Clean the coffee machine

Commercially available cleaners from the drugstore How to clean coffee maker

A common decalcifier for coffee machines, such as can be bought in every drugstore or supermarket, proves to be quick and effective. How to clean coffee maker According to the instructions on the packaging, the liquid or powder detergent is mixed with a certain amount of water and poured into the water tank of the coffee machine. During the subsequent brewing process, the descaler cleans the inside of the device. If necessary, the process must be repeated. Tip: Always put a filter in the filter chamber.

Home remedies for cleaning the coffee maker

Of course, you will find detailed information on cleaning the device in the operating instructions for your coffee machine. Well-tried home remedies are equally efficient and, above all, inexpensive. They attack the material and the seals of your filter coffee machine far less than conventional cleaning agents from the drugstore.

The choice of ingredients for this varies, but the mode of action is the same. How to clean coffee maker Acid loosens limescale and other deposits and rinses them out during the brewing process. Always put a filter in the filter chamber of your coffee machine; it also catches coarser limescale residues excellently. After using the home remedy, you should run the coffee machine several times with clear water.

Citric acid: How to clean coffee maker

Mix about 30-35 ml citric acid with eight cups of cold water. After the acid has dissolved, put the mixture in the machine and do a brewing process.


Make a mixture from 1/3 vinegar and 2/3 water and let it run through the machine. First, switch your coffee machine on only until approx. 5 – 10 ml flowed through. After switching off, take a short break and let the mixture work for a short time. Complete the brewing process. A higher concentration of acid helps with stubborn dirt. In this case, mix acid and water halfway each. ( Vinegar as a cleaning agent )

Don’t forget to take care of the jug and the outside of the machine.

Often too little attention is paid to the jug and the housing of the coffee machine. The glass jug can be excellently freed of deposits with dissolved denture cleaning tabs. How to clean coffee maker Commercially available household soda also demonstrates its ability when dissolved in hot water. This mixture is also suitable for removing external dirt from the machine, such as coffee stains or grease deposits from the kitchen. Always wipe with a damp cloth. Important: The device should be unplugged when cleaning the exterior. Nowadays, many coffee pots can also be put in the dishwasher. Take a look at the operating instructions or pay attention to this when buying a new device. That makes a lot of work more accessible.

Cleaning the coffee machine: the water tank How to clean coffee maker

If you want to care for your coffee machine properly, you should wash out the water tank every day and fill it with fresh water. How to clean coffee maker The best way to do this is to wash up liquid and hot water. With regular decalcification, agents recommended by the manufacturer or natural home remedies are possible. Caution: However, do not use vinegar for the water tank. The taste stays in the tank and the tubes for a very long time; this hurts the coffee aroma.

Cleaning the coffee machine: the foam nozzle

Do you have a fully automatic coffee machine or a portafilter coffee machine with an integrated milk foam nozzle? Always remember to clean the foam nozzle immediately after each use because dried-on milk foam can clog the nozzles and reduce the quality of the foam. How to clean coffee maker; therefore, after each use, wipe the foam nozzle immediately with a clean, damp cloth and turn it on briefly so that the burst of steam blows out the last remaining foam.

Storing the coffee machine: correct procedure

Would you like to take precautions if your coffee machine breaks down and store a replacement coffee machine in the basement? Just make sure to steam off the residual water on coffee machines with a steam function before storing. You can find out how here:

  1. Set the steam function.
  2. Let the steam run through a little.
  3. Remove the water tank.
  4. Let the steam flow through until all the water has evaporated from the pipes.

With this process, you ensure that no residual water remains in the machine, which could cause damage.

Cleaning the coffee machine: the surface

It is necessary to give the coffee machine a thorough cleaning at least once a week. In addition to thoroughly washing out the individual containers, you should also clean the surface thoroughly. A soft cleaning rag and conventional soapy water are ideal for this.

Do not use harsh detergents or methylated spirits, as these can dissolve the color or remove the shine.

Tip: Coffee powder is easier to remove with a brush.

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