How to mail a package?

Compare parcel shipping prices.

It is sometimes challenging to find exemplary parcel service because the prices vary according to various factors. For some providers, weight matters. mail a package For others, size. In addition, the parcel services offer different types of shipping – from savings offers to express shipping, everything is included.

To still compare the services, we have selected five examples for standard shipping within Germany: Parcel 1 and 2 are relatively small, Parcel 3 and 4 larger. The weight of the packages differs slightly. Package number 5 is big and very heavy. The tariffs that you pay for these package examples also allow somewhat more extensive and more severe packages.

Franking parcels online

You can also pay for parcel shipping online with DHL, DPD, GLS, and Hermes and then hand the parcel over to a branch or parcel shop. This saves you between 10 cents and 2.20 euros.

If you want to send small parcels, you save the most with GLS and DPD. You pay the cheaper DPD online price at Iloxx if you hand in the shipment in a DPD parcel shop instead of having it picked up.

If you want to send large packages, however, DHL or Iloxx often offer the lowest prices.

Have parcels picked up

If your parcels must be picked up, check the offers from Iloxx and Paket. Ag. They can usually keep up with the other cheap providers, at least with large packages. With Bloxx, however, you may have to book the insurance. By default, Paket. Ag only insures shipments against loss, not against damage. However, you can extend the insurance. Depending on the package dimensions, insurance, and the pick-up service is chosen, Iloxx and Paket. Ag is sometimes cheaper than the competition.

Send valuable things

It is often the small things that are particularly valuable, for example, a ring. But small parcels, in particular, are not insured at all with DHL and Hermes only for 50 euros. If you send small, expensive gifts, you should choose additional insurance or send it as a package despite its small dimensions.

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If you send expensive watches or jewelry, we recommend the so-called value shipping, for example, with a value logistics company such as Intex.

Comparison portals offer an initial overview.

You can also compare the tariffs via online portals such as to get an initial overview. only shows the online prices and does not consider all of the providers we have named.

Anyone who has problems with a parcel service can complain: The consumer advice centers collect complaints via “Post-Anger” and want to uncover grievances in this way.

Missed delivery person

If the recipient must have as little trouble as possible with the shipment, another question becomes interesting: What do the parcel services do when the recipient is not at home? The companies are going different ways so that the addressees can still get the parcel (as of November 2015). On, DHL offers numerous options for rerouting the package. With DPD and Iloxx, you can book an additional service that the recipient can use to intervene in the delivery.

Cargo International  mail a package

Cargo International tries three times to deliver the shipment to the recipient. After unsuccessful delivery, the deliverer puts a note in the mailbox. The recipient can then call the service hotline and discuss the next delivery attempt. Without a call, the parcel carrier will come by again the next working day. After the third unsuccessful attempt, the package is returned to the sender. Customers cannot pick up the shipment themselves from the shipping company.

DHL  mail a package

DHL first tries to hand the package over to a replacement recipient if the recipient is not there. If that doesn’t work, the package is sent to a branch. In individual cases, the parcel also ends up in a packing station. In all three cases, the recipients are informed with a notification card. The barcode for collection from the packing station is then printed on the card.

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Customers can also order a second delivery online for parcels that go to home addresses. If you are registered on the DHL website, you can choose from other options, such as your preferred location or day. Of course, that doesn’t work if the shipment has landed at the neighbors.

Bloxx uses other service providers in addition to DPD. If DPD delivers the parcel, the information for DPD delivery applies.

GLS mail a package

If the deliverer does not meet you and there is no neighbor at home, the parcel will be sent to the nearest parcel shop for nine days. If there is no parcel shop nearby, the property goes to a depot, and you can redistribute the shipment via the website. That means, for example, you can choose a new delivery address or issue a parking permit. If you don’t pick it up in the parcel shop, it will be returned to the sender.

The senders can also book the Flex Delivery Service online free of charge. GLS then notifies the recipient of the time of delivery via email. The recipient can then rebook the shipment – for example, to a different address or a different day. The recipients can also choose to deliver to a GLS parcel shop and then pick up the parcel there.


Hermes will try to deliver the package to a neighbor if the recipient is not there. If that doesn’t work, the delivery person will come by twice. The recipients always receive a notification card with a tracking number. If the delivery fails three times, Hermes stores the parcel in the depot for ten days and informs the recipient by letter. The package is only sent back to the sender if there is no response. With the shipment number, the recipients can also redirect the parcel via customer service, for example, to a different address.

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