Do you need a well-managed hosting provider? You may be launching your latest site that needs to have its hosting. Any website and blog owner wants to keep the simplicity and running his site with the best performance. The solution is the best hosting provider services you can choose. In this article, we will discuss Cloudways that provides you hosting for better performance of your site. We will review and share all required details regarding Cloudways to make you aware of it through Cloudways Review. The upcoming sections will give information about Cloudways, and it is helpful for many people. 

Know about Cloudways Review:

Cloudways provides managed hosting, having a simple server and application launching with ongoing server maintenance. There is no need to do server management because it does it. Therefore there is no hassle for you to do. It helps focus on growing your online presence and business. After joining Cloudways, you get your hands on powerful tools and services that help to manage your business websites or eCommerce stores. 

Core USP Of Cloudways:

It is a choice of cloud providers. It means it is a choice to host almost all PHP-powered apps, the choice to use a paid and free SSL, and the choice to get freedom. And you can focus on something important to the users, starting from the moment of server and app launch. 

Cloudways Review 2021: Flexible & Simple WordPress Cloud Hosting
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Choose Five IaaS Providers:

You can choose five IaaS providers (GCE, DigitalOcean, AWS, Vultr, and Linode). It also offers multiple versions of famous apps like flavors of WordPress and two Magento. It means it allows users to configure the Cloudways platform to fit operational requirements and their business processes. It continues the theme throughout this platform where you as a user can deploy 50+ server application management operations by clicking a few times. Therefore, if you have an online store, you are a freelance developer, or if you have an agency, you are provided a perfect mixture of features by Cloudways to help you achieve more out of the managed hosting solution you can use for your business websites and client projects.

Why Use Cloudways Reviews?

  • It is one of the most affordable and functioning hosting providers that keep the balance between the functions and charges. The reason is its service of cloud-based managed WordPress hosting. 
  • It provides you with a fully managed hosting and promises to have no slow loading for WordPress sites. There is no WordPress hosting headache you have to face.
  • Cloudways have a fantastic set of features to scale hosting resources when you grow your website and business. The technology is optimized for security, speed, and performance.
  • If you still have doubts regarding using Cloudways, the upcoming sections are for Cloudways Review that you can use to know more about this hosting provider. 
  • One of the best things about it is a 3-day free trial, and you only have to sign up for free and check how much it is helpful. The cheapest managed hosting plan for WordPress by Cloudways is 10.00 per month.

Basics About Cloudways:

While thinking about Cloudways Review, we can’t say it is better not to discuss its basic information. Uzair Gadit, Aaqib Gadit, and Pere Hospital had founded Cloudways in 2009. It has its offices in Dubai and Spain. Its staff of 30+ members has helped 8,000 users from 43 different countries in launching 12,000+ servers and 25,000+ web apps.


The mission of Cloudways is to provide a managed hosting solution to different customers to let them concentrate on their businesses while handling their hosting headaches efficiently and effortlessly.

Overall Cloudways Review:

If you are looking for a well-managed WordPress hosting platform, there is no doubt that many service providers are there in the market to help you. Most web hosts offer WordPress hosting on shared, VPS, and dedicated server environments. But Cloudways had truly stepped out of this norm to provide a unique managed hosting solution. It is a web hosting company helping owners of websites to host their sites.

Why Do You Need Cloudways?

Looking for a new web hosting provider in the market is an easy task, but you have to ensure that many users have given honest reviews, and the provider has to guide you through the process. Cloudways offer the three most popular hosting packs, BlueHost, SiteGround, and A2 Hosting.

Managed Hosting For WordPress:

We have already discussed that Cloudways offer managed to host for WordPress users that own their WordPress sites on a cloud server. It is the place where it replicates the multiple copies of your content throughout your chosen data center. It handled the switching of data through a complex algorithm. If the server of users goes down, it serves the copy of your website from the next available server. It lets the rapid deployment of computing resources, services reliability, and high performance. 

Traditional Hosting Vs. Cloudways:

Do you want to know the difference between Cloudways and traditional hosting?

  • The meaning of cloud hosting is that it stores the site on multiple servers, but traditional hosting stores the site on only one server.
  • If anything unwanted happens, you can migrate your site quickly, thanks to multiple servers. 
  • There is an increased uptime in Cloud Hosting because one of its other servers in the network will take over when anything goes wrong.
  • It is faster and quicker than traditional hosting, and it detects the location of your customers to ensure that the content is delivered in the fastest possible time by sending the content through the nearest server to your customers. 
  • Most cloud hosts use Solid State Drives to improve their performance. They also offer security techniques to proceed with your WordPress site. 
  • Users have given the best Cloudways review about this platform. The reason is faster site because of SSD-based WordPress hosting.

Features Of Cloudways Hosting:

Like any other hosting company, Cloudways servers provide a varying amount of processing power. It also provides bandwidth, memory, and storage space, and its basic plan offers a cloud server with 10GB RAM, 25 GB storage, and one core processor with 1 TB bandwidth. The following features are best with the Cloudways platform.

  • For moving hosts, Cloudways take care of their site migration.
  • The CDN of Cloudways improves the server speed, and it helps for online stores. It has an auto-healing feature that can resolve all issues, and it means that there are fewer risks of site crashing.
  • If you know that WordPress is known to be one of the most popular content management systems, hackers target it. Thus, Cloudways had a dedicated firewall to secure the sites. 
  • It has built-in SSL security that secures the communication between the site and customers. 
  • There is one two-factor authentication to make it extra secure against attackers. 
  • You can access Cloudways 24/7.
  • It gives high-performance WordPress hosting.
Easy Server Launching:

Launching your unique server is easy because this platform lets you configure the specifications of your desired server directly from the hosting control panel.

Configuring Your Server Is Easy:

Once you select the cloud provider, you can quickly configure your server. There is a slider on the control panel to let you choose the number of page views you anticipate receiving every month. This platform uses this information to recommend the size of the server that is the best for your specific needs and requirements. It allows you to set the server specifications manually by specifying the bandwidth, core processors, storage, and RAM you require.

Time To Install WordPress:

Once you configure the cloud server specifications, it lets you install WordPress from the APPLICATION MANAGEMENT tab. You can choose from three WordPress installations, the first is standard WordPress hosting having built-in caching tools, the second is WordPress multi-site, and WordPress with WooCommerce hosting. Each of these installations has a W3 total cache plug-in configured and installed to boost the speed of your site and performance.

What’s With Cloudways Console?

There are several settings under the Cloudways Console under the Server Management tab. If you scroll it down, it reveals other features you can manage according to your desires.

Quick Rundown Of Server:

This section is all about the server features you can see in Cloudways to host a managed WordPress site.


If you use Cloudways, most users who have given the Cloudways review said that you can set up automatic back-ups of your unique cloud server images. You can set this backup daily to get back up every day. 


People who have given Cloudways Review said that the security feature of Cloudways works to keep a log of White List IP addresses that you can use to access your server.


Server monitoring is one of the most impressive features offered by Cloudways with their Cloud Hosting solutions.

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Wrapping Up:

Have you used Cloudways? What is your Cloudways review, and how did you enjoy it? If you were looking for the best hosting provider, we hope this review was enough to make you encouraged about this platform. If you have used Cloudways, you can share your opinions and experiences with this platform.