8 remedies for summer hangover

You did it. You are on vacation, you have been waiting for this moment for months, and now you have at your fingertips the possibility to get up when you want, eat when you want, cure a hangover go to sleep when you want, and above all, party when and how you want. Regardless of the side effects that the words alcohol and summer evening can trigger, you have started the practices to transform the house by the sea that you have rented into a branch of an American brotherhood, complete with a barbecue based on roasted sausages and steaming meat.

You enjoyed yourself, but what do we do with the hangover? How do you recover now to make yourself presentable after a busy night of summer party? In this mini-guide, we will first list the four methods to avoid getting drunk, followed by four others to practice when the hangover is now inevitable.

These are some points

  1. Eat a lot before you start drinking. If you eat substantial foods, your stomach will be less susceptible to and irritable from alcohol. Eating doesn’t wholly prevent hangovers but helps you get drunk more slowly. After all, the Irish, who know alcohol, often use the phrase eating is cheating (eating means cheating) when it comes to dining before drinking.
  2. Drink some milk. Milk protects the stomach and helps absorb alcohol. We have to understand if drinking it before switching to alcohol can cause even worse side effects than being drunk: try it and let us know.
  3. Alternate water and alcohol when drinking. cure a hangover An ancient method to prevent intoxication or delay it is to drink a sip of water and a glass of an alcoholic beverage alternately, to allow the body to absorb alcohol naturally. We challenge all drinkers to remember to alternate the two drinks.
  4. Bread and orange juice. As soon as you get home, even if you can’t make it, eat a slice of bread and drink water; even better consumed than orange juice, which, despite being acidic, manages to rebalance the effects of alcohol on the body. Daredevils claim that eating pickles, herring, or sardines helps you get over a hangover quickly.
  5. Drink water. While you may not feel like you are suffering from dehydration, the extreme amount of alcohol you ingested the night before has robbed you of all strength, and the only way to try and get off to a good start is to drink water. The nausea effect guarantee, but if you have the strength to resist, your stomach (and your head too) will thank you.
  6. Ingest carbohydrates and fats. Even if you are not hungry, you must eat as soon as you wake up. Your best bet is a good dose of carbohydrates, possibly accompanied by something fatty and substantial. Bread and jam or scrambled eggs with bread could be the solution. The rule of thumb says that before going to sleep. Even if wholly preoccupied with the fumes of alcohol. cure a hangover You should eat at least one slice of bread: it absorbs excess alcohol and prevents hangovers.
  7. Sleep. If this seems like a trivial remedy. Try getting drunk and going to bed. If the bed moves. If the head is spinning. The stomach speaks for itself. If you also talk to yourself. Sleeping is not an apparent operation and the necessary hours of rest become. A difficult battle to win. Commit yourself: you will undoubtedly feel better the next day.
  8. Walk, move, move. If you think that we are suggesting you climb Everest barefoot to prove to yourself that you can do it even after a colossal high, you are wrong. It’s simply a matter of getting out of bed, taking a stroll to the bathroom, washing your face, putting on your flip-flops (you’re on vacation, aren’t you?) And swimsuit and trying to get out the door to circumnavigate the neighborhood. Sunglasses are welcome and recommended.
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