Know Everything About FuboTV Cost, How To Stream, Record, And Its Pros & Cons

If you have decided to cut down your cord connection to save your money, then FuboTV, a sports-heavy live TV-Streaming is for you to consider in 2021. In 2015, FuboTV was launched by focusing on soccer. However, it expanded to offer many features of a mix of sports, live news, and other entertainment programs. Do you want to know how much it cost to use FuboTV? In this article, I will guide you through FuboTV Cost, its plans, and how you can stream? I will also discuss how to record your favorite programs and the pros & cons. Therefore, go through this article and know everything about FuboTV.

What Is FuboTV Streaming Service?

FuboTV comes with several pricing plans and add-on options working as a live streaming service. FuboTV live streaming service is an American streaming TV service. It primarily focused on channels distributing live sports, like the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, and international soccer. It also covered news and network TV series and movies.

FuboTV launched as a soccer streaming service in January 2015. It changed and upgraded to an all-sports service in 2017. After that, it became vMVPD (a virtual multichannel video programming distributor). However, it still calls itself sports-first. FuboTV has expanded its channel lineup. Its channel lineup targets cutting cord-cutters, offering a selection of major cable channels, OTT features, and many more features. You can stream all of them through smart TVs, mobiles, tablets, and the web.

FuboTV Live Streaming Services:

You can enjoy this live streaming service in the United States, Canada, and Spain from 2018. You might be surprised that FuboTV has become the only vMVPD that launched outside of North America. It comes with several service options, different channel lineups, like the base package, Fubo Standard, 100+ channels. It also offers add-on packages like Extra, Sports Plus, Fubo Cycling, Latino Plus, and Portuguese Plus.

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Essential Facts Regarding FuboTV Live Streaming Service:

Before I explain the FuboTV cost, let us know some essential facts about the FuboTV live streaming service.

  • FuboTV live streaming service has removed its services like TNT, TBS, CNN, Cartoon Network, And Turner Channels In July 2020.
  • FuboTV said that if you choose its cheapest plan, you get to take benefits of almost 43 of the topmost 50 Nielsen-Ranked Networks.
  • FuboTV live streaming service changed its services in 2018 and had modified the plans.

Know More About Streaming FuboTV:

Do you know how you can stream FuboTV? Users can stream FuboTV on their smartphones, TVs, or computers. If you wish to watch your favorite shows on the big screens, you require a streaming media player like Amazon Fire TV Stick. Here is the full list of devices that you can use to stream FuboTV.

  1. Amazon Fire TV
  2. Android TV
  3. Android Smart TVs
  4. Chromecast
  5. Android & iOS smartphones and tablets
  6. Roku
  7. Samsung smart TVs
  8. Xbox One
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High-speed Internet Connection Is A Must:

No matter what supported devices you use, you require a high-speed internet connection to stream FuboTV. A high-speed internet connection is a must for any live TV streaming service. If your home internet connection has a download speed (average download speed) of around 100 Mbps, then you can easily stream FuboTV. There will be no issues of buffering, error messages, or any network trouble.

FuboTV Live Streaming Service For Family Sharing:

Have you ever imagined using FuboTV for each member of your family? Yes, you can stream FuboTV for more than one family member at the same time. There is no extra FuboTV cost to do it. Three simultaneous streams come in a family bundle. But, if you wish to add more streams, you have to pay extra fees. Additionally, it allows up to six users to create their profile in a single FuboTV subscription.

How To Record FuboTV Live Streaming Service?

Most users want to record their favorite programs and streams, so FuboTV comes with a cloud-based DVR. It allows its users to record any live programs on most channels. But, they can record these programs before or after they air. If you subscribe to a family bundle, you get 250 hours of cloud DVR storage space. However, if it is not enough for users, they can pay extra fees to upgrade the cloud DVR storage to 1,000 hours/monthly.

Why Is This Feature Important?

  • You can manage your DVR by navigating to the RECORDINGS tab on the home screen.
  • The most exciting thing about cloud DVR storage of FuboTV is that it records the entire series. Whenever you see this option, you can Record new episodes and get back to New episodes only.
  • It allows you to fast-forward during commercial ads. It means you can get back to your programs in less time.
  • As soon as you start FuboTV, it shows you a Netflix-style profile screen. You can choose your favorite channels, watch your favorite series, and record your favorite series.

