Best PC Speakers: Buying Guide

Best PC Speakers: Buying Guide

Whether you want to listen to music, want to play the latest generation video games, or want to watch movies with your computer, there are now several PC speakers that allow you to do so. Numerous systems can satisfy many palates for those with needs. That goes beyond the average or even for those. Who not satisfied with the simple speakers. Integrated into the monitor. Best Computer Speakers Of course. A system equipped with dedicated and tailor-made speakers. And amplifiers can give more satisfaction. But they often cost more and much bulkier.

PC speakers usually have some characteristics in common. It the often cheaper than a Hi-Fi system or a stereo. They are also much smaller. And all the necessary components enclosed in the fewest possible products. Suppose a complete system can have different elements. Such as an amplifier. Pre-amplifier. equalizer, and the actual speakers and all in  Best True Wireless Earbuds separate peripherals. In that case. The PC boxes contain everything necessary inside the speakers themselves. Or at least inside—subwoofer unit.

On this page, I will explain how to orient yourself in buying PC speakers, how to understand what to buy according to your needs, what you expect, and, of course, how much you want to spend. If you prefer to play with your computer, you need a 5.1-channel PC system, i.e., with five separate satellites and a dedicated subwoofer. Simultaneously, even a 2.0 system (without a subwoofer) or 2.1 may be sufficient if you listen to music. But remember: if sound performance is a necessary condition in addition to PC speakers, I also recommend that you buy a sound card!

How to choose PC speakers

As I just wrote to you, to understand how to choose the speakers for your computer, you must first identify their intended use. Do you like music very much? Do you often watch DVD or Blu-ray movies? Are you a passionate gamer and can’t live without “fragging” the opponents? There is, of course, a type of PC speaker for every kind of user that can meet their expectations in terms of audio quality. Music, films, and video games use different audio formats and are recorded, taking into account the multimedia content’s needs.

Just as a musical audio message usually consists of only two channels, cinematic content is often recorded in five channels plus an additional low-frequency track destined for the subwoofer. To reduce the space occupied on the DVD or Blu-Ray (which in the case of using six media can be a lot), in the cinema sector, a digital format is used, for example, Dolby Digital and DTS, which is compatible with PC speakers only if the system has coding through a dedicated chip.

On this page, I will not dwell on the technical descriptions of power, impedance, or the various components that make up the PC speakers since they are usually compact systems and already complete for use as soon as they are taken out of the box. The advice I can give you is not to trust the numbers shown in the datasheets too much. As is the case for hypermarket stereos, the technical numbers of PC audio systems are often exaggerated and do not represent the real value of the product since they point especially to impress.

Power of The Speakers

However, know that the manufacturers declare the power of the speakers in Watt RMS and Watt peak. The Watt RMS (an acronym for Root Mean Square, mean square value). Indicates the power that the speaker can deliver. Continuously at specific frequencies. And an inevitable maximum distortion. On the other hand. The peak Watts indicates the top power level that. The speakers can occasionally reach in music reproduction. Unfortunately. As already said. These values ​​to be taken “with springs” as manufacturers rarely declare at. What distortion and frequency range. The Watts reported in the specifications have been calculated.

Stereo PC speakers

The most common PC speakers are stereo or 2.0 speakers. The speakers made up of two separate channels, left and right. And within the category, some models have significantly different characteristics. They can be too cheap. And only serve to offer the essential audio features. But also very expensive and characterized by meticulous audio precision. In this case, we are talking about studio monitors, and they are those speakers that are also used by music labels to record the songs of singers and groups.

Monitors preferred these areas because of their precision to understand the recording’s sound performance. If you compose audio, even in an amateur way, or want maximum audio precision, it is precise to a pair of monitors you need to turn your attention to! And while they aren’t initially made for PCs, you can easily install them on your computer.

2.1 speakers for PC

These are also very common among PC owners. The 2.1 speakers for PC are much more versatile than stereo and usually are characterized by a sound quality oriented at low frequencies. The final result is quite similar to that of stereo PC speakers but accompanied by a frequency response in the much more powerful soft tones.

There are different types of 2.1 PC speakers, depending, of course, on how much you want to spend. They usually consist of two tiny satellites that are easy to insert into the room and a more generously sized subwoofer. Often, moreover, the bigger the subwoofer, the higher the price, but at the same time, the greater the sound involvement. But be careful, a subwoofer that is too loud can be very annoying to your neighbors, so consider this feature carefully when choosing.

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A 2.1 system can give good results in all circumstances, both with music, movies, and video games, even if the sound’s directionality is limited to just the two front satellites.

5.1 speakers for PC

If you play often or the cinema is your thing and want to watch your favorite movies on your personal computer, then a 5.1 sound system is absolutely for you. As you can easily understand from the terminology, 5.1 speakers for PCs are composed of five tiny satellites and a dedicated subwoofer containing an amplifier in the vast majority of cases decoder to manage multiple audio formats. -channel. In this way, it can use with an analog connection (ideal for music or video games) or with a digital reference (which I highly recommend instead for multichannel streams of movies or cinema content in general).

