How to make cold brew coffee?

Cold Brew Coffee can be made without using any energy, wakes you up, and is the perfect alternative to a hot cup of coffee in summer. We show you how you can easily prepare the cold coffee yourself.

Healthier than frappe, as Nescafe anyway and a sugar-free alternative to ice cream parlor: cold-brewed coffee – Cold Brew Coffee – has been around for two years, the trend beverage in the summer. And at first, it is a contradiction in terms. Because “brewing” actually means pouring hot water.

Cold Brew Coffee: mild and digestible

Cold brew coffee, on the other hand, infuses with cold water. Aromas and caffeine can extract with this type of coffee preparation without heat. This takes a little longer but has a few advantages: The cold-brewed coffee contains only 15 percent of the acids of regular coffee and is, therefore, milder, i.e., easier on the stomach. In addition, there are no unwanted bitter substances that arise in regular coffee – baristas speak of “lovely aromas,” which are emphasized by avoiding heat in the cold brew.

And this is how it works: Recipe for cold brew coffee

The preparation of cold brew coffees is quite simple. All you have to do is the plan in time: the coffee should brew around twelve hours on average. However, this is only a guideline and variable. Coffee bloggers advise: try it out. The longer the coffee soaks, the more intense the taste of the cold brew coffees will be.

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For a liter of cold brew coffees, you need:

  • One hundred grams of fair trade coffee or organic coffee;  Fresh and coarsely ground coffee is best. Has the coffee coarsely crushed in the roastery if you don’t have a coffee grinder (at **  Tchibo, Coffee Circle, Amazon )?
  • A hand filter (at ** Memolife, Coffee Circle, Tchibo ) or a French press (at ** Avocadostore, Coffee Circle, Amazon )
  • One jug, without the French press, two jugs
  • One liter of cold water
  • Twelve hours of time
  • Ice cubes. You can also refine the Cold Brew Coffees with cream, milk, or milk alternatives such as soy, almond, or oat milk.

That’s how it works:

Pour the coarsely ground coffee into one of the jugs or the French press. Pour the water on and stir if necessary to distribute the set. Cover the jar and let it steep for about twelve hours at room temperature. Preferably overnight.

After the twelve hours, you simply filter the concentrate through a hand filter into the second jug. It’s a little easier with a French press: press the sieve down and pour the cold brew coffee into a pitcher.

A small amount of liquid is lost during the brewing time, but you can safely fill up the coffee concentrate with a bit of water, and at the end, you have the desired amount of cold brew coffees again.

You can enjoy the Cold Brew Coffees immediately cold – with ice cubes, milk (alternatives), cream, or a scoop of (homemade) ice cream. Or store in the refrigerator for a maximum of ten days. We wish: get it!

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