Have you considered using Kajabi features? This all-in-one platform addresses most needs of online businesses by offering a website builder, course creation, marketing pipeline, email marketing, blueprints, etc. 

While it’s different compared to traditional course builders, it has helped numerous creators launch their own courses. Kajabi is described as a feature-rich online platform owing to the various features it offers to members. 

Have a look at this comprehensive review of Kajabi features. 

Course creation and engagement

The goal of Kajabi is to allow platform users to build online courses in a way they find convenient and provide an excellent learning experience for each of their students. It enables users to create courses by using the course builder, which facilitates the process of uploading and structuring content. This tool has product blueprints for different digital product types. 

Moreover, these blueprints are basically pre-made structures. By selecting an online course blueprint, Kajabi will design a sample structure by adding categories and posts automatically. Categories stand for sections, while posts stand for lessons. You can even add one more level, subcategories, which adds greater flexibility to the structure. 

Categories and posts can be easily reordered by dragging and dropping them at the desired location. Users can add content to lessons by clicking on a particular lesson and choosing from different content types, such as audio files, videos, text, PDF documents, etc. Read more about audio file format types. The content uploading process is simple as well, as you can easily upload it from Google Drive or Dropbox. 

If you happen to upload numerous videos, you can bulk upload them to the course and let Kajabi transform them into posts automatically. Even users with no technical skills can easily create a course and upload content. Regarding content delivery, platform users should pay special attention to the course player, as students are expected to spend most of their time here. 

Kajabi provides students with over ten-course player themes compared to other similar platforms. A different theme can be chosen for various products. It doesn’t matter whether you are running a membership site or doing online coaching, as you can find a theme that addresses your requirements. You can also have the themes customized to give them a specific touch. 


The favorite of most users is the premium theme, which is elegant and well-designed. Branding can be added to the player, which provides a premium touch and feel to online courses. The lesson pages have an amazing design, as the videos are placed at the top, while the navigation bar is positioned on the right side. At the bottom of the page, you can add a comment section where users can talk about the lesson with the instructor and other students.

The momentum theme is another course player theme worth considering. Its design is more traditional, as the navigation bar is placed on the left while the content is positioned on the right. When looking for a Kajabi review, make sure it provides a description of all course player themes. Most importantly, all themes are mobile-friendly, meaning students can watch the content on their mobiles. 

With the help of Android and IOS mobile apps, Kajabi enables students to access the content on the go. Educators can send notifications to their users whenever new content is released, which results in better engagement of students. In general, most learners would find the course experience highly flexible and well optimized.

Tools for learning and engagement

Kajabi provides a variety of learning and engagement tools to turn one-time students into returning learners. For instance, it has a special tool called assessments, which educators can use to create assignments and quizzes. You should just determine a passing score for the quizzes and let Kajabi perform the grading process automatically. 

Quizzes can be created by adding different question types, such as multiple-choice, multiple-selection, and paragraph-style questions. Additionally, a file upload feature can be added to your assessment if you expect your students to turn in an assignment. Quizzes can also be implemented in landing pages so as to use them for segmentation and lead generation. Visit our website, to check out a guide to high-quality leads. 


The assessment feature imposes some limitations in view of quizzes, such as the inability to import questions directly from external files. There are no advanced features to use when creating quizzes, such as timed quizzes or question banks. Regarding certificates, Kajabi still lacks the support for issuing them. 

Kajabi offers members the opportunity to drip and lock content. The drip feature is necessary for the gradual release of categories after students spend a certain period from enrolling in your course. Instead of providing users with access to all the content, this tool will allow you to release the lessons based on a schedule. In contrast, content locking encourages students to complete a lesson prior to gaining access to the following one. 

Moreover, Kajabi Features not only offers the possibility of adding a comment section in lessons but also provides an online community builder. It’s called the community feature, as it enables members to join a community and commence a discussion. Members can open a new discussion or take part in one that already exists. 

The setup process for opening a new community is straightforward. Admins can introduce topics to keep discussions as organized as possible. Nevertheless, the community builder prevents members from creating quizzes and polls, setting up events, or doing live streaming.

The coaching feature is one of the most recently introduced products by Kajabi. Creating a coaching package is simple, as you just need to determine the session number and the scheduling tool that will be used by learners for scheduling sessions. During the sessions, both students and the coach can take notes. 

To sum up

The pros of Kajabi definitely outweigh the cons. 

What makes it different from the other providers is the all-in-one capabilities it offers. 

Kajabi is undoubtedly worth the investment for every knowledge business!