How to End a Letter?

End a letter in a manner that emphasizes your impact on the reader. If you have written the body of the letter with lots of effort, but the ending written is inappropriate, it will emboss a wrong impression on the reader.

How to end a letter and leave the reader behind thinking optimistic about your written letter. If you have no idea about this, follow the article to learn tips and ways to end a letter.

The letter can be done in two different ways depending on to whom you are writing a letter.

  • If you are writing a professional/official letter then, end it up with professional closing. In the letter written to any of the known personalities (a family member, friend, colleague), the ending can be done less formally in a casual manner.

Letter Ending Options

A professional and effective email message is an essential ability for professionals and students of all professions. A cover letter’s closing is a sure way to influence the reaction of the person receiving it. 

An unprofessional or wrong closing sentence can hinder you from getting the outcomes you’d like from the person you’re addressing or leave an unprofessional impression. Listed below are some of the best letter ending options one can use as a complimentary ending:

  • Sincerely
  • Sincerely yours
  • Truly
  • Truly yours
  • Best regards
  • Kind regards
  • Best wishes
  • Respectfully
  • Respectfully yours
  • With sincere thanks

This is not an end, the list goes on.

Letter Endings list:

The endings used in the formal letter are further described below;

  • Therefore, sincerely, Sincerely yours, Truly, Truly yours – most formal letters ending are done with the classic and straightforward way by using ‘Sincerely/ Sincerely yours’.
  • Best regards, Cordially yours – if you have connected personally with any of the ones to whom you are writing a letter, then a slight formal ending can be used. 
  • Best wishes, Warm wishes – this can also be used as closure if you are writing a letter to a known personality with whom you have interacted once or have connected through any other means. Use these closures only if they are interlinked with the content written in the letter. 
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Ending closures to avoid:

In order to write professionally-designed emails, it’s essential to be aware of what kinds of ending you want to avoid. So, if you close your email in an informal manner, it may ruin the professional appearance of your company and leave a bad impact on your reader.

Some of the endings that should be avoided because of their informality are listed below:-

  • Take care
  • See you
  • Hugs
  • Love 

How to write a complimentary ending?

However, the first letter of the closure is always written in uppercase, and the rest is followed by lower case.


  • Sincerely
  • Yours loving
  • Best regards and so on.

Letter Ending Format

Once you have selected a complimentary ending phrase, write it with a comma and space. Lastly, add a signature to end your letter. So, you must choose one of the well-known, formal formats. Be aware that business email isn’t the right place to be excessively creative.

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