How much does an inground pool cost?

The cost of the swimming pool depends on the type of pool. Simple, smaller prefabricated pools or above-ground pools are available from around 1,000 euros, while the expensive but elegant and durable stainless steel pools cost at least 30,000 euros. There is hardly any upper limit. In this article, we read about How much does an inground pool cost?

A lovely garden pool is not cheap but worth the money!

The materials for the pool itself are expensive, but the rental of machines and excavators, for example, for an open swimming pool, and of course the working time for the installation. The building permit can also cost quite a bit if it is necessary. At the local building authority, you can find out whether this is needed. One should also consider the regular costs for maintenance, various chemical agents, cleaning, etc.

An overview of the approximate costs of various pools:

Swimming pool with steel wall (“above ground pool”) from approx. 1,000 euros
The steel wall pool is a classic swimming pool for do-it-yourselfers and the cheapest pool variant. Ordinary models are available for around 1,000 euros. Round pools with steel walls and a depth of fewer than 1.20 meters can be set up without sinking. The steel wall pool is suitable for talented do-it-yourselfers who can assemble the pool model themselves. The built-in or above-ground pools are available as a set in the hardware store. Here, you should pay attention to good material quality and user-friendly operating instructions and any additional costs that may arise.

Swimming pool made of GRP (“prefabricated pool”) from approx. 5,000 euros
GRP pools are robust prefabricated pools made of glass fibre reinforced plastic. First, an excavation is made in the garden, and then the basin is inserted. Connections, pumps etc., are already pre-assembled. Purchase, delivery and installation can be made within two weeks.

Prefabricated pools can be installed quickly and are very easy to care for.
A good example are the swimming pools from Polyfaser, which set new standards in design and quality.

The swimming pond has a self-cleaning natural pool from approx. 10,000 euros
For nature lovers among the paddling kings, self-cleaning natural pools or swimming ponds are suitable. If you want such a natural swimming pool does an inground pool cost, you need a lot of space in the garden and the necessary change. Professionals should only create a wild collection – so you must turn to an expert here. This can create a pond including plants within about a month. Great importance must be attached to the flora here, as only the right plants ensure biological-natural cleaning. A balanced supply of oxygen, which is provided by a pump, is also essential.

Stainless steel

Pool from approx. Thirty thousand euros The most elegant but undoubtedly also the most expensive variant of your pool in the garden is the stainless steel pool. In addition to beautiful aesthetics, the collection also offers flexibility in design and durability. The water in the stainless steel swimming pool heats up significantly faster than in a conventional PVC pool – and it also keeps the heat longer. They are also easy to clean. The disadvantage of the stainless steel pool is the high cost: inexpensive collections are available from around 20,000 euros, plus another 10,000 euros for the technology.

Stress-free to your pool – the best tips

Set a budget

How much money can be used to build the pool? How high can the subsequent running costs be? Only when the size of the budget has been determined should one decide on a particular variant. It also makes sense to budget a certain amount for unforeseen costs.


The swimming pool should not be more profound than 1.50 meters. You can swim well in it but also stand and chat comfortably. The standard pool size is 8 x 4 meters with a depth between 1.35 and 1.60 meters. Two people can swim laps comfortably in it. However, if you work with a swimming pool construction company, you can also determine the pool size individually. The installation of a countercurrent system is ideal for small pools. This makes it possible to swim laps without having to turn constantly. Attractions and pool accessories such as waterfall showers, floor whirlpools or geysers are a hit with children.

Invest in a high-quality cover

Don’t skimp on the pool cover! On the one hand, the body protects against coarse dirt and accidents, and on the other hand, a high-quality surface prevents water from evaporating and the pool from cooling down. There are now also special solar tarpaulins that use solar energy to heat the pool.

Planning stairs sensibly

One bold jump – and you end up in the cool water. But remember that you would like to leave the swimming pool in the garden in comfort. The exit should match the size of the pool does an inground pool cost. Non-slip steps and handrails help young and old to get out of the swimming pool safely.

Garden shower

A great addition to the pool is a garden shower. Here, robust materials are the first choice: models made of brass, stainless steel and aluminium guarantee a long service life. Many garden showers are mobile and equipped with a practical swivel leg or ground spike so that they can be plugged into the lawn and connected to the garden hose.

Water care

Proper water care is essential to enjoy a pool for a long time. A distinction is made between physical (filtration and circulation) and mechanical cleaning (vacuum cleaning, brushing). Let the experts show you how filters etc., are cleaned. The pH value and chlorine content play an important role in chemical water treatment.

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