Also, in this case, the bigger and more powerful the subwoofer is, the higher the system’s quality, but don’t expect precision in the sound! The networks with a subwoofer for PC are often calibrated to give the significant barrel low while offering a very spectacular audio performance. They also go well with music, with many systems that can spread the stereo signal over all other channels.

There are also audio systems with more than five satellites. The most popular is 7.1, and in addition to having two front channels. Two surrounds. And a subwoofer. They also have two additional tracks for the rear speakers. In the image above. You can check how to arrange all the satellites in the room and. As you can easily guess. The higher the number of satellites. The greater the headaches for you in case you want to aim to hide them all in your room. Precisely for this reason. For small spaces or if you prefer to order and cleanliness. I would advise you to consider the simpler. And efficiently hidden systems with only two satellites.

Connections and controls

An essential thing in choosing PC speakers is the availability of connections and controls. For example, many systems can adjust the low and high tones and configure the volume separately for each channel. Still, others have a different base with an integrated display to monitor every characteristic of the output sound. These are settings that you can even modify in any case on the PC via software. However, it can be convenient to do so by counting on a peripheral that you always have at hand (especially while you are playing).

The availability of connections is less subjective. Indeed it is not at all: the cheapest speakers usually connected via analog cablewith the traditional 3.5 mm line, while speakers with multiple channels can often be bound also in digital.

There is no better connection than the other. Still, one of the two can be more useful in certain circumstances: through a digital link, for example, it is possible to have the audio system itself decode Dolby Digital and DTS audio streams (if compatible ), while the analog connection is more comfortable to use and easily manageable for content with only two channels.

What you also need to aware of is the availability of connectors on your computer. Suppose you are using the motherboard’s integrated sound card, for example. In that case, it is now easy to find both analog audio connections (even multichannel) and digital connections (traditionally the TOSLink, optical connector), but if you plan to buy an external sound card, make sure it is present the connector of the PC system you want to choose.

Then there are models of PC speakers that can also connect via Bluetooth or integrate the Lightning connector to directly connect an iPhone, iPod, or iPad and play the contents of Apple products.

Which PC speakers to buy

The most significant piece of advice I can give you when buying a PC audio system is not to spend too much, mostly if you don’t record music in a semi-professional or professional way.

If you want superior audio quality, you should focus on other speakers (you can find more information in the generic speaker purchase guide and the amplifier purchase guide ). Still, suppose you intend to buy a tailor-made audio system for your computer. In that case, you can spend not prohibitive amounts and obtain remarkable results without having to lose your head in the choice of individual components.

The best PC speakers are usually studio monitors if you like listening to music and are willing to spend a lot, or compact 5.1 with everything already Best Computer Speakers available once out of the box if your daily bread is movies and video games.

Best budget PC speakers

Trust Leto

If you are looking for a pair of essential PC speakers and therefore aim for savings first, take the Trust Leto seriously. It consists of two small 6W stereo speakers (3W + 3W) with volume control on the back, headphone connector, Best Computer Speakers and direct power supply via USB. They are sufficiently compact.

Logitech Z313

Do you want to play it safe and spend the least amount possible? Then I suggest the Logitech Z313, speakers characterized by two small satellites with a bass reflex port and a dedicated subwoofer for low frequencies. For volume management,  Best Computer Speakers there is a separate control unit with which to switch on the system. As for the power, we have a total of 25W RMS, divided into 15W for the subwoofer and another 5W for each channel. They are not high-end, but if you like full-bodied bass and don’t have significant demands, this model is the one for you.

Trust Polo

The Trust Polos are another pair of essential PC speakers with a low price, but they can carry out their task in a more than dignified way. The set consists of two stereo speakers of 4W each, has an integrated volume control system, and the power supply is via USB. Best Computer Speakers They are relatively small speakers and also have a pretty nice design.

Creative Pebble

The Creative Pebble are stereo speakers of very compact size and with a modern and elegant design. With integrated passive radiators raised to 45 ° and a combined RMS value reaching 4.4W, these speakers can deliver balanced audio with depth, immersion, and crisp detail. Each speaker has two ″ drivers, a support connection via the 3.5mm input port, and have dedicated modulation.

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If you are looking for slightly better performances, I suggest you turn to the  Creative Pebble V2. In this case, the total system power is 8W RMS, while the peak power is 16W. They also have USB-C connectivity (with supplied USB-A converter). They are also available in the variant with a down-firing subwoofer in tow for more robust and pumping bass.

A step further up is the Creative Pebble V3, the same as the Creative Pebble V2 but with support for Bluetooth connectivity and 2.25 ″ drivers.

Logitech Z333: Best Computer Speakers

The Logitech Z333 set offers two satellites with a bass reflex port and a dedicated subwoofer. The convenient remote control for ignition and volume control is also dedicated to connecting a pair of external headphones. The subwoofer features a large 13cm diameter speaker for rich, deep bass. The system has a claimed power of 40W RMS and offers both 3.5mm and RCA analog inputs.

