How often to rotate tires?

The care and maintenance of tires are one of the most critical operations to carry out the safety of car trips. Worn and deflated tires put the safety of those onboard the vehicle and other motorists and pedestrians at risk. And, in this context, one of the operations to carry out most frequently is to rotate the tires.

This measure, too often ignored by both owners and mechanics and tire specialists, makes it possible for tire wear to be more homogeneous and uniform. ETRTO (an acronym for European Technical Organization for Tires and Wheels ) also recommended that the maximum distance that tires can travel can also be optimized through correct wear. Therefore, it is imperative always to follow the tire or vehicle manufacturer’s instructions regarding tire rotation.

What does it mean to rotate the tires?

The rotation of the tires, as suggested by the premium manufacturers themselves (for example, Pirelli and Goodyear, among others), allows extending the useful life of the tires since it favors a more uniform degradation and more controlled wear. But what is it, how is it done, and how often should the tires be rotated?

The answer to the first question is quite simple: the rotation of the tires can define as the change of position of the wheels, mounting those of the rear axle in the front and vice versa.

How do you do it?

There are several schools of thought on how to rotate tires.

  • The former, more ‘old-fashioned,’ requires mounting the front axle tires on the rear axle. While the rear axle tires mount on the front axle in an inverted position. The right rear tire should mount in place of the left front. And the left rear in the area of the right show.
  • The second school of thought, on the other hand. Envisions swapping between the front and rear axles without any reversal between the left and right sides.
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Beyond what we’ve called “schools of thought,” there are physical factors to consider when deciding to rotate your tires. First of all, in directional tires or with asymmetric grooves, they must keep on the same side. Only in the case of asymmetrical design (and non-directional tires) can the sides of the tires reverse.

When to rotate car tires?

On the other hand, about when to change the position of your wheels. There is a more homogeneous view among all manufacturers. Although the factors to consider are different, they recommend rotating the tires every 5,000 to 10,000 kilometers. In this way, you will be sure that the wear will be uniform. And you will be able to travel a more significant number of kilometers with the same set of tires.

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