Although Roblox is a free gaming platform, several features only work once you upgrade to a premium membership. In other words, paying for membership grants gives you access to services like trading and shop purchases. Players that use the Roblox site frequently and have plenty of friends typically have a premium subscription. To avoid being charged for the renewal of your premium membership, you must know how to cancel roblox premium before the renewal date if you are no longer playing games on the platform. This guide describes canceling your Roblox premium membership using your PC and mobile device. The cancellation procedure is simple.

What is Roblox?

In 2004, David Baszucki and Erik Cassel founded Roblox. The Roblox Corporation eventually made it available in 2006. Utilizing the Lua programming language, users of this online game development platform can create their video games and gaming environments. Despite a modest start, Roblox grew in popularity in the second half of the 2010s. It reached its pinnacle during the COVID-19 pandemic, along with most streaming platforms and services.

Roblox can be used in many ways, from creating your virtual workspace for work to playing games for fun. You can also profit from your environment by selling items or running in-game advertisements. Many individuals have praised it for its user-generated content and the social component of the platform.

how to cancel roblox premium
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Roblox provides an intuitive user interface for those just starting out and lacking technological expertise. Players may develop survival and adventure games without any prior coding knowledge using this interface. The extensive assortment of games offered on the platform will appeal to players of all ability levels.

Roblox Premium Subscription

You may use various exclusive features if you purchase a Roblox Premium Membership. This consists of an extra than 10% Robux when you purchase them, wardrobe pieces for your avatar that are exclusive Premium, and a higher level cap with some boosters. Additionally, you can exchange things online with other Premium Members.

You can choose from a variety of Premium Membership plans. The monthly bundle options are $4.99, $9.99, and $19.99. Every month as your subscription renews, you will also receive some Robux as a reward.

Purchasing a Premium Membership will be worthwhile if you use Roblox frequently and spend a lot of time there. You may always cancel it if the monthly charge becomes too excessive. If you intend to leave the game soon, keep this in mind. You won’t unknowingly be charged every month in this manner.

How to stop paying for Roblox Premium: Observe a step-by-step manual

Users of Roblox have the choice to revoke their subscriptions whenever they choose. On a PC, the first steps are: To cancel renewal, sign in to your gaming account, navigate to Settings, then Billings, and click Cancel Renewal. It only takes a minute or two to complete the process. This page is intended for those who require comprehensive instructions.

Let’s say that you are unaware of Premium membership. In this instance, it gives gamers access to financial services, including buying, selling, and exchanging items, and a more significant cut of all game-related sales.

The trading tool and Robux stipends are a couple of the additional advantages of Premium membership. Users can quit their subscription at any time for a variety of reasons despite the many benefits of Premium membership.

Learn how to cancel your Mac and PC’s Roblox Premium membership.

Roblox premium offers players a complete experience with fantastic features like free virtual currency every month. However, there may come a period in a gamer’s life when their premium Roblox subscription is no longer helpful. They, therefore, desire to cancel their membership in such circumstances. So let’s talk about canceling your Roblox subscription on computers and mobile devices.

How to Cancel Your PC’s Roblox Premium Subscription

Apply the next set of instructions to cancel your premium PC subscription.

First, log in to your Roblox account on your computer and select “Settings” from the menu in the upper right corner of the screen. Even though your Roblox membership will automatically renew using the payment method you’ve chosen when you cancel, the renewal date also serves as the cancellation date. Your entire account is not canceled, though. Roblox is still available without charge.

To make sure you want to cancel the subscription, choose the “cancel renewal” option and follow the instructions.

Additionally, you must follow the same procedure if you download a Roblox application from the Microsoft shop. Keep in mind that you cannot cancel any of your memberships.

How to Cancel Your Mac’s Roblox Premium Subscription

By following the instructions, you can also cancel your subscription on a Mac.

  • Launch the app store on your Mac computer.
  • At the bottom of the screen, select “Sign-in” or click your name in the sidebar.
  • Choosing “View Information.”
  • Click on the “Manage” option after locating the “Subscription” option.
  • Next, immediately adjacent to the Roblox subscription, you will notice the “Edit” option.
  • Next, select “Cancel subscription.”

How to cancel your smartphone’s Roblox Premium subscription.

Most players use Roblox on their smartphones even though it is also available in the Apple and Play stores. Therefore, the procedure for canceling membership from an iPhone and an Android has been detailed individually.

Android Premium Subscription cancellation.

  • Open the Google Play Store, then select your profile image.
  • After that, tap “Payments and subscriptions,” and a menu will appear.
  • After that, press “Subscriptions” to bring up Roblox; from there, select “Manage” before selecting “Cancel subscription.”

On iOS, cancel a premium subscription.

  • Your phone’s Settings app should be opened.
  • If you do not see “Subscription” options, pick “iTunes & app store.” After tapping on your name, choose subscriptions.
  • Locate and select the premium membership choice.
  • Select the cancel subscription option now.

What should you do if you can’t cancel your Roblox membership?

When account owners sign up for a Roblox membership using their mobile devices, they frequently experience this difficulty. Even while playing Roblox on mobile devices is relatively common, there’s a potential that you already subscribed in this manner. However, it makes canceling Roblox from the app more challenging, so you won’t see the “Cancel Renewal” button.

In these situations, your smartphone platform, which controls the payments, was used to access the Roblox premium subscription. It’s an Apple subscription if you use an iOS device; if you use an Android device, it’s a Google Play membership. To avoid automatically renewing your subscriptions, you must know where to go.

View the settings app on an Apple device, then select your name and icon at the top. If necessary, select subscriptions and log in with your Apple account. You can locate all of your subscriptions here. Select the Roblox option and then press the option to cancel your subscription.

Additionally, if you have an Android device, open Google Play and select your profile from the menu in the upper right. Next, open the subscriptions by tapping on the payment & subscriptions link in the menu. You can choose to terminate your Roblox subscription here by seeing it. If you confirm it, your Roblox premium subscription will expire.


Regular users of Roblox typically have its premium membership, unlocking several features that enhance players’ gaming experiences. However, if you no longer want to play games on Roblox and have a premium membership, you must cancel your subscription to avoid paying the renewal price.

Regular players typically already have access to Roblox’s premium subscription, which offers several beautiful features that enrich the gaming experience. However, if you ever change your mind, this article is for you. You can quickly cancel your yoPremiumium Roblox subscription using the instructions in this article, protecting it from additional renewal fees. Additionally, you can use the above methods to cancel a deceased person’s subscription by following them.

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FAQs on Roblox premium cancellation

Can I stop using Xbox?

On Xbox, Roblox users are unable to cancel their Roblox Premium subscription. Instead, they must use the Mobile Devices or Browser App approaches described above.

When should I cancel my Roblox Premium account?

Once a user is sure they no longer want to keep the membership; they should terminate their Roblox Premium subscription. The account continues to receive all perks till the membership ends. Therefore, canceling as soon as possible is essential to avoid forgetting about the approaching charge when the renewal period arrives.

Roblox Premium: What is it?

Users of Roblox Premium, a monthly membership service, get access to premium features like a monthly Robux allotment, unique products, and user trading. Roblox Premium has many price tiers, and the higher the tier, the more benefits are offered. Anytime can be canceled for this membership.

How do I renew my membership in Roblox?

Memberships purchased on the Roblox website automatically renew. Before the renewal date, you have unlimited time to cancel. Up until the expiration date, you will keep receiving the membership benefits. To prevent being charged, it is essential to cancel as soon as you decide.