How to clean laptop screen Without Causing Damage

Have you ever used a computer and felt that the screen became hard to see? Maybe it’s due to a dirty screen. The computer screen = display is easier to get dirty than you think. Therefore, in this article, I will explain the tips and precautions when cleaning the screen of your computer . How to clean laptop screen In addition, we will also introduce how to care for each part that you want to clean along with the screen . Please refer to it so that you can comfortably carry out your daily computer work.

The LCD screen of a personal computer is unexpectedly easy to get dirty

A personal computer used daily for hobbies and work is also a tool that quickly gets dust in the office or room.

In particular, the display part gets dirty due to various factors such as sebum when touched with a finger and splashes of sneezing, in addition to dust.

If the display becomes dirty, it will affect work efficiency, such as poor visibility.

In addition, the dust has the property of being charged, which can cause static electricity, which is the natural enemy of personal computers. Keep your computer screen clean by cleaning it regularly in the right way.

I will introduce the concrete method.

Tools needed to clean your computer screen

When cleaning, you need to be careful with the tools to avoid scratching them. Here, we will introduce tools that can be used for care, such as home and special tools.

Glasses wipe: How to clean laptop screen

To clean the fragile display, we recommend wiping your glasses.

If you use a glasses wipe that cleanly wipes off the oil on your face, you can smoothly remove the sebum that has adhered to the screen.

Made initially so as not to damage the glass, it is also ideal for computer screens.

Another point is that it is cheap and can be used many times.

Microfiber cloth: How to clean laptop screen

Microfiber cloth is made of ultra-fine synthetic fibers and is a helpful tool for cleaning windows.

The feature is that the fibers are hard to fray, and the power to entangle dirt is strong.

If the screen is a little dirty, you can almost remove it with a light rubbing.

OA duster

Unlike ordinary dusters, OA dusters have an antistatic effect.

Recommended preventing dust from reattaching after cleaning.

It is convenient to have one for a bit of care, such as removing dirt and dust that you do not need to rub.

Cleaner for OA

Wet wipes for OA equipment such as personal computers.

You can remove dirt and fingerprints without damaging the surface of the display. After wiping it off, let’s wipe it dry at the end.

Some have antistatic and antibacterial/sterilizing functions so that you can use them with confidence.

Cleaning spray cleaner

For stubborn stains, it is practical to use a cleaning spray.

When using, check the ingredients carefully. Be aware that alcohol or surfactants may damage the coating.

Also, avoid eyeglass cleaners, etc., as some may contain solvents.

Points for cleaning your computer screen

Here are some things to keep in mind to avoid damaging your essential computer.

  1. Turn off your computer in advance.
  2. Be sure to turn off your computer before cleaning.
  3. By turning off the power in advance, you can prevent electric shock and static electricity from adhering and the operation of the touch panel, etc.
  4. Also, when the screen is displayed, it may be difficult to see the dirt that has adhered to it, leaving unwashed parts.
  5. Gently rub dirt without force.
  6. When cleaning, be aware of handling the equipment gently.
  7. Not to mention the display, the moving parts of the top plate of a laptop computer are also very delicate.
  8. If you use too much force to remove dirt, it may break at worst.
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The trick is to draw a small circle when removing dirt with a pair of glasses. For areas where dirt is difficult to remove, do not rub vigorously, but rub multiple times.

Be careful not to damage the screen coating with alcohol

The surface of the personal computer display is coated.

Washing with a detergent containing alcohol etc., may damage the coating or leave marks. Be sure to check the ingredients of the care tool.

It is also essential to check the precautions for maintenance in advance on the official website of the device and the instruction manual.

Do not spray directly on the screen

Do not spray directly on the computer display or the central unit.

If the spray liquid gets into the bezel, it can lead to malfunction.

In the case of a laptop computer, it may also flow into the vent or keyboard.

Be sure to spray the cloth before wiping it.

Benefits of cleaning dirt on your computer screen

You can expect various benefits by cleaning your computer screen regularly.

Let’s look at them in order.

Improved visibility and improved work efficiency

Frequent cleaning will improve the visibility of the screen.

If the screen becomes difficult to see due to dirt or dust, you will have to review the screen many times.

