Understand Salesforce Sales Cloud From The Basics

This post is all about Salesforce Sales Cloud and the primary information of this software. If you have heard of this software somewhere, it may have excited you to learn more about this CRM software. I will guide you through its primary information, why you should use it, and its various modules that are helpful. So without getting delayed, let us begin with this informative tutorial about this CRM software and how it is useful to you. 

What Is Meant By Salesforce Sales Cloud?

In simple words, it is the world’s top-rated CRM software. Some people think it is different from Salesforce. But Salesforce is the first company that took this CRM software online. It helps other companies to access their customer information online. They can do it from anywhere and from any device. This sales cloud is a product offering by Salesforce.com.

It has been used widely as a cloud-based CRM platform. It delivers CRM offerings in marketing, sales, services, and many other areas. There are no many requirements for exposure to technologies used to build apps.

A variety of products and services organizations need to facilitate business and services are offered by Salesforce. You get access to the marketing cloud, sales cloud, service cloud, analytics cloud, community cloud, app cloud, and many other clouds.

The Sales Cloud Platform:

Apart from the above-discussed services that Salesforce offers, our primary focus is the sales cloud platform. When it comes to a Salesforce Sales Cloud, it means that it is one of the CRM systems that Salesforce offers. It has been created for salespeople because it’s a cloud-based CRM platform that helps people keeping information about leads, customers, sales, and other things at the same place. We can see four types of Salesforce Sales Cloud, and all are priced accordingly. It depends on the size of the business and its needs. 

Sales Cloud:

This product from Salesforce gives a better platform to manage the end-to-end functioning of the sales department. It assists organizations in many ways, like logging the product information, managing customer contacts, creating campaigns, triggering emails, report and dashboard features, creating orders, progressing deals, and many more.

Why Should You Use It?

Adopting a sales cloud means having a one-stop-shop for your entire team. It is a place where your team can input and access the necessary details of customer interaction. You may agree that customer data in spreadsheets, documents, and emails are messy and inconvenient to access. But sales cloud keeps it all in one place so that businesses can use it and make its better use. Your team or you can log in anytime with any device, like mobile or desktop, and see what does your customer does. 

It helps in forecasting your upcoming quarters, generating a visualization of data, and discovering new trends. It also provides rich options for customization purposes. Thus, it becomes helpful to you and your business to satisfy your business’s needs. 

Top 7 Key Modules Of Salesforce Sales Cloud:

To let you understand deeply about sales cloud and its importance to your business, I have given a brief introduction to all modules that sales cloud offers to your business. So, by reading them below, you can decide if you should use the sales cloud or not.

  • Management Of Campaign:

Salesforce helps you manage your marketing campaigns to target the right customers and generate your sales. It includes seminars, emails, advertisements, telemarketing, and events. 

Campaign Creation:
  • To create your marketing campaign, you need to register for a Salesforce trial license from its official website. 
  • Navigate to the menu named Camping. 
  • After that, select NEW to create a brand new campaign.
  • You require to fill in some essential details regarding the campaign.
  • After that, click to save. 
  • Management Of Leads:

Once your campaign is successful, you may see some customers are interested in your promotions and reach out through the campaign. Thus a lead means a potential customer who has interested to buy your products or services. But that doesn’t mean the customer is ready to buy your products or services. They might be a new customer for your company, and that’s why it is a potential customer.

Lead Creation:
  • If you don’t have the trial license, register to Salesforce’s official website. 
  • Navigate to the menu named LEAD.
  • Choose NEW to create a brand new Lead. 
  • Fill in the relevant details for the latest lead.
  • Then, click to save.
  • Management Of Accounts:

It may not be possible to see your leads be fully responsible for start the deal. There are other people involved, like finance and infrastructure teams. Accounts help your business to make deals.  Here I have explained how you can create new accounts.

Account Creation:
  • Get a new trial license from Salesforce’s website.
  • Navigate for the menu named ACCOUNT.
  • Select NEW to create a brand new account.
  • Fill out all the required information and details.
  • Then after click to save.
  • Management Of Contacts:

Once your account is all set, you need to set up and maintain contacts of some essential business people involved in your business and drive the deals. You can also tag contacts to an already existing account.

Managing Contacts:
  • Similar to the above, create a trial license to create an account.
  • Navigate for the CONTACT section.
  • Click on NEW to create and brand New Contact.
  • Fill out all required details of contracts.
  • Hit on Save to save contacts.
  • Management Of Opportunities:

When you see the right time to create a business opportunity for your business, it is required to manage those opportunities. Managing your Opportunities is the name of your business. 

  • Management Of Cases:

Once your business deals get finalized, there may be issues with the account. You can use cases to file and track problems that clients are complaining about it. It helps to manage those cases, and you can help your customers out from their problems.

  • Reports & Dashboards:

Here, you can create reports and dashboards. The senior members of the organizations use this section to drill down. They also use it to find out if regular campaigns are under process.

What Are The Benefits Of Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Even if the above-discussed Modules of sales cloud are not enough to make you understand why you should use sales cloud, here are some of the benefits that it gives to your business.

You Can Use It Anytime Anywhere!

You can use the sales cloud from anywhere and anytime. It’s possible because it stores data on the cloud. You can see sales data as efficient when they are up-to-date and accessible. It allows you to adopt the model of work from home. When you work from home, you can access your data by just logging in.

It Increases Your Productivity:

While using the sales cloud, you can automate your sales process and use point-and-click tools to enhance and customize the stages/steps. It helps reps manage records and save time on administrative legwork. It also helps to visualize actions you need to take to move forward positively. It also assists sales managers by filling in the data correctly. It also fills the information most relevant to the manager’s needs. 

You can connect your sales cloud with Gmail, Exchange, or Office 365 email clients. It helps you to instantly and shamelessly update your Salesforce records with email data. And all you need to do is a couple of clicks.

It Makes Your Business Grow:

The essential thing for any business is to grow, and the most useful thing about Salesforce Sales Cloud is the way it uses your data. It will rank up your leads, help manage the warmest opportunities, and connect them with the best suitable reps. It is one of the artificial intelligence systems you use for your business. Using this CRM software helps your business in several ways.

When you take your data on the cloud, it will start working on its tasks. It will also work on prioritizing your leads. 

What Is Your Motive To Use Sales Cloud?

Again making it simple for you to understand if you should use sales cloud or not, I have listed a few motives that you might have to use sales cloud. Go through them and decide if you need to use them or not.

  • When you want to centralize your sales data, automate your workflows, connect the team members, and use your past data to get new deals, you should use the sales cloud.
  • If you require top-rated cloud-based services for your company, you should use them.
  • It comes in four different editions to make sure all your business solutions are in one place. Thus, you may need it. 

Final Thoughts:

Did you understand what is Salesforce Sales Cloud and how you can use it? If you have not adopted this cloud-based CRM software and the technology to boost your productivity and profitability, I recommend you to go for sales cloud today. It will help you to increase your business and its productivity, and you can reach more customers.

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