Best mid-range PC speakers

Logitech Z533

Another Logitech system that ensures excellent value for money is the set called Z533. The consists of two satellites plus a front subwoofer with a 2.25 ″ driver and has a power of 60 Watts RMS with a peak of 120 Watts. It has a 3.5mm input,  USB wifi adapter RCA input, and wired control to adjust volume and bass. It allows you to connect up to three devices simultaneously and, Best Computer Speakers by purchasing a special Bluetooth adapter, it can also be used wirelessly.

Edifier R1280Db: Best Computer Speakers

Another exciting PC speakers are the Edifier R1280Db, also compatible with the Bluetooth standard for wireless connection and output power of 2 x 21W. The bass reflex arranges along the front. While the controls for volume, bass, and treble are all located along the surface to the right channel’s right. They can connect to the PC, but also the TV or smartphone and tablet. Best Computer Speakers Volume control, multimedia playback, and tones can also be controlled via the supplied remote control.

Logitech Z623: Best Computer Speakers

In this buying guide, we meet another Logitech product: it is the 2.1 system called  Logitech Z623, which is made up of a pair of 35W satellites with controls for power, volume, and bass, and a 130W subwoofer. It allows you to connect up to three devices simultaneously via the 3.5mm, AUX, and optical inputs and is THX certified for extremely faithful sound reproduction. The total power delivered by the speakers is 200 Watts RMS with a 400 Watts peak.

Harman / Kardon Soundsticks III: Best Computer Speakers

Suppose aesthetics are essential to you, but you don’t want to compromise the audio quality. In that case, I recommend looking at the Harman / Kardon Soundsticks III model, which boasts a particular and exclusive design. Thanks to the dedicated subwoofer with a 6-inch speaker and 20W of power-oriented downwards, these speakers can offer powerful bass. The channels, in this case, are two and integrate four small woofers each. Both satellites and subwoofers entirely transparent and connected to the PC via the 3.5mm jack cable.

Trust Tytan GXT: Best Computer Speakers

Trust Tytan GXT is a range of audio systems designed primarily for gamers. Some models part characterize by showy colored LEDs, even in the RGB version. In fact, in the family, we find 2.1 models with RGB LEDs or 2.1 models with red or blue LEDs. There is also a 5.1 version model with blue LEDs. Like the audio output, the lighting can control via the wireless remote control for a power ranging from 60W RMS for the 2.1 system to 90W RMS for the one with five channels. Best Computer Speakers The integrated lighting implements different modes based on the variant chosen.

Best high-end PC speakers 

Bose Companion 20

Now let’s move on to the Bose brand. In that case, the solution that I highly recommend you consider is the one called  Companion 20. It is a solution consisting of only two speakers. According to the manufacturer’s declarations. It allows for a powerful and defined bass performance like that of systems that also include a subwoofer. It is an emphasis dictated by marketing. Still. It is true that these speakers. Thanks to their design. The use of TrueSpace proprietary circuits for sound processing. And the drivers with which they equip. Manage to offer a vibrant sound. And defined on all frequencies. They also have a wired control unit that houses the volume control.  The mute button, a 3.5mm jack, and an auxiliary input.

Logitech Z906: Best Computer Speakers

The Logitech Z906 is considered by many gaming and movie enthusiasts to be the go-to audio system when it comes to value for money. They offer five speakers plus a large, potent subwoofer that unleashes an extraordinary low-frequency performance at a relatively low figure. It is not a precise and meticulous system but, also thanks to digital connectivity. Best Computer Speakers It can be the right solution for those who play. And see movies often. But who at the same time do not want to spend. A fortune on the audio system of their personal computer.

Edifier S350Db: Best Computer Speakers

If you want a balanced system but with a robust frequency response in terms of bass, I recommend the Edifier S350Db model, with support for Bluetooth technology for playing content even from smartphones and tablets and with an output power of 150W RMS. Therefore, it is a 2.1 system with a dedicated subwoofer for bass. With wireless remote control.   Remove image background, And controls on the side panel on the correct satellite’s right side. The subwoofer has an 8 “speaker, so 20 centimeters, Best Computer Speakers and the aesthetics remarkabe sober and refined.

Razer Nommo Pro: Best Computer Speakers

The Razer Nommo Pro is a 2.1 speaker system designed primarily for gaming, a sector where the manufacturer represents a reference brand. The method in question consists of 2 x 0.8 “silk dome tweeters (1 per speaker), 2 3” full-range drivers (1 per speaker) in woven fiberglass, and a downward-facing subwoofer. Has THX certification, and there is Dolby Virtual Surround Sound technology. They support connection via USB, Bluetooth, optical input, or standard 3.5mm jack. There is also a control pod with LED lighting for volume control and power adjustment.

Bose Companion 50: Best Computer Speakers

If you want a persuasive sound system but not very precise, Bose with its  Companion 50 is a guarantee in this price range. In-depth and detailed bass emitted by the subwoofer unit called Acoustimass. While two separate speakers diffuse the sound into the room. Finally, a particular control unit allows you to manage the volume. Set the “mute” with a touch or connect a pair of headphones.

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