How Tech is Revolutionizing America’s Favorite Pastime

How Tech is Revolutionizing America’s Favorite Pastime

Of all the US sports that exist today, baseball has perhaps been the most resistant when it comes to embracing computer and data technology. Lets know How Tech is Revolutionizing America’s Favorite Pastime.

This was famously evidenced in the 2011 Brad Pitt movie, Moneyball, in which a head coach realized he could reverse the fortunes of his ailing franchise by harnessing the power of data analytics.

Since those days of baseball pros putting more confidence in legend and myth rather than cold hard facts, the sport has come a long way in a short space of time.

Here we look at how modern tech and computers have infiltrated the game, to influence everything from the way top players train to how they are traded during the off-season.

From the outside baseball appears to be a relatively simple game, but beneath its surface there is a mountain of data that is ripe for the picking

Live Streaming of Games Has Helped MLB Take Control

Before we get onto the nitty gritty of how technology has changed the way in which the sport of baseball is played, we thought it also worth mentioning how it has affected the way it is watched and wagered on.

The main change in this regard is how all MLB games can now be live streamed, either via the websites and apps of online bookmakers, or via services such as MLB.TV. With so many games taking place during an average regular season, it used to be tricky for baseball fans to keep track of their MLB picks and parlays while also watching the games, but that is no longer the case thanks to live streaming services that can easily be used alongside other handy baseball apps and sites.

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The MLB now delivers fans incredible sports action and enough data-rich analysis to keep them engaged with the sport no matter what time of year it is

Super Slow-Mo Tech Makes for Pitch Perfection

Pitching is an art form that has always demanded an incredible amount from the men who undertake it, with shoulder injuries and general pain being constant factors that top pros have to deal with on a daily basis.

Therefore, any sort of tech advance that can ease the burden on pitchers as well as helping them improve as players, is always welcome.

Such is the case with super slow-mo camera systems, which are provided by tech companies such as Rapsodo, Edgertronic, and Trackman. These systems can slow a pitcher’s throwing action down to such a degree that coaches and sports scientists can make tiny adjustments to everything from stance to release point, so that not only does a pitcher improve, but also negates their chances of picking up unwanted muscle and ligament niggles.

Date Collection Tech is Taking the Sport to a Higher Plane

Another tech advance that is helping players train better is big data and the analytical tools that harness it. This is most obvious in the ways teams now prepare for big games, using data sets to highlight the weaknesses that their rivals have, so that they can be exploited at the plate or in the field.

However, such data has now spilled over into so many other parts of the baseball community. Tipsters and media commentators are now able to analyze games to the nth degree, which in turn means that fans can stay more connected to the sport they love.

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And it doesn’t stop there, because the concept Hollywood pushed in Moneyball is now becoming reality, as franchise scouts spend more time scouring data connected to up-and-coming players rather than putting live eyes on them as they swing a bat or sling a pitch.

Player Health is Monitored Closely Thanks to Wearable Tech

Another way in which tech allows data to enhance a player’s performance is via the use of wearables. This new trend really took off in 2020 as teams wanted to find new ways of ensuring their elite athletes were always in tip-top condition.

The data drawn from such devices allowed team medical staff to get a broad picture of the overall health of the entire playing staff at a franchise.

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