Thorough comparison of 13 recommended online storages (free) Introducing the features of each service

The smooth use of data is significant in corporate activities. Online storage makes that possible and is attracting attention for its many benefits. Best cloud storage This article will explain the features and advantages of online storage and the points when selecting services and introduce recommended online storage services.

Please read the article ” Points and precautions that corporations should know when using online storage and file sharing services ” for the points to use online storage and file-sharing services for corporations. ..

What is online storage?

Online storage is storage that allows you to store and share data on the Internet. It may also refer to a service that uses that storage and is often referred to by another name, such as cloud storage. In any case, most of them adopt a registration system, and you can use it if you complete the procedure via the Internet, etc., to the company that provides it.

Browsers are the standard means of access, but more and more types can be accessed anytime, anywhere, such as smartphone apps. With the development of IT technology, cloud-based services are expanding, and the number of companies introducing online storage is steadily increasing.

6 Benefits of Online Storage: Best cloud storage

There are six main benefits that businesses can benefit from deploying online storage.

  1. Can centrally manage files

You will be able to manage files in your company centrally. In companies with many departments and bases, it is common to manage files on their servers. By aggregating them into online storage, you don’t have to create duplicate files or contact other departments.

  1. Server management work disappears.

As the number of servers is reduced, management tasks are eliminated, and resources can be allocated to other tasks. It is the provider that manages the online storage.

  1. Automatic backup

Backup automation dramatically reduces the risk of data loss. It is essential to make frequent backups of data if a terminal such as a personal computer breaks down in business. You can save time on the task and prevent it from being too busy or forgotten.

  1. Easy to share and collaborate on files

It makes it easier to share and collaborate on files. Since the same file can be used on the Internet, there is no need to send and receive. Since it can be updated from each terminal, it is easy to create documents by hand while having a video conference.

  1. It can be introduced at a low cost.

It is possible to start using it at a low cost, and it is not uncommon for the installation itself to be free. Even if you pay, you can start using it at a lower cost than if you purchase and install the server yourself.

  1. It can be accessed from anywhere.

You can access it from anywhere you can use the Internet. You don’t have to prepare a storage medium such as an external HDD or USB memory when you go out. If you suddenly need a file that you don’t have at your business or business trip, you can prepare it in no time.

Online storage selection points

When choosing an online storage service, it is essential to consider multiple points to determine if it suits your company.

Data capacity

First of all, you have to check the data capacity as a prerequisite. There is a need for a capacity that can reasonably store the data handled by the company, including the amount that will increase in the future. In addition to the storage capacity, it isn’t easy to utilize it unless the maximum capacity for each upload or download is sufficient. At the very least, you should check the size of the files you use most often to make sure they are okay.


The cost is also a point that you should not forget to check. Even if the installation is free, you have to pay for the operation monthly or yearly. Even with online storage provided by the same company, the amount will vary depending on the number of employees and the amount of data used. Since it will continue to be recorded as a fixed cost, it is essential to estimate it accurately, compare it with the budget, and select one that can continue to operate.

Security measures

Security measures are also an essential point for companies. If there is a high risk of information leakage, you cannot use it with confidence. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that measures such as data encryption and user authentication are in place. A security service platform like Trend Micro Cloud One can help your organization to build and run applications securely by offering controls that work across your existing infrastructure.

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Smartphone compatible

The types of terminals that are also significantly supported affect the usability of online storage. Therefore, one of the points is that it can be operated with a smartphone. If your smartphone supports it. You can browse files and edit them easily even if you don’t have a computer. Which will lead to more efficient work.


It is an important point to check the function. For example, some types allow you to limit who can access and what you can do. It is desirable to imagine how to operate. It in the future and select one with many functions that you find helpful.

13 Recommended Online Storage

Google Drive

Google Drive is an online storage service included in the corporate groupware “G Suite” provided by Google. With a G Suite account of 680 yen per person, Best gaming monitors you can use 30GB of storage capacity. In addition, “Gmail,” “Google Calendar,” “Google Docs,” etc., can be used in G Suite, which is characterized by good cost performance.

