Best Multiplayer games: the top 10 of the most competitive for PS4, Xbox One and PC!

Welcome to the Top 10 of the best competitive multiplayer games!

This seems to be the era of Battle Royale, but many forget the past (not because battle royale is terrible games, it’s that now we find this mode stuck by force even in games that have nothing to do with it: in Fifa Battle Royale I hang the joypad on the nail!). Best Multiplayer Games. Well before the battle royale, we always looked for a way to vent our lower competitive instincts through video games: already in the days of Doom and Quake, it was clear that shooting a character moved by a “real person” was more fun than chilling one guided by the intelligence of a computer! 

 But what do I know? We’re not going to Ulysses – The pleasure of discovery, here! What I can tell you with certainty is that, even if we prefer story-driven games, we don’t disdain some friendly sessions dedicated to comparing ourselves with players from all over the world (apart from Koreans … Koreans are too strong!) n And I would say that we are not the only ones, given that, thanks also to the progress made in the infrastructures, many games have managed to offer better and better multiplayer experiences.

For this reason, I tell you: welcome to the Top 10 of the best competitive multiplayer games!

League of Legends

League of Legends is a MOBA: clear. From 2009 to today, it has come a long way, becoming one of the most practiced esports, with tournaments organized worldwide and with prizes that amount to years of our work.

It’s the second game on this list that makes us regret not playing more. Laptop docking station. It is time to lock ourselves in the room to reflect on what we have done wrong in our life! Playable on macOS and Microsoft Windows PCs.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike was born in 1998 as a mod of Half-Life: two students put their hand to the code of the masterpiece Valve to create a first-person shooter firmly focused on tactics and a certain realism (think that in Brazil, it was censored precisely because of its authenticity).

From 1998 to today, the game has passed under Valve, and its path has never stopped. The versions have followed one another, up to Global Operation (the year 2012), practically without encountering drops in popularity, so much so that it is still one of the best-selling and played games on Steam and Xbox 360.

To make you understand how strong Counter-Strike is in the world of competitive games: the prize of the tournament held in Columbus in 2016 was one million euros! If you regret never specializing in this type of play, know that we are doing it too!

For Honor: Best Multiplayer Games

The starting point for For Honor seems to be that of a bad joke: there are a samurai, a knight, and a Viking. You are selecting suitable systems for your third party. Despite being a beautiful thing to see, the introductory video does not overcome the narrative part’s perplexities. Still, as soon as you take the joypad in your hand, all the worries will disappear: you will not care if you are beating a samurai or a knight. L important is to massacre. After a sluggish start, the Ubisoft game started quietly but has grown great thanks to the continuous support (as, moreover, also happened to Rainbow Six): there has never been a lack of new characters, skills, and areas in which to explore the slaughter.

Why is For Honor on this plank? Because in our opinion, it is a vital game that breaks the boredom and hegemony of FPS in the world of multiplayer and, also, because it brings the concept of technique into the world of swashbuckling: the focus of the game is to avoid fights being the festival of the ripabottoni, but the pace is lowered considerably thanks to a combat system that introduces the variable of the direction of the blow.

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In a nutshell: your enemy is bringing you a shot from above, and you are equal to the right? Bravo, you get a blow to the forehead. Simple to understand, challenging to master.

To complete the picture, we close by telling you that the modes are many and different: it goes from the simple (but satisfying) 1 against 1, up to various combinations of 4 against 4. best mouse gaming mats 2021. Playable on Microsoft Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Overwatch: Best Multiplayer Games

Overwatch doesn’t want to create misunderstandings. A single-player mode doesn’t have it! The Blizzard Entertainment game for Microsoft Windows, PS4, and Xbox One owes its success to a brilliant insight into a somewhat canonical game type. Meanwhile, what is Overwatch? Overwatch is a first-person shooter where two teams of 6 players face off in the following modes: Conquest, Transport, Control, and Conquest / Transport.

Also, in OverWatch, like other games of the genre, it is essential to put on a well-balanced team, with the players’ roles chosen to blend in the best way to carry out a winning tactic. As we said: quite canonical, right?

So? What is brilliant intuition?

The developers have decided to create a hero-oriented game. The playable characters are not merciless puppets but unique and well-characterized characters, each with its characteristics that heavily modify the way of approaching the game. In this way, Blizzard found itself in its hands a hen that lays golden eggs, fed by very cool characters (thanks to a very inspired and equally “Japanese” character design) that she managed to provide with videos, images, and merchandise for which enthusiasts have gone mad.

Your doubt at this point could be: “oh well, but behind all these puppets, is there a good game too?” Yes, dear friends, the answer is absolutely yes.

OverWatch, with its colors, in addition to being a joy for the eyes, is a great game where knowing how to do teamwork rewards a lot and pushes players to approach situations with a specific intelligence.

