As ladies, we are very particular and vigilant about our cycles. We even take the liberty to learn more about our menstrual cycles and what we must do to keep ourselves in close touch with our bodies.We are already familiar with period cramps and back aches, thigh aches; however, in some or many parts of the world, women also experience nausea during their period.Nevertheless, as suspecting and concerning as this may sound, this phenomenon is common in women. There can be some reasons for this phenomenon, and like periods in women, this also differs from one woman to the other. It’s good to wonder why this happens, but it’s also good to keep in mind that a lot of it has some link with our diet, so let’s first know a bit about why some women experience nausea and foods that fight nausea during periods.

Causes of Nausea during Periods:

Usually, women experience common pain symptoms in the lower abdomen, lower back, thighs, and so on. But there can be other reasons that range from mildly concerning to serious for which it is best advised to speak to your doctor and get some intel on what helpful foods that fight nausea during periods.

  • Endometriosis
  • PID
  • PMDD
  • PMS

The Key To A Happy Stomach:

Depending on different women’s periods, their appetites may differ. Some may eat more while some may eat less on the other hand, some women could be writhing in pain and throwing up from the agony. In the pandemonium, we tend to lose touch with the next step. Which is to nourish the body from losing the sources it just ingested or got thrown out due to the pain. The reasons may vary from endometriosis to PMDD, PID, and PMS as mentioned above. So in all honesty even when you don’t feel like eating, it’s best to give your body what it needs. No, not “not eating.”

Vomiting during periods is surely a more common thing than we realize but what to do in these circumstances? How do we know what to and what not to eat so we don’t end up throwing up again? Well, let’s first understand that we ought to ingest food that’s easy to digest. 

Easy-On-Stomach-Tough-On-Nauseated Periods Foods:

Unsurprisingly, when one vomits or throws up, the body loses its chances of gaining the necessary nutrition to keep functioning.  In such a case of nausea during periods, regardless of the diagnosis, let’s look at some foods that will fight off nausea or help ease you in your time of discomfort. The listed are foods that fight nausea during periodswhile also keeping your stomach in a good mood to digest.

1. Congee or rice porridge

This rice-based porridge is a very good substance, sustaining multiple health benefits, including easing the stomach during any stomach-related illness including nausea. Being a super light porridge-type dish consisting of rice boiled in chicken broth, this is the perfect light-on-the-stomach that is easy to digest and gives your stomach a break from hard-to-digest foods. Making it one of the ideal foods that fight nausea during periods.

rice porridge

2. Healthy Soups and stews

Light and healthy soups and stews can be a great source of proteins, nutrients, and other necessary beneficial nutrients that the body falls short of during nauseated periods. Even if not that, soups and stews are very light on the stomach and easy to digest being liquids that are ideal during uncomfortable periods. These foods not only soothe the stomach but also soothe the palate, for they are often lightly spiced as they should be and are also very easy to digest.

Foods To Fight Off Nausea on Periods

3. Be a BRAT

As funny as it may sound, being a BRAT can be helpful at times like this. Vomiting can drain a lot out of a person physically but worry no more. BRAT stands for bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. Albeit bland, these are some of the foods that fight nausea during periods.Re-energising you to feel much better afterwards. However, if one wants to get creative with these foods, the world is your oyster.


4. Stay Hydrated

Till now one may deduce by now, that a liquid or semi-liquid diet can be very helpful for you and your stomach. Allowing it to digest and provide the necessary nutrition the body so badly needs to help you survive through painful menses. With that being said, water can be your best friend during this time. It is at its lowest after throwing up which results in loss of water in your system leading to dehydration which can be a problem later on. Therefore, it’s best to be extremely hydrated. Once again, this may not be your favorite drink, but one of the foods that fight nausea during periods.But if you want a little more exciting to make you feel better, people have noted that ginger or anything ginger-flavored foods that fight nausea during periods.

Foods To Fight Off Nausea on Periods


So far, we have seen that nausea can be a matter of concern during periods. Another concern to remember to treat yourself or follow your doctor’s prescription/advice is the diet. Your body is constantly functioning even when in pain or discomfort. It tries to keep up with other essential body functions that need energy. The trick lies in consuming foods that fight nausea during periods.Overall, periods can suck, but not unless you start treating and nurturing your body and starting with foods that fight nausea during periods.


1. What are the causes of nausea?

The causes of nausea include common pain symptoms in the lower abdomen, lower back, and thighs.

2. What is BRAT?

BRAT is a abbreviation form of Bread, Rice, Applesauce and Toast.