Decoding Various Hat Variants to Rock a New Look this Christmas

Fashion trends never stay constant. However, fashion staples always stand the test of time. One of these is a decent hat. However, you must know the best way of wearing a hat and styling yourself with this attractive fashion accessory. If you want to pull off a hat in style, you will have to try out different tricks. Anybody wishing to enhance a standard look can always make some valuable additions to the wardrobe choosing different hat variants and styles. You can go for diverse headwear categories and style according to various seasons and occasions. 

Your encyclopedia on different hat variants and styles

People think they don’t have the skills for selecting the right hat that goes with their face shape. If you are one of them, then keep reading the article. There is a full range of alternatives available in women’s hat styles. Similar to denim and swimwear, you will find different hat styles suitable for every occasion. If you are not sure what you must buy for your wardrobe staple, here is a quick guide for you for hat variants.

  • Baseball hats to bring up a sporty look

Baseball hats are typical headgear. If you are interested in an energetic and casual look, you will have to choose various headwear. Most women feel that baseball hats are only for hiding their bad hair days. However, it is not so. You can wear conventional baseball caps for outdoor events. You can wear it for your social events, exercise sessions, casual parties, and much more. These caps look best when you style them with a messy bun or low ponytail. You can flaunt these with your casual t-shirts, loose type of denim, and complete your look with sneakers.

  • Create a countryside look with cowboy hats. 
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For over a decade, cowboy hats have always remained a staple in different regions. They are available in various sizes, patterns, shapes, and materials. Felt or straw, these are the most attractive and popular headwear you will find in the market. These hats are famous for their strength and appeal. Moreover, you will find regional variations in cowboy hats because of the local influence. Although they are known for a street-side look, they go well with formal attire. You can garner attention while trying to style yourself with this headwear. Lose hair, a simple braid, and a bun is all that is required to create a modest look to go with your cowboy hat.

  • Beanies are an intelligent winter staple with a stylish appeal. 

For those who are interested in a simple yet elegant look, beanies are the most acceptable option. Go for the ones that fit you flawlessly and provide you with a sleek profile. These hats are ideal for almost every individual who wants to wear them. Just keep your hair loose and your make-up minimum; your hat will do the talking. These days you find beanies with a hole at the top so that you can style your messy bun. It creates a sophisticated look and gives you a chance to experiment with your hairstyle.

  • Wide-brimmed headwear to give you maximum protection. 

Cowboy hats or fedora hats all fall within the category of wide-brimmed hats. All you require is the right style and occasion to wear this headwear. You will find floppier versions of these hats to go with your casual background. If you want to keep the sun at bay, you will have to go with these options.

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A look at other fashionable styles available in the market- Hat Variants

Fedoras, cloches, or Panama, different hats fall in this category. These hats come with a flat brim and bell shape. Hence, they sit on any head shape and look best on oval faces. These hats are stylish, trendy, and go with all seasons. Different materials are used to manufacture this headwear and are available in a varied range. Just as the name suggests, close-brimmed hats are known for their brim size. If you are looking for something stylish to go with your traveling look, you can select these hats. These are sophisticated and sleek headwear that grabs all attention. When you style yourself correctly with these hats, others will not get a chance to overlook you.

See what your face and body have to say when selecting your hat 

When you decide to style yourself with hats, you will have to pay attention to your outfit, figure, and face shape. All caps do not go with every face shape. There are a few areas you will have to look into if you want to appear attractive. You can go with hats that have a flat crown and wide brim for those who are tall. For the ones who have a small body frame, grabbing a small cap is the best option. Lastly, you will have to understand styling is personal. 

If you want to enrich your closet, you will have to choose those hats that go with your style, compliment your outfit and blend with the occasion.

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