How to change font style in WhatsApp?

Sending plain texts sometimes gets boring so getting different font styles is the only thing to get rid of that fed-upness. Whatsapp is the most used social app in the whole world. People always prefer the WhatsApp messaging app when it comes to sending texts. It gives various options to send texts in different styles. In the following article, we learn how to change font style in WhatsApp? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

Here we will discuss all font styles offered by this app to make your messages stand out in a crowd.


Italic fonts enhance the beauty of text by making it prominent, among other words. If you want your text to be typed in italics, the first thing you need to do is open your WhatsApp then open chat where a message is to be sent. Put underscore ( _ ) before or after your desired text, and the statement will automatically show in italics. For example, type  _ what are you doing_ and press send button. You will see your message would be received in italic font. 


If you want to grab the reader’s attention, then bold font style is the best option for this purpose. For typing in bold style, you need to put an asterisk (*) before or after the text, and the message will convert into bold style. This sign is also called a star, so don’t get confused if people say it is a star instead of an asterisk.  For example, type *What’s going on* and send the message to the person you want. Putting an asterisk saves our time searching this font in the app menu.

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Strikethrough font style in WhatsApp

Sometimes you see a horizontal line in the middle of the text. It is called strikethrough. This option will benefit you if you want your text distinguished among others. Put the tilde symbol (~) before and after your reader, and the recipient will get it in strikethrough format. But it’s not always the best option for sending messages since some people dislike it since horizontal lines hide the message to some extent, and it might get difficult for the recipient to interpret it.

Monospace font style in WhatsApp

Text format with the fixed-width font is called monospace. And such text might take up a little bit of horizontal space. If you want your text monospaced, open WhatsApp chat and put three backtick symbols (“‘) before and after your text. For example, type ‘’’ It was a beautiful day'” then press the send button recipient get it in monospaced format. This style is ideal for many people because of the proper space between words.

So these are some font styles introduced by WhatsApp. But if you don’t like the option of putting symbols before. And after a text, there is another way to change the font style. Type the text you want to send and tap and hold the text. Three dots would appear on your mobile screen. After clicking it, you will see the menu and available options. And here, you will find italic, bold, strikethrough. And monospaced fonts, which you can change according to your choice. Suppose you want to remember some texts or like others. To pay attention to the things you said via text messages. Then usage of these fonds would be the right choice. One important thing is that all of these. Fonts can be used in a single text for highlighting any specific item.

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