How to clean the PC keyboard

At first glance, you did not notice it, but your computer keyboard is filthy, very, very dirty. Between dust, food crumbs, and various impurities, the keys have lost their original color, and you can no longer even distinguish where this or that other letter is. Having become aware of the situation, you, therefore, rushed to the Web in search of some tutorials that would explain how to clean the PC keyboard, and you ended up here, on this article of mine dedicated precisely to the topic.

How do you say? Things are exactly like this, and would you like to know if I can help you with what to do or not? Of course, you do, don’t worry. Give me a few minutes of your precious time, and it will be my pleasure to show you, in the smallest detail, how to make the keyboard of your computer, desktop or laptop, as clean and shiny as it used to be. Although laborious and complex, the operation can assure you that it is effortless. Furthermore, to succeed in the enterprise, it is unnecessary to have who knows what special equipment. Almost certainly you already have all the appropriate “equipment” at home, and if not, you can easily find it in any supermarket.

But now, chat, and let’s move on to the actual action. Position yourself comfortably in front of your PC and read the instructions I am about to give you very carefully. I sincerely hope that in the end, you will feel pleased and satisfied with what you have learned and that your keyboard will come back as clean as possible. Happy reading and… good work!

Preliminary operations

Before explaining how to proceed to clean the PC keyboard, there are some operations that it is practically essential. That you carry out in advance to avoid problems and breakdowns, nothing complicated, don’t worry. It involves disconnecting the keyboard from the computer, any other equipment, and electricity. Let’s analyze this in more detail.

If it is a keyboard connected to the computer via cable, worry about turning off the PC using the appropriate system shutdown function accessible directly from the OS and then disconnecting the peripheral from the suitable socket on the computer. On the other hand, it is a wireless keyboard, as in the Bluetooth ones, turn it off (always after also turning off the PC) by pressing the on/off button on it and removing (if possible) the batteries inserted in it. Or its battery.

If, on the other hand, what you intend to clean is the keyboard of a laptop, turn off the computer, disconnect it from the power socket, and if it has a removable battery, also take care to remove it from the compartment.

If other devices are connected to the keyboard, remove them. If you have applied any stickers, protective films, or other similar accessories to the keyboard, try to remove everything before proceeding with the cleaning prayer. Doing so will prevent these from getting damaged, and that in turn can ruin the device.

Necessary: How to clean the keyboard

Having performed the preliminary steps above. I would say that you are finally ready to move on to the next step. Get everything you need to clean the computer keyboard. As anticipated at the beginning. It is not necessary to have ad hoc instrumentation. The essential equipment is common to use the material. That you almost certainly already have at home or that. If not you can find it without problems in the shop around the corner.

To be precise. What you need is a can of compressed air. To be used to remove in practical and fast way crumbs or dirt residues that have “nestled” between the keys and a  microfiber cloth  (like the one that generally is used to clean eyeglass lenses). Preferably antistatic, and that does not leave lint here and there. As an alternative to the microfiber cloth, you can use a  deerskin cloth or a  chamois leather cloth. They are both very soft and are both suitable for the purpose.

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Suppose you do not already have all the above equipment at home. You can find it by going to the supermarket, in any shop specializing in the sale of electronic products. Or more specifically, of computers or, again, online, on Internet sites for electronic commerce such as Amazon.

Equipment At Home

Another object that is easily found in all stores that sell household cleaning items. And that I strongly suggest you keep handy. As it is beneficial in such circumstances is the so-called magic erase. It allows you to remove traces of dirt quickly and effectively.

For even more thorough cleaning, practically essential in persistent dirt, you will also need a bowl, a little water, and a few drops of dish soap.

I also advise you to equip yourself with a kitchen knife or a small flat screwdriver, you will have to use it to detach the keyboard keys to clean them thoroughly, and a toothbrush or one for nails to brush the keys. And remove stubborn dirt with greater ease.

Clean the keyboard: How to clean the keyboard

Now that you finally have all the materials. It would help if you cleaned your PC keyboard at your disposal. You are finally ready to go into action. Therefore, follow the ad hoc instructions that you find. Below for the keyboards of fixed computers. And for those of laptops and in a short time you will be able to complete the mission.