15GB of storage capacity is available for the personal plan (free)

Features of Google Drive

Good cost performance (Gmail, calendar, etc. can also be used)

As it is a service provided by Google, it has excellent searchability.

From start-ups to large companies, there are price plans according to the size of the organization

Price plan (monthly)

  • 680 yen / person (Basic): 30GB
  • 1,380 yen / person (Business): Unlimited capacity
  • 3,000 yen / person (Enterprise): Unlimited capacity + advanced security functions


NotePM is an “in-house Wikipedia” specializing in knowledge sharing. It is vital to search and organizes information to upload PowerPoint and Word files and share files easily.

Features of NotePM

In-house wiki + file sharing

Powerful search function. Full-text search of the contents of Office files

Easy to organize information with folder hierarchy and tag function

You can easily create documents on the Web and automatically record change history.

Price plan (monthly / tax included)

  • 1,000 yen / 3 people
  • 3,600 yen / 8 people
  • 5,700 yen / 15 people
  • 9,500 yen / 25 people
  • 17,500 yen / 50 people
  • 30,000 yen / 100 people
  • 125,000 yen / 500 people
  • 250,000 yen / 1000 people 

Free trial period: 30 days

OneDrive for Business

OneDrive is an online storage service provided by Microsoft. The feature is that it works smoothly with Office products such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Features of OneDrive

Smooth integration with Office products

Low price and large capacity (1TB for 540 yen)

Excellent compatibility with Windows. Easy to use

Price plan (monthly)

  • 540 yen / person (OneDrive for Business (Plan 1)): 1TB
  • 1,090 yen / person (OneDrive for Business (Plan 2)): 1TB + advanced security functions
  • 1,360 yen / person (1360 yen / person) Office 365 Business Premium): 1TB + advanced security features + Office applications

Dropbox Business

Dropboxs is an online storage service provided by Dropbox, installed by more than 450,000 teams worldwide, and boasts a worldwide share.

Dropbox features

Multi-device compatible (smartphone application compatible)

Also good at managing heavy data such as videos and SLR photos

You can restore old versions of documents

Price plan (monthly)

  • 1,250 yen / person (standard)
  • 2,000 yen / person (advanced)


Fleekdrive is a specialized tool for enterprise cloud storage. The focus is on “collaboration,” not only for file management and file sharing but also for employees in different locations to work at the same time.

After the work, the shared members can give a rating such as “Like,” and feedback can be given immediately so that you can work with a sense of speed. Optional paid support is also available. It is suitable for companies that want to choose according to cost and convenience and companies that often adopt various work styles and share work.

Features of Fleekdrive

Editing function: Collaboration by simultaneous editing online

Viewer function: You can browse Adobe and Office files if you have a browser.

Granting meta information and automatic deadline management

Price plan (monthly / tax included)

  • 550 yen/person (Team)
  • 1,650 yen / person (Business)
  • 4,400 yen / person (Enterprise)


the box is a security-focused cloud storage tool used by more than 70,000 companies worldwide. It has cleared many international compliance and security standards and has enough security to manage confidential national information.

We are particular about ease of use, and it is also possible to link with mobile terminals, link with Excel and Outlook, preview display of more than 120 types of extensions. It is easy to introduce while maintaining the business method so far. Is.

It is suitable for companies that often share important information and want to emphasize security measures.

Box features

Advanced security

Flexible permission settings

Unlimited capacity

Price plan (monthly)

  • 550 yen/person (Starter)
  • 1,800 yen / person (Business)
  • 3,000 yen/person (Business Plus)

Secure SAMBA

Secure SAMBA is domestic online storage for corporations provided by Start Arrays. It is easy to use like an explorer and has excellent security.

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Features of Secure SAMBA

Domestic online storage service for corporations

Easy to use with Windows Explorer-like operation

Full support (pre-introduction, application, post-introduction operation support)

Price plan (monthly)

  • Free / ~ 3 people (free plan)
  • 5,000 yen / ~ 10 people (start plan)
  • 15,000 yen / ~ 50 people (light plan)
  • 25,000 yen / ~ 100 people (medium plan)
  • 35,000 Yen ~ / 100 people ~ (Business plan)


DirectCloud-BOX is an online storage service provided by DirectCloud. That allows you to send and receive files. And share files specialized for corporations.  How to compress a video It can be used by an unlimited number of people. And can be used without problems. Even if the number of users increases with the introduction.

