How to pass a drug test?

Whether they are self-made or done in the laboratory, drug tests have become quite common in everyday life. Whether it’s for a new job or a police check, it’s not uncommon to run into a drug test. Perhaps the most famous is the so-called ” dopometer” used by the Traffic Police when it stops a driver suspected of having recently used drugs. But is there a way to get around a drug test by turning it negative even if you have recently used banned substances? The answer is it depends. In this article, we read about How to pass a drug test?

How to get around a drug test

It is essential to know that there are various drug tests, and some remedies may not work in some cases. There is the definitive urine test and the one on saliva, hair, blood, and surfaces. If you want to be sure you will pass an exam, you need to know which exam you will be taking to prepare yourself properly.

In this way, regardless of the test you have to face, you can implement some strategies that, however, it is good to emphasize, do not have a 100% success rate. But it’s always worth a try.

Blood drug test

Drug tests that use blood as a test sample have maximum effectiveness and are very difficult to escape from. However, these are never tests done at the moment. Usually, a future date is set in which the subject will have to come to the laboratory to take the sample to be examined. And this is precisely the “flaw” that can be exploited. Suppose, for example, that a future employer Work Requires you to pass this drug test. The wisest thing to do is to suspend the use of any substance so as not to leave a trace on the day of the test. Furthermore, if the trial is set too close to the use of some sense, it might be wise to try to postpone it as much as possible to reduce the risk of being positive.

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Urine drug test

To try to circumvent a urine drug test, several home tricks can be applied. The first is to drink plenty of water 48 hours before the test—at least 3 liters per day. Shop for Oregon Grape Root, available at most health food stores and health food stores. You have to chop it until you get a powder and drink it with the water. On the day of the test, in the early morning, take a vitamin B supplement. Vitamin B will retain the classic color of the urine and will not arouse suspicion. 

For those who use THC in addition to the water play, it is essential to exercise. This is because THC builds up in fat cells. Exercising and burning fat will also eliminate the THC content. Physical activity must be done regularly for long periods. A few days are not enough before undergoing the test. 

Synthetic Urine

And then there is the drastic solution which is to avoid giving your urine sample, which will surely be positive for some narcotic substance. You can either ask a friend who does not use illegal substances to provide you with a urine sample or opt for synthetic urine. In this case, you need to get some fluid that contains the same chemicals found in urine. There are numerous kits for sale on the web.

The difficulty lies in keeping the liquid at a temperature close to body temperature as possible. The best synthetic urine kits sold on the market come with a powder that can be added to the liquid to warm it up in moments. Another problem can arise if you undergo the test in a company that closely observes the withdrawal process. In this case, it is necessary to opt for special kits that simulate the act of urination. A little practice must always be done.

Saliva drug test

Again there are some tricks to try to get a drug test on saliva to be negative. The first thing you can try is to drink a lot of water and cranberry juice in the hours before the test to cleanse the body. Always opt for a natural, non-industrial cranberry juice that contains a limited number of cranberries. 

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Another remedy that may prove effective is to take aspirin about 3 hours before the test. This drug could help you pass the test. The important thing is not to take it in advance. Still, consuming large amounts of protein foods for at least the first three days before could help normalize creatinine levels in the body. Red meat, chicken, any protein-rich food will do. The cooking method will not matter.

Drug test on the hair

The hair follicle drug test is among the most accurate in circulation, and it is tough not to be “discovered” as it can trace its use even in the months before the test. In case of tests of this kind, a good solution is to cut your hair: as we know, the hair grows by 1 cm per month, which means that the information of the past months is stored. By cutting your hair, you can drastically reduce the chances of some substance being found. 

Alternatively, if you consume cannabis, a good remedy could be to wash your hair with lemon juice. This blend detoxifies your hair by eliminating drug residues metabolized by the body. Fill a bowl with water and let it sit overnight. The next day, add some lemon juice and use it to wash your hair.

Or you could wash your hair with baking soda. Pour some on the palm of your hand and add a few drops of water to form a paste. With this blend, which is an excellent natural cleanser, then massage your hair and scalp. 

Surface drug testing

This is the most challenging test to circumvent as it is not done in the laboratory but can be safely performed at any time without warning. There is no chance of not being discovered in these cases if there has been recent drug use.


The best solution remains that of not taking substances prohibited by law. But in the course of the article, we still saw how there are tricks that can help you pass a drug test. Remedies worth mentioning once again are not 100% effective on all people.

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