How To Factory Reset Google Home Mini? Answered

Have you been using Google home mini? You might have no idea what google Home Mini is, how it works, and how it differs from Google Home. However, if these things are known, you can quickly understand how to factory reset Google home mini. That’s why we will start this tutorial with the introduction of Google home mini and will share the point details with you. If you want to factory reset Google home mini, read this article carefully. However, the steps given to factory reset your Google home mini are a must-follow, and you can’t miss any of them.

Overview Of Google Home Mini:

You are reading this article, which means you have compact speakers in your home and want to know how to factory reset your compact Google home mini speakers. These are smart speakers that work on the same Google Home platform. There is no question about its design because these speakers are too compact or smaller. You can use Google Assistant with these smart speakers to listen to your favorite music. You can also check out news, and weather, make appointments, and perform numerous tasks with the help of intelligent Google Assistant. But do you know that the sound quality of Google home mini is not exact and good as that of the original design of Google Home? That’s not the big drawback because it connects you wirelessly with the world.

Google Home Mini:

Before understanding how to factory reset Google home mini, you need to know what is Google home and how it differs from Google home mini. Google Home Mini is a compacted version of the original Google Home. It is an integrated system of speakers, computer hardware, and microphones. You may have seen Amazon dot. Google Home Mini is slightly bigger than Amazon Dot.

How Does It work? Google Home Mini

You may wonder if this compact design and affordable price will scam with your pocket, but that’s not true because these tiny speakers can perform all the tasks you see in the original Google Home. You can control your smart home, get weather reports, answer questions, and more. Google Home Mini is a virtual Google assistant like all Google home devices. You can say Okay, Google, and it’s ready to listen to you and work for you. It is connected to the cloud, doesn’t take much time to respond to your wish, and will serve you immediately. Of course, it would help if you used simple language, and it will do your desired task.

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Need Of Factory Reset:

We know that Google home mini has a responsive microphone, great sound, exciting features, and intelligent home control when you use proper language to order it and get things done. But do you need to factory reset Google home mini? The price is affordable, the sound quality is excellent, the size is compact, and with the smart home control, Google home mini is a great tool to update your life. However, the following things are generally confusing to Google home mini users.

  • We need smart speakers with a fantastic display.
  • We must swap the tiny smart speakers with the original Google Home Mini.
  • We need to use something big that makes the home more attractive.
  • We need to make some decent changes to our speakers so we can use them for a long.
  • How long will Google home mini survive? Of course, it depends on how users handle this technology. 

How To Factory Reset Google Home Nest Mini (2nd Generation)?

Follow these steps to understand how to factory reset Google home mini speakers at your home without any technical knowledge or experience required. Google Home Best Mini is a great deal of today’s technologically advanced world and competitive small-sized stays.

There is a microphone on/off switch at the side of your Google home nest mini. Turn off the button, which will cause the LED on the speaker to pulse a few times.

Don’t do anything and wait for five seconds. The Google nest mini will automatically start the factory resetting process, and you can hear some sound after about ten seconds that tell you that the factory resetting process has been finished.

How To Factory Reset Google Home Mini? (First Generation)

Do you know that first-generation Google home mini speakers have a power button on the device? You must understand that it’s not possible to factory reset your Google home mini with Google Home App. You have to use speakers for both these generations to factory reset them. Once you finish factory resetting, it will clear all data. It means this process makes the speakers ready for new use. The following are the steps to follow.

  • Press the factory reset button and hold it for 15 seconds to start the resetting process. 
  • Similar to the previous case, you would hear a chime once your factory reset Google home mini has been done and finished. 
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Rebooting Google Home Mini:

Do you want to know how to reboot Google home mini? Rebooting means that you don’t fully factory reset your Google home mini. It is like a refresh for your smart speakers. There s a simple power cycle you can follow, and the following steps will help you do it perfectly.

  • Start with unplugging your Google home mini. Don’t plug in for a few minutes, and then plug in your Google home mini again.
  • Do you want to use the Google home app? Then go to its SETTINGS > DEVICE SETTINGS. 
  • Navigate for the MORE button. It will be the three dots you see. Choose the REBOOT option.

Why Reboot Is Better Than Factory Reset?

Whenever you want to factory reset any technology, you must always try to reboot the device before doing anything. The reason is that reboot will not erase all data from your device. It just refreshes your device. Of course, both factory reset and reboot the device options are safe, and you can’t say factory reset is risky, but remember that factory reset will delete all the data. Your device will work freshly as if you have newly purchased it from the market.

What To Do With Old Google Home Mini?

If you have a fully functional old version of Google home mini and want to replace it with the new one, you can try one of the best things. Sell or trade it through online marketplaces. For example, you can sell your factory reset Google home mini on refurbished marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, and many other popular and new sites. Moreover, it will give some money to your pocket that you can utilize to purchase new sets of smart speakers for your smart home.

how to factory reset google home mini
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Do you want to try some tax-deductible donations? Yes! It’s a great idea to feel great and be happy because it feels so good when you donate your old technology to needy ones. If you don’t need to resell your Google home mini, you can give it to others.

Wrapping Up:

Have you understood how to factory reset Google home mini? We have discussed two scenarios for two versions of Google home mini. The first is about factory resetting the Google nest mini, and the second is the process of factory resetting Google home mini. We also discussed how to reboot the Google home mini, the difference between Google Home and Google home mini, the features of Google home mini smart speakers, and everything about it. Do you want to know anything else?

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