Titanfall 2: Best Multiplayer Games

There is nothing to do. We like this game and even so much, so much that we come to prefer it, in the competitive FPS category, to sacred monsters like Battlefield and Call of Duty (don’t come beating me, please !!!). Why did we take the liberty of saying this thing that will seem blasphemy in the eyes of many? Well, besides the fact that we think so, there are elements of Titanfall that make it new and more captivating to our eyes: the sci-fi setting, the design of the weapons, and the possibility to exploit supernatural athletic skills thanks to the technological gadgets bring the game one step ahead of the competition.

Because world wars are acceptable, touching acts of heroism and all the rest, but the realism that this choice entails (and that makes fans scream in scandal when it is not respected) for us cannot compete with the possibilities it can offer in a multiplayer scenario the setting of Titanfall. The games are fast but not random. The player has the opportunity to assert their skills and has the choice of how to deal with the situation virtually endless. This game was developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts for Microsoft Windows, PS4, and Xbox One.

The fussy eaters may point out that Call of Duty has also tried this path, but these fussy ones forget that Infinite Warfare was the episode that was most despised by fans and, above all, that in Titanfall, you can drive robbottoni! Do you understand ??? Big, giant robots! Can you imagine a better means of fragging enemies online?

FIFA / PES: Best Multiplayer Games

Let’s combine the two football simulations par excellence in a single position, partly so as not to antagonize anyone, partly because we were a little in difficulty making the final choice! We started as Winning Eleven players, we converted to FIFA, and this year we are still in the BHO phase, waiting to have a clearer idea. EA Sports vs. Konami: we raise our hands. But do you know what the one thing that has never changed from edition to edition is? The urge to put it under the intersection and scream GOALLLL in the face of another human being.

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Since the days of the glorious PS2, these games aim to compete with other fans. So much so that they invented hardware on purpose (the multitaps that allowed you to play up to 4 against 4). The years have passed, and nothing has changed and the fact. That we no longer have our opponent sitting on the sofa next to us. It has not made it less exciting to scream at every possible teasing and lose dignity towards the other condominiums.

TowerFall Ascension: Best Multiplayer Games

Are you a Frosinone? Stay away from Towerfall. Do you have rosiconi friends? Give them this game and then challenge them to enjoy seeing their liver explode. Towerfall is a highly entertaining game that throws up to four players into a two-dimensional arena. And forces them to challenge each other with a bow.

It is an incredibly frantic game (you will never be safe, and you will have to move constantly). Also conditioned by the power-ups that appear in the arena, it is not exactly a game that rewards skill; the results, therefore, tend to be a bit random, but if you manage not to gnaw, the fun is guaranteed. Try it on PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch or, of course, on any PC.

Mario Kart 8: Best Multiplayer Games

Mario Kart, for me, is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: I find it so dull when played in single-player, so exciting when played in the competition. Yes, I firmly believe that this game’s single-player mode is used exclusively to study—the tracks and understand where to hurt the opponents the most.

Another conviction I have about Mario Kart is that it owes its success to the “Bastard Factor.” The valuable track design is beautiful. The aesthetic part is gorgeous and colorful. But if this had been a simple racing game, it would not have spun it. Nobody. Instead, driving the kart with poor Luigi or that obstinate Bowser suddenly becomes exciting thanks to the “Bastard Factor”! What is the “Bastard Factor”? The game dynamics by which a result seems to have been acquired. Suddenly called into a question called “Bastard Factor.”

And here you have plenty of ways to vent your bastardism against your friends. Banana peels, shells of all kinds, various power-ups! No one can ever sleep peacefully in Mario Kart! Try it! Seriously! Take a good run with your friend. Let yourself overtaken just before the finish line. Let him taste the victory, and then BAM! Punish him with a nice red shell in the rear and lower your sunglasses as you pass him. Mario Kart 8 is published by Nintendo exclusively for Wii U and out in its Deluxe version.

Tom Clancy’s: Rainbow Six – Siege: Best Multiplayer Games

 This umpteenth iteration of Rainbow Six (we have now lost count of how many have come out!) It is all about multiplayer, and frankly, we think Ubisoft has made a great choice. In its nature, as a very tactical first-person shooter, the game gives its best when it offers us the possibility to face other players instead of faulty artificial intelligence.

Sure, the game loses some of its strategic nature and gets slightly more hectic. But with this choice, we are sure to have gained some fun.

So how this Rainbow Six structured (playable on PC, PS4, and Xbox One)? Two teams of 5 players face each other alternating in the roles of Attackers. And Defenders in Garrison, Rescue and Bomb disposal modes.

Putting it like this might seem not very easy. But trust me, it’s like when you were a kid playing guard and robbers.

Rainbow Six is ​​a hybrid (like others on this board) because it has a cooperative and a competitive soul. The advice is to hire four other friends and make your team climb the ranks one hostage at a time!

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