Keeping the screen clean will improve the efficiency of work, such as text input and research.

Eyes are less tired

A well-maintained screen will reduce the strain on your eyes and reduce fatigue.

If the screen is dirty and you can’t see it well, Best ssd for gaming How to clean a laptop screen you tend to stare at it to check the contents. This will reduce the frequency of blinking and make your eyes easier to dry.

Be aware that proper cleaning will reduce the amount of time you spend looking at the screen.

Cleaning the screen of your computer will change your mood

It is recommended that you clean the screen quickly when you notice it, such as during computer work.

You can change your mood by setting a few minutes of cleaning time between long hours of computer work. In addition, you can mentally relax also not the only eye.

By taking good care of your computer, you will become more attached to it, and as a result, it will last longer.

[Let’s do it incidentally] Points for cleaning the computer

From here, we will explain how to care for each part of your computer or laptop.

The computer itself, which is often left near the desk, often gets dirty and dusty. Take care with care.

Please pay attention to the connection surface and wipe it dry + α

When cleaning the main body, first wipe it dry as a whole, just like general household appliances. Use a special cleaner for areas where dirt is difficult to remove.

It is best to use dusters for the connection with the device. The point is to pay lightly so as not to send dust into the equipment.

Use a cotton swab to remove dust from the USB port and connector. Moisture is strictly prohibited as it may cause malfunction or mold.

Clean the cooling fan of your desktop computer

Regularly clean the fan that cools the base inside the desktop computer.

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If dust collects on the fan, it may cause the base to heat up efficiently or make a loud noise.

When cleaning, first unplug the computer and let it cool

Next, let’s open the case with a screwdriver. How to clean laptop screen At this time, do not touch the inside to prevent static electricity.

After that, the dust accumulated on the fan and the base are blown off with an air duster, and the fallen dust is removed with a vacuum cleaner or the like.

[Let’s do it incidentally] Clean the dirt and dust on the keyboard

In addition to frequent finger touches, keyboards with grooves and steps are areas where dirt can easily collect.

Make good use of the tools to remove dirt.

Remove dust accumulated in the gap.

To clean the dust that has entered the gap, How to clean laptop screen we recommend using a blower that is also used to clean the camera.

Blow air to blow off dust in the gaps. Best cloud storage At this time, air can be removed cleanly by sending it from one direction.

In addition, handy brushes and airbrushes that can be obtained at 100% are also convenient because they can scrape dust.

Remove dirt and hand stains

Clean the dirt and hand stains on the keys with a wet tissue for OA equipment.

If you choose one with a sterilizing effect, you can remove hand stains and germs.

It is recommended to use a cotton swab with a disinfectant spray to wipe off the hard-to-reach gaps.

Also, in the case of a laptop computer, How to clean laptop screen the palm rest is straightforward to get dirty, so be careful.

[Let’s do it incidentally] How to care for a mouse that tends to collect dirt and dust

A mouse with a three-dimensional shape can be said to be a part where dirt quickly collects.

Let’s clean various parts such as the front side, backside, and pad.

Scrape off dirt in the gap with a toothpick, etc.

The mouse has a structure that makes it easy for dirt to get into small parts such as seams and buttons.

It is difficult to wipe it off with a cloth, so use a sharp toothpick to scrape off the dirt. After scraping it all out, wipe it off as a whole.

For mice with rollers inside, remove the cover to clean the inside.

Remove dirt from the easily dirty ground plane

The contact patch that comes in contact with your desk or mouse pad is a foul area. Clean it with a wet tissue for OA equipment.

By keeping the ground plane clean, How to clean laptop screen you will be able to move the mouse smoothly. The response during operation is also improved,  Best gaming monitors and you can work more comfortably.

Don’t forget to clean the mouse pad.

Clean the mouse pad as well as the mouse. When you notice it, wipe it dry.

Especially for mouse pads made of sponge material, the dirt may get on the mouse.

Soak in water containing baking soda for 15 minutes, rinse with water, and dry to remove stains.

Use your computer comfortably with regular maintenance

You can improve your work efficiency by cleaning your computer regularly and keeping it clean.

For laptops, it is convenient to carry a cleaning kit with you.

Computers are precision instruments, so be careful about the tools and methods you use when cleaning.

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