The Welcome to My Activity page is where you can see the entirety of the key data that Google has been gathering about you throughout the long term. You can discover this page by going to (you’ll have to sign in to your record). On the My Activity page, you’ll see activity from an assortment of Google items, including Search, Image Search, Maps, Play, Shopping, YouTube, and even Help – believe it or not, any time you visit a Google Help page, Google records that visit.  How to Delete a Page in Word

Google My Activity webpage uncovers all the Information. 

The Welcome to My Activity page offers an overall inquiry bar where clients can look for any terms identified with what they’ve done on the web. For instance, looking for “Arijit Singh” will show you the entirety of his music recordings you may have viewed on YouTube, just as any articles you read or pages you visited that notice the notorious rapper. Clients can also tap on an individual thing to perceive what time the page was visited alongside the program and gadget it was seen on. On the off chance that this sort of access weirds you out, don’t stress – you can also erase things from the rundown. 

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Contingent upon the activity settings the client has empowered, it can likewise spare data from outsider destinations also. Along these lines, as ZDNet’s Liam Tung calls attention to things like if you use Chrome to watch Netflix, My Activity might mention to you what film or TV show you viewed. In any case, it should be noticed that when I evaluated the My Activity page utilizing my own Google account, I was given a considerable rundown of YouTube recordings I have never watched, which might have been supported by substance set to autoplay. 

Android; Manage Google Account Activity
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You are allowed to change settings and prevent your history.

If you are a security-conscious person, then you will be glad to realize that you can change your privacy checkup settings. Clients can even suspend, or respite, web, and application activity following for welcome to My Activity, which could meddle with your autocomplete settings. Alongside My Activity comes extra power over the promotions that are shown to you on the web. Clients will presently have the option to pick into activity following for advertisements and, on the off chance that they do, will have the option to show more applicable promotions or certain square promotions. Clients can likewise get considerably more granular power over the advertisements introduced to them in the Privacy Checkup by changing their promotion settings. 

What would I be able to erase? 

You can erase everything without exception from the My Activity page. Since Google utilizes your information to modify your Google insight, you may see a decrease in some Google administrations’ value on the off chance that you erase a huge piece of your activity.  How does PayPal work

  • To erase activity by Google item

for example, YouTube or Image Search, go to the My Activity page and snap Filter by date and item under the Search box. Pick the item (or items) you need to erase activity from and click the Search button. At that point, click the three dabs close to the Search box and pick Delete results. 

  • To erase only things from the My Activity page

discover the thing and snap the three spots close to it and afterward click Delete. (You can likewise do this for special days.) 

  • To erase the entirety of your activity from a specific day

the previous week, the previous month, or a custom date range, click the menu button in the upper left corner of the My Activity page and snap Delete activity by. On this page, you can decide to erase activity from today, yesterday, the most recent seven days, the most recent 30 days, or from untouched. You can likewise pick a custom date range by picking Custom and entering two dates in the After and Before fields. 

  • To erase activity related to a watchword or search term

go to the My Activity page, type the pursuit term into the Search box, and snap the Search button. At that point, click the three spots close to the Search box and pick Delete results.

It’s basic information these days that most electronic organizations track nearly all that you do on the web. It’s the way they realize you searched for new pants a week ago and why promotions for those pants appear to chase after you on the entirety of your number one destinations. For those of us who need a more top to bottom glance at what we’ve done on the web, past what a detailed inquiry history would give, Google has presented My Activity, accessible history of your online exercises. My Activity will show you what you’ve looked for, what locales you’ve visited, and how you’ve utilized Google’s items on the web. 

Ways to Delete Your Welcome to My Activity Using “My Activity” 

Like the greater part of us, you’ve presumably considered what information Google gathers on you as you surf the web utilizing its web crawler? It’s an obvious fact that Google most likely knows a great deal about you. The organization tracks nearly all that you do on the Internet—this incorporates your inquiries, the music you tune in to, recordings you watch, and even places you travel to, and so forth to make an individual profile of you. Without a doubt, yet how can it manage this data? The principal rationale is to tailor important advertisements to its clients and better improve its general help. 

Use Advanced Gmail 2-Step Verification Settings for better Security by Google. 

Presently, Google has the arrangement to make it simpler to control all information the organization gathers over the entirety of your gadgets. It is safe to say that you are interested in what data, precisely, the pursuit goliath has spared about you? Presently, on account of another apparatus called My Activity, there is an accessible history of practically all you do on the web. This incorporates essentially all exercises you’ve done inside the tech goliath’s numerous administrations. 

The “My Activity” device — “Welcome to My Activity” Google. 

“My Activity is a focal spot to see and oversee activity like ventures you’ve done, sites you’ve visited, and recordings you’ve watched,” so peruses a statement from Google itself. “Your activity is recorded as individual things, beginning with the latest. These things may be important for packs, which bunch comparable activity together.” 

The plenty of Google items that work with the My Activity page include: 

  • Ads 
  • Search 
  • Android 
  • Play 
  • Chrome 
  • YouTube 
  • Video and Image Search 
  • Maps 
  • News 
  • Books 
  • Finance 
  • Help 
  • Shopping.
Search ‘My Activity’ on Google 

Before long, you will see a brief on Google administrations requesting that you check your security settings. Another selection in alternative will inquire whether you’d like customized advertisements dependent on your segment and search history to show outside locales, reports Wired. By picking in, you will permit Google to utilize the entirety of the data identified with your record across administrations, including Search, Chrome, and YouTube, to offer better promotions for you over the web. 

The component is generally helpful for the individuals who need more granular command over how promotions work over the entirety of their gadgets connected with Google account. It enables them to obstruct advertisements they would prefer not to see/don’t concern them. For instance, if an especially irritating promotion for a cell phone frequents you over the web, you can keep that advertisement from showing up by any means. The customized advertisement highlight additionally offers you a choice to erase search things too. This can include everything in a specific date range or by explicit subjects.  

How would I prevent Google from sparing information in any case? 

Google is sufficiently pleasant to give you some protection settings directly inside the My Activity page. Snap the menu symbol in the upper left corner and snap Activity controls to perceive what kinds of exercises you’re permitting Google to follow. Here, you’ll discover modules for Web and App Activity, Location History, Device Information, Voice and Audio Activity, YouTube Search History, and YouTube Watch History. Close to every module, you will see a flip that you can kill to keep Google from sparing that kind of activity. You can likewise click Manage Activity to go to that item’s activity page

You may likewise need to do a Google protection test or look at our article on more approaches to shield Google from following you. The main surefire approach to keep Google from sparing information about you is to, well, not use Google items.

Know how MyActivity helps you stop Google from tracking you
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In this article, we have shared information with you about private data, monitored by googling all the time. We have also provided methods to prevent your privacy from Google. You can search on google ‘Welcome to My Activity,’ and you can see and change settings to control that. We wish this article to be helpful for you. Thank you for giving your precious time to read this article.