Since it is intended for use in the business scene, it is easy to use, such as function restriction settings for each department, various access authority functions, and simple management functions. We are also focusing on security measures, such as anti-virus measures, prevention of unauthorized access, and data encryption.

Features of DirectCloud-BOX

Domestic cloud storage service for corporations

Available with an unlimited number of users and a fixed monthly fee

Enhanced administrator functions (LDAP authentication, operation log, access authority, etc.)

Price plan (monthly)

  • 10,000 yen / unlimited (basic): 100GB
  • 30,000 yen / unlimited (standard): 300GB
  • 90,000 yen / unlimited (business): 2TB
  • 180,000 yen / unlimited (premium): 5TB
  • 300,000 yen / unlimited (Enterprise): 20TB

Biz Storage File Share: Best cloud storage

Biz Storage File Share is a corporate file transfer / online storage service provided by NTT Communications. You can exchange “2GB large files” and “confidential information” with just a web browser, and it features a wealth of security functions and stability.

Features of Biz Storage File Share

You can exchange “2GB large files” and “confidential information” with just a web browser.

Rich security features and 99.955% availability

It is a flat rate system and can be used by up to 10,000 people

Price plan (monthly)

  • From 15,000 yen / 1 to 10,000 people

* Price changes according to disk capacity

KDDI file storage

KDDI File Storage is corporate file storage, cloud storage, and online storage service provided by KDDI. You can check and share proposal materials, images, video files, etc., from various devices with the latest data anytime, anywhere.

Features of KDDI File Storage

Domestic cloud storage service provided by KDDI

Large capacity and low price (10G from 300 yen per month)

Enhanced security functions (virus check, IP restriction, operation log, etc.)

Price plan (monthly)

  • 300 yen / person (ID unit course): 10GB
  • 69,800 yen / ~ 300 people (capacity unit course): 10GB
  • 180,000 yen / ~ 1,000 people (capacity unit course): 100GB
  • 600,000 yen / ~ 5,000 people (capacity unit course): 1TB

* Additional capacity option available


PrimeDrive is online storage for corporations provided by SoftBank Corp. It is a highly secure cloud-based service. That enables safe and simple operations to send. and share files in the business scene.

Features of PrimeDrive

The number of users can be freely increased or decreased within the contracted capacity.

Automatic deletion function for expired files

System recovery function in the event of a disaster (disaster recovery)

Price plan (monthly): Best cloud storage

  • 12,000 yen / ~ 10,000 people (1G ~ 9G)
  • 69,800 yen / ~ 10,000 people (10G ~ 99G)
  • 180,000 yen / ~ 10,000 people (100G ~

1TB ) • Contact us for 1TB or more


Lifeforce is based on the concept of “cloud storage that companies want” and is characterized by aiming for a tool equipped with all the companies’ functions.

The three pillars are “secure centralized management,” “efficient file sharing with highly flexible access privileges,” and “providing an audit trail that keeps user logs.” You can make fine adjustments according to the size of your company.

Lifeforce features

Use seamlessly from your desktop

Flexible permission settings

Detailed audit trail

Price plan (monthly)

  • Inquiries required

File storage

file storage is an online storage service that anyone can easily use without registering as a member. You can also upload high-quality photos and videos to file External gpu for laptop storage and share them by simply sending the issued URL to the other party. Also, if you set a retention period for the issued URL, it will be automatically deleted after the retention period expires, so security is also safe.

Features of file storage

There is a free plan

It can be used without registering as a member

You can publish a URL to share a large file

Price plan (monthly)

  • Free (free plan) * Capacity limited
  • 1,037 yen / person (light plan)
  • 2,085 yen / person (regular member)

Smooth File Cloud

Smooth File Cloud is an online storage service provided by Plot Co. Ltd that realizes secure “large-capacity file transfer” and “file sharing” between companies and bases.

Features of Smooth File

Domestic cloud storage service

Multilingual support (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean)

Advanced security

Price plan (monthly)

  • Inquiries required

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