Google Drive Backup

Google Drive Backup

Maybe you already experienced the bitterness of significant data loss. Even perhaps you deleted your data by accident, or someone who shared access to your Google Drive with you deleted initial data. Google Drive Backup: There might be a possibility that your business became a victim of some malicious actions resulting in significant data loss. 

However, there are specific reasons behind your data loss, so it is essential to know how to backup Google Drive. We are decided to provide you with the best solutions that will surely save your data from disaster. 

Note: remember that just saving data to local devices or other cloud storages may preserve your personal or company’s files – (if they deleted, but not at all if your files were corrupted by ransomware or viruses)

Google Drive: manual backup:

There are some options to know how you can back up your data manually without accounting for any tools. To do so, you consider three means, and every single of them works in the same way – you need to copy your data – but just in a bit different ways. Remember that all have their pros and cons, so all you need to adopt one that works best for you!

Backup google drive to external hard drive:

The simple and even accurate manual method to make a backup Google Drive is simply copying your files and downloading them on your hard drive. 


  • Quick and easy
  • Requires no software


  • Manual backup
  • There’s the possibility of forgetting to save new or updated files.
  • Even it either fetch your hard drive place or need constant manual copying to other cloud services.

In Step 1: First of all, you have to go to your Google Drive documents.

Which Step 2: then, you need to Hold Ctrl+A to select all files or choose manually those you want to copy

Step 3: Now, make a right-click and select Download. Remember that the files will be in a zip format.

Step 4: All you need to preserve this copy in a reliable place and extract files whenever required

Backup and Sync Client by Google:

This is the app from Google that enables you to synchronize your local drive with Google Drive. With this, you don’t only make a one-time copy. You even sync your local and Google Drive data – which indicates that all new files are added to Google Drive, and even they will be automatically saved on your hard drive.

Remember that:

Since your files will be synced, every single change in your Drive files will be reflected on the desktop as well. 

You deleted from Google Drive = deleted from a hard drive. You need to remember that in mind and save your files to another device or folder if required. 


  • Full automation: All the selected files and edits will be backed up on your PC whenever they appear on Google Drive.
  • Double-sided backup: Well, it works both ways – you not only can save your cloud data on your PC but even customize it to keep your hard drive data on the cloud automatically – only making it available from any device


  • This will take your hard drive space, so you ought to be selective with files, which you save.
  • The copied files can still be changed or deleted since both the hard drive and Google Drive are synced. It indicates that you still require to resave crucial files somewhere else.
  • Download Backup and sync
  • Install and launch the application
  • All you need to sign in to your Google account and set up sync options
  • For your local drive: If you need to back up some files from the hard drive to Google Drive, at this stage, you can be able to choose folders for backup
  • Very next, sync settings to back up Google Drive in your local disk. Even you can select the folders that require to be backed up – or even you can select to choose your data From Google Drive. Hit Start

Once done, the process of copying started. No doubt, it will be a time-consuming process as it depends on the amount of data, so be patient.

Use Google Takeout:

Google Takeout is specifically designed to make one-time copies of your Google account data. It includes Gmail, Drive, Google, Photo, Contacts, and so on! So, in such a case, you ought to make a copy of Google Drive data.


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  • Supports all Google services
  • It comes with the ability to send copied data directly to other clouds or even download them on your desktop.


  • One-time data save with no automatic backup options: It indicates that you can lose files if you forgot to save them previously.
  1. First, you need to log into your Google account and make a click on download your data. There you will find all apps that consist of your data. Remember that all of them are selected by default – so, if you aim to choose only particular files, then press Deselect  all, and you need to put a tick beside the field you need
  2. If you want to download some parts of your data – you leave all the data selected and uncheck the box near the files you don’t want to save. Then, ahead to the Next step
  3. You can customize your archive by merely choosing the delivery method, type of export, kind, and even the file size.

You have Done! Your archive will soon be deleted.

Google Drive: backup tools for businesses:

Tools developed explicitly for business admins that help to back up their company’s data. No doubt, such means differed by their features, usability, price, and reliability.

Use Google Vault:

Google Vault is a web-based archive and eDiscovery service that helps IT administrators keep all G Suite users’ data. It assists in backing up and saves files regardless of any next manipulations with the initial ones.

But still, remember that: Vault is not said to be a backup. It is an archiver. And, this is something that makes a big difference when it comes to Vault’s features. Best All In One Computer


  • Requires no installation
  • It keeps data for a long time in unlimited storage.


  • It can’t restore data from Google Drive as it is designed as an archiving tool – you can only consider it if you need to refer to it in the future. So, there’s no need to get quick restoration if something happened with your files
  • if you aren’t a subscriber of the G Suite Business, Enterprise, or Education package, then you can’t use Vault
  • It is quite expensive: you ought to pay $60 a year for G Suite Basic and $300 a year for G Suite Enterprise users

If you still interested in Vault as a solution for your business, read on to know what you need to do:

  1. First of all, you ought to sign in using admin G suite account and land on the Google Vault homepage
  2. Very next, you ought to go to the retention pitch left
  3. Then, you need to choose Drive and edit the retention policy
  4. Now, you ought to mark the field named Set as a default retention rule for Drive
  5. Finally, you ought to select the radio button “Indefinitely” and save it

Final Words:

Thankfully, you come to know about several methods for backup Google drive – each method has some advantages and drawbacks. So, follow one of the above ways to get back-up your data safely!

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