Top 7 Best Teleprompter Apps To Use In Android And IOS

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Do you think teleprompters are only for television reporters? No, it is not the case. We can’t say teleprompters are only for television reporters. Modern technology has helped content creators and videographers to use a teleprompter and boost their product quality significantly. How is it possible? It is just a click away in their smartphones and tablets. In this article, we will discuss the top 7 best teleprompter apps. These are compatible with Android and iOS. If you have no ideas how teleprompters work, we would like to make it easier for you by saying that the concept is quite simple. 

How Does Teleprompter App Work?

There is a simple concept about it. All teleprompters utilize a glass screen having a reflective side. You can see this reflective side mounted at an angle on the top of a monitor displaying its prewritten script. However, you might have noticed that what we see in those mirrors will be flipped horizontally. It makes the script on the mirror display reversed to make the reflected version in the glass readable. After that, we place the camera on the other side of the glass screen to make the speaker look straight at the camera while reading. 

How Do Teleprompter Apps Help?

We need to connect monitors on the traditional teleprompters with a second screen where we see the information. Nowadays, teleprompter apps help to turn your Android and iOS devices into monitors or standalone teleprompters.

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Before You Use These Apps:

Most users who are willing to use the teleprompter app for the first time would like to know about the most popular app that most famous vloggers and thousands of people who are content creators have used. If you want to build your unique teleprompter system, you can use some of the best teleprompter kits compatible with iPad and smartphones.

Best Teleprompter Apps:

Follow these apps to make your creation quick and easy. 

  • Parrot Teleprompter:

This application is compatible with Android and iOS and is undoubtedly one of the best apps for Android and iOS users. Its fan users call it a super popular software. It is easy to use because it allows its users to control the text scroll speed. You can change its text size, foreground, and background. You can flip the script when needed and have many more functions to perform.

It has features like syncing ability to sync all .txt scripts via Dropbox and toggle marker. It describes your position in the lines. 

  • PromptSmart:

PromptSmart is compatible with Android and iOS, and we consider it one of the best free teleprompter software programs used for Android users and iOS users. The reason is its intuitive voice-activated feature. It uses the VoiceTrack-TM technology that helps this app to listen to your speech, and it knows your location in the script. It lets the app manage the scroll speed according to your exact location in your unique lines. Therefore, you can focus on your delivery instead. And there is no need to worry about your pace with the lines.

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It has its free version that offers several useful features, and its paid version will unlock the video recording with the same tablet and the smartphone. It also un-locks text mirroring, auto-capitalization, text adjustment, and background colors.

  • Selvi:

Selvi has compatibility with Android and iOS. However, it doesn’t have that much popularity. But there are too many features it offers, and you can use them to keep your work better. It helps you use your mobile camera, and there is no need to have a separate recording device to record your speaking video. You can also type a script manually or import your unique script from the cloud storage.

It lets you adjust the teleprompter windows quickly, and there is no obstruction for the view. You can also manage the text size and scroll speed with vertical and horizontal swipes. These are done by your fingers, even if you are recording. It makes it one of the best teleprompter apps.

  • Teleprompter Pro Lite:

Teleprompter Pro Lite is compatible with Android and iOS that is a second simple-to-use app. You can download this app for your Android and iOS devices and use its standard features like text size control, font selection, scroll speed control, and script import.

You can say it is ideal for most applications, but still, we recommend you to purchase its paid version. It can give you mirror mode to use your device as a monitor for the teleprompter kit. It also unlocks the font selection, background color selection, Bluetooth control, and accessibility of unlimited scripts.

  • BIGVU:

BIGVU is compatible with Android and iOS, and if you have ever looked for teleprompter apps, you might have come across this app. It is one of the most popular apps that doubles your video editor and lets you add subtitles to create HD videos even if teleprompter mode is on. You can also do it in portrait mode and with different aspect ratios.

This app needs an internet connection to log in with your social media accounts and email. Having a YouTube integration lets you easily upload videos directly to your YouTube channel.

  • Video Teleprompter:

It is also one of the most compatible teleprompter apps with Android and iOS. Something different with this app is its allowance to create a customized presentation. It is for photos, videos, and various elements. You can also say it is a mini portable video studio to let you adjust the text area. You can move this area closer to the camera, and you can directly look at the lens.

It lets you use the Apple Watch if you have its premium version, and it also allows you to use a Bluetooth keyboard to control the speed and recording without touching the iPad and smartphones.

  • Prompster:

Prompster is also iOS and Android app, and it has a simple interface. And it allows its users to adjust not only the scroll speed. But also the text size during the run. It is crucial when you need an app that can adapt according to the natural flow and viewing distance. It has a pretty efficient free version.

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Best Teleprompters For Mobile Devices:

With your desired teleprompter app and monitoring device, you might want to use a compatible teleprompter system that helps you widening your screen and accommodate larger video cameras. Here are the best examples.

  • Glide Gear TMP 100:

Glide Gear TMP 100 is compatible with iPad and Smartphones, and its portable teleprompter kit, having easy usability. You can quickly adjust and collapse to help you angle the reflective screen to get the best viewing position. It allows you to quickly pack the whole system in a single included protective carry case for travel and storage. It lets you use any smartphone or tablet.

  • Datavideo TP-500:

Datavideo TP 500 is only compatible with iPad. This promoter kit is the best option for iPads and DSLR cameras like those teleprompter apps compatible with smartphones. It works best with the downloadable dV Promoter app. It is ti to get access to many of its settings and finely prepared scripts.

  • Telmex PROIPEX Teleprompter:

This kit is compatible with iPad 1/2/3 and works best for Apple iPads. It lets you read the text from up to 12 feet away, and it looks larger, bulkier, and greater than other products in this list. It is easy to pack up your system after finishing your work.

You can make it a tripod mount. And it will allow you to have overall security for this system. 

It has a circular 4-inch hole at the back of the teleprompter mirror frame. It can carry any of the cameras.

  • ProPrompter Wing:

As one of the best teleprompter apps, it is one of the best teleprompter kits. These are compatible with tablets and smartphones.  It has a lightweight and uses a reflective glass screen. It serves as a handy mount, and you can use any smartphone or tablet as a monitoring device.

  • iKan PT-ELITE-PRO Universal Teleprompter:

This kit is compatible with large iPad, Android, and Windows tablets, and the company has constructed it with a CNC machine. It converted aluminum into this kit. It supports Android, Apple, and Windows tablets. It features an adjustable glass frame, quick release base plate, portable design, and remote use with Elite Prompter App on your iPad.

What Did You Learn?

If you use the right teleprompter app, you can use your tablet or smartphone to speak directly to your camera and deliver the lines confidently. There is no need to memorize the lengthy script, breaking the eye contact with your viewers because you can glance down at your notes. Thus, spending your money on teleprompter devices means investing in the best products.

Final Thoughts:

Do you understand the teleprompter apps and teleprompter system or kit? If you have never used any of the above-discussed apps and teleprompter kits, you have to try one of them. Try at least to know how easy it is to work with them. If you have used anything that we recommended to you, you can share your experiences with others.

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