone user. It would be great if you could check how to turn it off and make it smooth when you send your iPhone for repair or trade in!

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