How to plaster?

How to plaster. everyone knows that if the wall decoration is good, the home decoration will look good as a whole. The plastering of the inner wall determines the quality of the wall decoration. So how many steps are there for plastering of interior walls? Xiaoxi talks about decoration. Today I will share with you the specific process of internal wall plastering construction~

Method 1: Grassroots treatment

Before we carry out the plastering construction of the inner wall, we have to carry out the primary treatment of the wall. Clean the dust, grit, dirt, oil stains, etc., on the wall’s surface, and then spray water to soak the wall.

Method 2: detail processing

Before the plastering of the inner wall, the doors, windows, door frames, window frames, etc., that need to install should install first, and if the construction leaves holes on the wall, the holes should plug compacted in advance. If there is no requirement in the design, a 1:2 ratio cement mortar should used for the vignetting, the height should not less than 2m, and the width of each side should not  less than 50mm.

Method 3: material inspection

Check the materials that will use in our interior wall plastering construction. For example, if the cement mortar has been mixed for more than two hours, it cannot uses. If the cement mortar becomes damp and agglomerates cement, it cannot use. Check whether the type of cement is following the requirements and whether it is within the quality guarantee period. The mixing should carryy out in strict accordance with the design mortar ratio and cannot adjust at will.

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Method 4: watering and moist: How to plaster

Generally, the day before we perform plastering, we need to use a hose or watering can to wet the wall to plaster from top to bottom. Different walls require different amounts of water in different environments. Watering should carry out in batches until the wall is wet and not flood.

Method 5: wall-filling: How to plaster

When the lime cake mortar reaches six or seven minutes of dryness, we can use the same mortar as the plaster layer to reinforce. The number of ribs should determine according to the width and height of the room. Generally, the width of the standard ribs is about 50mm, and the distance between the two ribs cannot be greater than 1.5m.

The above five points are the specific construction technology of internal wall plastering construction. Unexpectedly, there is so much attention to plastering on a small wall! Xiaoxi talks about decoration and will continue to share more decoration knowledge with you~
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