How to mail a letter?

This is the first letter you write and, after wrapping it well, a sudden question flashes in your mind: “and now, how do I send it?”. mail a letter.  For everyone there is always a first time: until now you have never sent a letter, and you don’t know how to do it, where to buy the stamp, how much it costs and if there are various shipping methods.

Necessary information to mail a letter

In the following guide, you will find all the necessary information on how to fill it in (how and where to enter recipient and sender) and the shipping methods, whether you want to send your letter to Italy, America, Asia, England, China or any other country abroad.

If you don’t know how to write a letter (how and where to write the recipient and the sender). Read this short guide on how to write on a letter envelope. The sender is unnecessary (on the envelope, you can write only the recipient), so the envelope will be anonymous. You can find envelopes and postage stamps at the stationery, tobacconist’s, or at post offices. The envelope usually costs no more than 10/20 cents, while the postage stamp costs 70 cents. The shipping of a regular letter, therefore, costs no more than 1 euro. Once you have filled in the envelope as the guide indicated, you have two possibilities to send it:

– post the envelope in one of the unique red binders found around the city or near the post office;

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– go directly to the post office to make the shipment.

  To send a classic letter.

The procedure is the same for sending a classic letter abroad (sending via binders or post office). As you can imagine, however, around the world, it is easier for the letter to get lost, so to be sure of its arrival at its destination, you should send a registered letter acknowledging receipt. A registered letter abroad rates vary according to the destination and format (for a simple letter. You will not spend more than 5/6 ). There are no special boxes around the country to send a registered letter abroad. But you must go directly to the post office.’

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