How to make 4 different sugar syrups at home

We are all forced to stay at home, and if nothing else.  So We can take advantage of it to experiment in the kitchen and with cocktails. We often provide many cocktail recipes. One of the ingredients is simple syrup. That is, sugar syrup is prepared by dissolving the sugar. In water-using the two in equal quantities or in a ratio of 2 to 1 depending on how sweet you want to make it. Very simple and helpful on many occasions. But did you know that syrups can also made with other sweetening elements in addition to white sugar? And each will give the drink a personal touch? Here are four alternatives for your homemade creations!

We experiment with tastes and scents for new creations!

Brown sugar syrup

Cane sugar syrup uses very often in bars for many different preparations. Homemade or ready-made. If crystallized sugar use. The result is similar to regular simple syrup. While using sugar cane juice will have a practice capable of radically transforming cocktails because it has more herbaceous and earthy hints. To prepare it, boil the sap for a while in a pot without a lid to make it less liquid. The toasted sugar notes will give the drink more body without upsetting the taste too much.

Demerara syrup

Demerara is a lump of raw cane sugar, therefore not processed or refined. With a coarse grain and an amber color, initially produced in Guyana. The resulting syrup has notes of molasses. Caramel, and coffee that pairs particularly with dark spirits. Aand are widely used in Tiki-style cocktails. In coffee drinks, it gives a much fuller and richer taste than using regular sugar. The procedure is the same as for the simple syrup: whether you choose to use water and sugar in the same weight or a 2 to 1 ratio, simmer everything in a saucepan, occasionally stirring until the sugar has dissolved, then it is left to cool and bottled, ready for use.

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Honey syrups

Honey is a little-used sweetener in cocktails, but in reality, it can be an exciting and, above all, versatile weapon since you can play on different flavors depending on the type of honey chosen. Some, for example, are more floral and therefore adapt to floral drinks, others citrus, others even more bitter, etc. It can also infuse flowers, chilies, thyme, or others in honey to give it a different twist. In short, the advice is to experiment with all types and infusions to discover new flavors! The procedure for preparing the syrup is the same. Still, it recommends using a water-honey ratio of 2 to 1 or 3 to 2 because the taste of honey is better maintained than the traditional one-to-one ratio.

Agave syrups

This type of syrup began to spread with the arrival of tequila and mezcal, the typical agave spirits because it goes well in the cocktails that use them but is suitable for many other types of drinks. For example, it gives elegance to neutral shades such as vodka. It is ideal for preparations that do not want the sweet taste to be too perceptible, such as sour or bitter cocktails. To prepare the syrup, you need to mix two parts of agave nectar in one amount of hot water, mixing well (in this proportion, you have a sweetening similar to that of simple syrup one by one). Use fresh and in a short time because the taste is better in the first days of preparation.

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