How to get rid of fever?

When the weather changes, people are caught in diseases like flu, cough, cold, sore throat or bad throat, and fever. Winter is the favorite season for most people. They like to eat different special foods and enjoy different types of delicious soup in the winter season, but on the other hand, winter also causes several diseases. Winter is cold weather, and due to this reason, many people are suffering from influenza and fever. In the following article, we learn how to get rid of fever? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

Is it a fever? 

In fever, a body temperature is higher than the normal body temperature. Fever is a viral or bacterial infection in the human body. The Normal body temperature is 98.6 Fahrenheit, and if the temperature is above 99 Fahrenheit or 100 Fahrenheit, the person suffers from fever.

Symptoms of fever

  • The temperature of the body above 100.4°
  • The body may suffer from Chills, shivering, and shaking.
  • The body suffered from pains and headaches.
  • The tiredness of the body.
  • Periodic or continual sweating of the body.
  • Redden complexion or hot skin. 
  • Loss of hunger 

Reasons of fever 

The main reason for the fever is some viral or bacterial infection in the body.

  • Flu, cough, and cold 
  • Some Viral infection 
  • Some Bacterial infection
  • The tiredness of the body
  • Specific inflammatory situations like rheumatoid arthritis breakout of the link of your joints
  • A harmful tumor
  • Several types of treatments, like antibiotics and prescriptions used to treatment of high blood pressure levels.
  • It is also caused by heatstroke.
  • Some diseases are also the cause of fever like malaria, chickenpox, etc.
  • Vaccines also cause fever-like diphtheria, tetanus, and pneumococcal vaccination.

How to measure the fever to get rid of fever

 The thermometer is used for the measurement of the body temperature 

There are three types of thermometers 

  • Digital thermometer
  • Oral thermometer 
  • Digital ear thermometer 
  • Forehead thermometer 
  • Pacific thermometer 
  • Mercury thermometer 

How to treat the fever 

  • Take medicine like paracetamol or panadol in a reasonable quantity; with the help of the treatment, the body’s temperature brings down.
  • Use plenty of liquid things like juices, but especially intake of water.
  • Do not use alcohol, tea, or coffee because this type of drink is causing minor dehydration.
  • Prevent from taking a bath with cold water or showers. Skin responds to the cold by compressing its blood vessels that catch the body heat. The cold and cough are also the reason for trembling, more heat.
  • Must take bed rest.

When to see a doctor to get rid of fever

  • When the temperature of the body is higher than 103 or 104 degree
  • The body continuously shivers and trembles, and the teeth are rattling.
  • The body is getting hot, 
  • without any sweating. High fever with headache and stiffness of the neck
  •  Different symptoms like illusions, vomiting, neck stiffness, skin rash, rapid heartbeat, chills, or muscle strokes.
  • Feeling of drowsiness 
  • Don’t get relief from medicines.

Home remedies to get rid of fever

Take proper sleep and rest.

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