How long should a resume be?

Generally speaking, we can say that there is no perfect CV length. However, we can say that extremes make a CV either too long or too short. A candidate who submits a CV faster than one page and therefore submits half a datasheet probably did not report all the valuable information to the recruiter. In this article, we read about How long should a resume be?

On the other hand, at the other extreme, the candidate presenting a 5-page curriculum vitae will most likely, if not definitely, exaggerate in prolixity. It must also be said that there are also critics who are far too severe and categorical.

Junior account manager?

Some experts in the sector say that a CV that does not exceed the page must be automatically deleted, as well as someone who says they do not take into account, and in no case, the CVs above the two sides.

In reality, it is always good to keep in mind the selection process for which you are evaluating CVs: the recruiter dealing with a junior account will have a type of CV in his head long should a resume be, while the head hunter is looking for a general manager. I will have a completely different curriculum as a reference!

The short curriculum of those with little or no experience

To understand the ideal length of the curriculum vitae, let’s start with the first hypothesis, that is, from the CV of a candidate with little or no experience. Typically this is the situation of a recent high school graduate or a recent graduate who presents himself to the world of work for the first time, after having done only some summer jobs, or maybe not even those.

In that case, usually, Laura is to deliver a curriculum vitae that is too short. Some might say that synthetic is better, and therefore do not have any problems providing a CV of a few lines. But be careful, you must never exaggerate: an empty CV corresponds to a candidate not only without experience but also without skills, without aptitudes, in short, without any factor to push his candidacy.

What to include in the CV?

So yes, it is good to take advantage of the opportunity to present a concise CV, but reporting all the necessary information in an orderly and transparent way. Consequently, it is required to enter all the information about the training course, enter any periods of internship and school-work alternation, as well as any voluntary activities.

It is also worth dedicating space to foreign languages and IT skills, and the certifications held. In this way, you will be able to deliver a short curriculum vitae, one page, but complete with all the necessary information!

The long curriculum of those who have a lot of experience behind them

Then some people instead risk handing over a curriculum vitae that is too long, exceeding two or even three pages. It is not a very remote hypothesis. Think, for example, of those who have changed several jobs over the years or who long should a resume be, now at the peak of their career, have faced many different steps, earning all the possible promotions year after year.

Sometimes to extend the CV, even before the real professional experiences, is the training course. Yes, because in many cases, the three-year degree is added to the diploma. This is added the specialist degree, and then again the masters, or perhaps the doctorate, and the specialization courses.

In short, containing the curriculum vitae on a single page is simply unthinkable, and at other times even the two pages seem an impossible threshold to respect. Always starting from the assumption that the CV must always be lean and concise, we must not despair: a well-optimized and structured curriculum vitae of a professional with an essential experience behind him can exceed – but not too much – the two pages in length.

CV length: how to shorten your CV that is too long

What if the CV is too long? There are many methods, which altogether can help. To reduce the length of the curriculum vitae concretely. For example, it is possible to act on formatting, but only in a sensitive way. For example, it is possible to work on the margins, reducing them slightly long should a resume be. It is possible to reduce the line spacing slightly. And possibly decrease the size of the characters by one point – but not more than. It is always using clear and legible fonts.

Eliminate unnecessary parts

To shorten the CV, it is then obviously possible to eliminate any extra parts. Let’s talk about any previous professional occupations that are not consistent with the role. For which you are applying, such as summer jobs done in your youth, for example. Several items can be resized. Those who have continued their path with degree courses. For instance, can undoubtedly avoid reporting the diploma grade and the thesis topic presented to the commission.

The hobby section

It should also emphasize that the section dedicated to hobbies only makes sense. When the activities are entered, they can provide the recruiter with helpful information. Consistent with the role in question long should a resume be. By doing so, it is possible to shorten and streamline the excessively long CV. They are bringing it back, for example, within the canonical two pages.

CV revision service

As we have seen, therefore, the length of the curriculum vitae can change from case to case. Based on the information that must necessarily enter. Do you want to be sure that you have an effective resume? So that you are more likely to receive an invitation to a job interview? You should then consider our CV review service, with our experts ready to help you rewrite and optimize your CV.

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