Fixed PC

Are you using a desktop computer? Then to clean the keyboard of your PC, turn it with the keys directed downwards and use the can above of compressed air to blow away the “foreign bodies.” But make sure you do this in a spot where you can easily clean up any falling debris. Then turn the keyboard backward again and then try the keys a couple of times. By doing so, you should see more debris fall. Then change the angle and press the buttons deeper to try to get most of the dirt out.

Now, grab the microfiber cloth (or the deerskin cloth or the chamois leather cloth, depending on how much you have) and wipe it gently over the entire keyboard to remove any debris on the keyboard left here and there—keys after cleaning with the can of compressed air. By doing so, you should be able to remove them quickly and easily.

If then there are also signs of dirt and various halos, grab the magic eraser, pass it underwater and squeeze it to eliminate the excess liquid after How to edit videos which you will use to clean the keyboard by rubbing it gently in the points where there is dirt. . You will see it disappear instantly, trust me! When finished, dry the keyboard using the microfiber as mentioned above cloth (or alternative cloths).

Specific Cleaning

As for the specific cleaning of the various keys, you can also remove them from their respective housings. To clean them more accurately. To do this, you can help yourself with a knife or a screwdriver. However,  Paying maximum attention while disconnecting. The keys from the keyboard to avoid damaging them. Breaking the connectors or even worse. You were injuring yourself.

Another thing that I highly recommend you do before. Removing the keys is to take note of how to reassemble. Them in the correct sequence (if you want, you can also take a picture of them with your smartphone or tablet).

Now, take the bowl, fill it with water and add a few drops of dish soap. Put all the keyboard keys inside the bowl with the mixture just prepared and leave them “to soak” until they are cleaned of all residual dirt. It may be necessary to gently rub the keys between your fingers or brush them with a toothbrush to remove stubborn dirt in some cases.

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When cleaning is complete, dry the keys one by one with a clean cloth and leave them in the air for a few minutes so that any residues of the previously used solution dry completely. Then put all the keys back on the keyboard in the same position they were in before I took them apart, and that’s it.

Dry The Keys

Suppose something is not clear to you or you need further information on what to do. In that case, you can refer to the user manual attached to your computer’s sales package and check if there are any special precautions to be taken to carry out the operation—keyboard cleaning. Suppose you can no longer find the printed information booklet of your PC. You can try to find the digital format by connecting directly to the relevant manufacturer’s website or by performing a search on Google. You also want some video indications. You can take a look on YouTube, avoiding, however, taking into consideration doubtful methods and dubious practices that are very often proposed recklessly.


If, on the other hand, the one in your possession is a  laptop, to be able to clean the PC keyboard, the first step you need to take is to grab the How to download free music lower body of the laptop, tilt it slightly forward and use the can of compressed air to blow away any debris that in doing so should go away immediately Repeat the operation in question by tilting the keyboard also sideways. This way, you can be sure that you have managed to remove most of the dirt under and between the keys.

Then take the microfiber cloth. The deerskin cloth or the chamois leather one (it depends on the equipment you own). And pass it gently over the entire surface of the keyboard to remove. The remaining dirt that after using the spray can of compressed air has remained.

As for removing halos and dirt marks, you can rely on the magic eraser, which is particularly effective on laptops. With aluminum bodies and on plastic ones. To use it, run it underwater, squeeze it well and then gently rub it on the keyboard in the dirtiest places. When complete, dry the keyboard using the cloth in your possession.

Dirt Marks

Even in the case of laptops. You can get rid of the extra dirt in between the keys by soaking. The keys in a solution of water and dish soap. So put the mixture in question inside a bowl. Release the keys from the keyboard using the knife or screwdriver (please, be careful!). Dip them in the solution just created and leave them there until they are spotless if you see fit. You can speed up the cleaning process by rubbing. The keys with your fingers or using a toothbrush. Before removing the keys. Please note how to reassemble them in the correct sequence or take a picture of them.

When cleaning is complete, dry the keys one by one and reassemble them, after which do not close the laptop screen yet but leave it open for a while. Best wireless keyboard so that the air can circulate freely and arid every part of the computer.

Also, in the case of the laptop, for further details on what to do, you can refer to the user manual attached to the sales package of your computer, and you can find more information by connecting to the website of the reference manufacturer or by doing some research on the net, on Google. I also advise you to look on YouTube, where there are various and exciting videos that provide video indications on how to proceed. However, in the latter case, stay away from dubious or careless practices that could risk damaging the keyboard.

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