Gabriel Macht Net Worth 2023: Career, Personal Life, And More

Gabriel Macht is an American actor and producer who holds a net worth of an estimated $8 million and has starred in well-known shows and movies alongside popular actors and actresses. His journey to fame has been a long yet interesting one to take a look at. This blog will cover everything about Gabriel Macht net worth, life, and career, along with more details you may have never known about.

Real/Full Name Gabriel Swann Macht
Age 51 years
Net Worth $8 million
Profession Actor and Producer
Partner Jacinda Barret

Net Worth

Gabriel has starred in countless movies and TV shows, most of which are notable and familiar. For instance, he has starred in and is best known for his character, Harvey Specter, in “Suits,” a well-known USA Legal Network TV series. He’s also starred in a lead role in the 2005 BBC network television film “Archangel” as well as big screen movies such as “Why Would I Lie?,” “The Spirit,” “The Middlemen,” and “Whiteout.”

Early Life and Education

Gabriel Swann Macht was born into a humble family on January 22nd, 1972, to Jewish parents Suzanne and Stephen. Both of whom were well-established in their careers. One being a museum curator and archivist and the latter being an actor. He grew up with three siblings in his place of birth, which was the Bronx Borough of NYC. Later in life, he moved to California and studied at Beverly Hills High School. After graduating high school, he then studied Fine Arts at Carnegie Mellon College of Fine Arts, from which he graduated with a BFA in 1994.


Gabriel Macht had a vast career in the film industry in two aspects, TV and Films. So, let’s take a look at them.

Gabriel Macht career


At the age of eight, Macht made his screen debut on the 1980 drama+comedy “Why Would I Lie?” Known as Gabriel Swann, he performed well enough to be nominated for a Young Artist Award. That is, until 1998, when he starred in two motion pictures: the romantic comedy “The Object of My Affection” and the comedy “The Adventures of Sebastian Cole.” The following year, Macht starred in “Simply Irresistible,” a romantic comedy also starring Sean Patrick Flanery and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

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Gabriel Macht Net Worth

In 2001, he landed bigger roles, playing Navy Pilot Lieutenant Jeremy “Smoke” Stackhouse in “Behind Enemy Lines” and real-life Confederate soldier Frank James in “American Outlaws.” After that, Macht portrayed C.I.A. agents in the spy thriller “The Recruit” and the action comedy “Bad Company.” In the meantime, he co-starred with Johnny Knoxville in the biopic “Grand Theft Parsons,” where he played singer-songwriter and musician Gramme Parsons.

In the psychological drama “A Love Song for Bobby Long,” which also starred John Travolta and Scarlett Johansson, Macht portrayed struggling writer Lawson Pines in 2004. He appeared in a lesser supporting part in Robert De Niro’s spy movie “The Good Shepherd” two years later. He then landed a part in the romantic comedy “Because I Said So.” Then, in Frank Miller’s 2008 adaptation of “The Spirit,” which was modeled after the Will Eisner superhero comic with the very same name, Macht played the title role of the masked crimefighter.

The following year, he starred in two films: the crime thriller “Whiteout” and the drama “Middle Men.” Other credits for Macht include the rom-com “Love & Other Drugs,” the dramedy “A Bag of Hammers,” and the action crime film sequel “S.W.A.T.: Firefight,” which was released straight to DVD.

Television Shows

Macht made her television debut in a 1991 episode of the teen drama “Beverly Hills, 90210.” His television appearances included “Spin City,” “Sex and the City,” and “Wasteland” episodes later in the decade. He also starred in the television movie “Follow the River.” Beginning in the year 2000, Macht played renowned Hollywood actor William Holden in the television biographical drama film “The Audrey Hepburn Story,” which starred Jennifer Love Hewitt in the lead role. Among others, he starred with Julianne Nicholson, Bill Cobbs, and John Billingsley in the brief NBC supernatural drama series “The Others” that same year.

Gabriel Macht tv shows

Macht played Harvey Spectre in the 2011 USA Network series “Suits,” after starring in the BBC film “Archangel” in 2005. The wildly popular program had a nine-season run and was adapted into the spinoff series “Pearson.”

Source of income

Macht’s primary sources of income are production and acting in films and television shows, mostly thanks to the devoted fan base he developed from Suits. In addition, he has earned money by participating in international advertising campaigns for Ballantines and the Madinat Jumeirah Living real estate development in Dubai.

Real Estate

Macht spent $849,00 on a 2,707-square-foot Spanish-style home in Los Angeles after making a name for himself as an actor. Shortly after listing the property for $1.9 million, he sold it for $2.5 million. Additionally, Macht and his spouse Jacinda Barett purchased a $750,000 home in Australia, where they extended an invitation to his co-star Meghan Markle and her spouse Prince Harry to stay.

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Gabriel Macht Net worth is an accumulation of many sources, including multiple endorsements alongside a dedicated fanbase that has boosted his net worth to what it is today. Surprisingly, he’s had several endorsements, including real estate and Covergirl cosmetics. He also owns many restaurants called The Fat Macht Burger chain in Washington, a football team, his own brand of vodka called Pure WonderMacht, a top-selling perfume called Love from Gabriel, and a fashion line called Gabriel Macht Seduction.

Gabriel Macht endrosement


Age 51 years
Height 183 cm/1.83 m/6ft. 0”
Weight 84kg/185.19lbs
Hair Brown
Skin Fair 

Gabriel Macht appearence

Personal Life

Actress Jacinda Barrett, who has acted in both films and television shows, is Gabriel Macht’s wife. Satine is the daughter of the couple, who have been together since 2004, and Luca is the son. Actor Stephen Macht, his father, has acted in many TV shows and motion pictures, including the show “Suits.”

Gabriel Macht personal Life


So far, what could be stated for his current controversy is that he basically left the nine-season-long TV show “Suits,” which came as a surprise to many fans as well as entertainment news platforms. 

Upon being asked why he left his fan-favorite show, he expressed his deepest desire to explore and give himself time to focus and energize. Stating the quote, “I’ve spent a lot of time playing this guy, and I think we did right by him,” he said before adding, “so maybe it’s time to move on.” He further added that leaving the show gave him a “real sense of freedom.” in addition to this, he stated, “I want to put some creative heart, more focus and energy into [being with] my wife and my family.”


1. What is Gabriel Macht Net worth?

$8 million.

2. Why did Gabriel Macht leave Suits?

To focus on himself and his family.

3. What is Gabriel Macht best known for?

He is best known for his character Harvey Specter in the show Suits.

4. Who is Gabriel Macht married to?

Gabriel Macht is currently married to Jacinda Barret.

5. Did Gabriel Macht have siblings?

Yes, he has three siblings: Jessie, Ari, and Julie.

6. What is Gabriel Macht’s zodiac sign?



In conclusion to what’s been discussed thus far, we can deduce that Gabriel Amcht has dabbled in activities and endeavors that only show us how much we can do to increase potential. As did Gabriel Macht we can clearly see how his many endeavors have resulted in an uprise of Gabriel Macht net worth to what it is today.

Finally, with his departure from “Suits,” we can also conclude that Gabriel sorts out his priorities which is a nifty trick to apply in our lives as well. Indeed, the lives of icons, idols, and celebrities may be glamorous, lit by the limelight, but surely there’s much to that than what meets the eye.


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