How Much Does It Cost To Use FuboTV?

By going through this section of this article, you will come to know almost everything about FuboTV cost. Nowadays, cord-cutting platforms are at their peak. There is a storm in the entertainment industry. We all know that these platforms have replaced costly cable packages. Like FuboTV, there are platforms like Hulu, Sling, and YouTube TV that offer live streaming service. We all know that by preferring these platforms, we can filter out unwanted channels. Therefore, it is essential to find out how much does FuboTV cost because all the PLATFORMS in this category offer price tiers and additional offers. So, here is a detailed analysis of plans to understand how much FuboTV costs.

FuboTV Family Plan:

It comes with basic pay of 64.99$ Monthly. This plan offers more than 100 channels. FuboTV expanded the lineup with more than 20 channels like ESPN, ABC, and FX (all Disney-owned). These channels charge more. In FuboTV’s family plan, you get DVR storage of cloud space of 250 hours.

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Elite Plan:

The elite plan package of FuboTV costs 79.99$ monthly. 

In this plan, you can access 167 channels. It includes all channels of family plans and other options. Additionally, you can access 45 sports and entertainment channels of the Fubo Extra package. It comes with 1,000 hours of cloud DVR storage. You can stream a maximum of five streaming devices at the same time.

FuboTV Sports Plus:

For a sports freak, it costs 10.99$ Monthly. This plan comes with Sports Plus and 25 channels. It includes NFL RedZone, NBATV, ESPNU, and SEC Network.

FuboTV Extra (Fubo Extra at $7.99/Month):

If you want to know about add-on channels, this package is for you. Fubo Extra comprises 45 channels for various genres. It includes cooking, Game shows Networks, and BBC World News.

FuboTV Sports Plus At $6.99/Month:

It focuses on soccer and comes with Fox Soccer Plus in English and Spanish languages.

FuboTV Adventure Plus At $4.99/Month:

If you are an outdoorsy type, you can sign up for Adventure Plus Package. It includes fittingly-the Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, Outside TV, World Fishing Network, MAVTV, and InsightTV.

FuboTV Showtime At $10.99/Month:

It is a premium channel that can choose from any cable company or cord-cutting service. Similarly, FuboTV offers it. It gives nine channels that include Showtime Showcase, Showtime Extreme, and Showtime Family.

FuboTV AMC Premiere At $4.99/Month:

AMC offers fans early access to episodes of Top AMC series and ad-free streaming of all shows.

FuboTV Latino Plus At $19.99/Month:

It offers Spanish channels in a single package. It includes 16 sports and entertainment stations.

FuboTV TV5Monde At $9.99 Per Month:

It is a French-language TV. It covers Ligue 1 English subtitles.

FuboTV RAI Italia At $8.99/Month:

If you are interested in Italy and its culture, this subscription is for you. It focuses on Italian sports, news, drama, and documentaries.

FuboTV Portuguese Plus AT $14.99/Month:

This channel targets Portuguese and Brazilian viewers.

Channel Lineup
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FuboTV Pros & Cons:

You may have never seen any programs, technologies, or streams about which people have never discussed the pros and cons. Like that, FuboTV has some pros and cons.

Pros Of FuboTV:
  • FuboTV has given full access to sports channels and added ESPN in August 2020.
  • It mixed live news and entertainment.
  • You can create up to six profiles in a single subscription.

Cons Of FuboTV:

  • It had removed CNN, TBS, TNT, and many more Turner networks in July 2020. 
  • Users found it expensive for add-ons while considering additional DVR storage and stream. 
  • The latest price hike made it one of the most expensive live TV streaming options available in the market. 

Wrapping Up:

In this article, I have concluded the exact information on FuboTV, like how to stream with FuboTV, storages, and channels in FuboTV, how much FuboTV cost, and its pros & cons. If you have decided to cut your cord by replacing a costlier cable connection with FuboTV, I hope this article became helpful to gather the required information.

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