How to grow mushrooms?

Cultivation of cardoncelli  mushrooms

The cardoncello, whose scientific name is Pleurotus Erengii, has a fleshy cap and a long, generally white stem; it grow mushrooms spontaneously in Puglia and Basilicata. The ideal substrate for cardoncelli mushrooms must be prepared between May and December and is primarily chopped straw. Once sterilized, the latter is allowed to cool and put in blocks indoors. A substrate of about 4 kilos is capable of producing up to a kilo of mushrooms. The spores now colonize the substrate, and an incubation period of sixty days is expected.

Ready-made substrates for home cultivation can find on sale. All that remains is to bury it in our garden, covering it with soil. The best temperature for a good production is around 15-18 degrees; choose a humid and shaded area and water every day. The cardoncelli can collect when you notice that the hat becomes flat and the first spores begin to fall.

Champignon grow mushrooms cultivation

Champignon mushrooms, scientifically defined as Agaricus Bisporus, are the most used mushrooms all over the world. Their characteristic color is off-white. They have a vast hat and a small, squat stem. The ideal substrate comprises horse manure added to straw; it places in rectangular boxes and must leave to rest for about fifteen days to facilitate fermentation. Once sterilized, it  invalid by spores, and mycelium will produce. You can find the mycelium of champignon mushrooms in specialized shops. Once the mycelium  buried, and after twenty days, all you have to do is water the substrate daily. The ideal location for growing champignon mushrooms is in the shade at a temperature of about 25 degrees.

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Pippin grow mushrooms cultivation

Agrocybe aegerita is the scientific name of the mushroom, more commonly known as pop. The color of these mushrooms is dark brown. They have a very slender shape and around and fleshy cap. The characteristic of these mushrooms is that they grow on wooden stumps. The most suitable wood for the production and cultivation of popping mushrooms is naturally popular. The popping proliferates on underground, humid, and instead of rotting trunks. If you want to grow these mushrooms in your garden, you can still buy the special boxes with the substrate ready. The perfect habitat make up of wetlands, no strong winds, and a temperature exceeding 15 degrees. The substrate must keep moist; take care to water it every day without making it wet. The piping ready to harvest when the hat is flat. Their main feature is that they grow in numerous strains.

grow Mushroom cultivation in greenhouses

Mushroom cultivation can also take place in greenhouses. Here, the ideal conditions for cultivation must first recreate, even if they vary according to the species. Generally, the temperature must be around 14-18 degrees, with a high degree of humidity, at least 85%. There is no need for high light conditions, much less direct heat. Take care to cover the greenhouse well and do not expose the mushrooms to cold air currents and rains that could damage the production; you can use polyethylene mats or sheets for this purpose. Once the climatic conditions have fix, the substrate bales can position; the incubation period and the rules for irrigation to follow are the same as those recommended for outdoor cultivation.

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