How to make a diaper cake?

Have you heard about diaper cakes? How to make a diaper cake. What about a baby shower? Do not worry, because we will explain it to you from here so that we have no doubts.

A diaper cake is a gift that has become fashionable for the brand new potatoes, and that consists of neither more nor less than diapers but presented decoratively, creating an attraction within your party.

The shapes and sizes will depend on each person’s imagination who makes a cake of this type. A Baby Shower is a celebration held to celebrate the arrival of a new baby. Every day, it is more frequent to hear about this type of celebration that future moms await with great expectation. As you will understand, diaper cakes and these celebrations go hand in hand, as this is an ideal gift for the future mother.

A fun and easy diaper cake to make. In addition, you will not need to invest a lot of time or money. Follow this step by step, and you will achieve resounding success at your Baby shower.

Steps to follow: How to make a diaper cake


Buy materials and newborn diapers. In addition to two bags of newborn diapers (even if you have excess, the future mother will appreciate them very much), buy some pretty ribbons to decorate, think about the platform where you will present the cake (you can line a tray or buy a cake mat). And don’t forget to purchase rubber bands. Many! You will need one for each diaper and three rubber bands that are open enough to hold each floor of the cake. And, of course, scissors.


Hold the diapers on the right side. For the diapers to be well bundled, you will have to start rolling them around the waistband.


Start to roll each diaper: How to make a diaper cake

, make it a little tight. Roll them loosely, some more than others, so that your cake is well uniform.


Once they are rolled up, go tying them with elastic bands.

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Form the floors of the cake. Since you have rolled and tied all the diapers with the elastic band (if you want, you can do it in phases), begin to put them together to form the first floor of the cake, which will be the widest.


Secure the first floor with a rubber band. Take one of the long rubber bands and place the rolled combs inside until you complete the first layer of the cake, the diameter you want.


Shape the whole cake. In the same way, complete the following layers of the original diaper cake that you are making step by step.


Decorate the diaper cake. And it’s time to decorate! Run a ribbon around each floor of the diaper cake. You can be as creative as you want, overlaying various tapes or with other ideas that come to mind. You are the artist!



Add the master touch. Place a topper on the diaper cake, or toppers on each floor, placing even more details at the base. Your cake is ready and will leave everyone with their mouths open.

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