How to transfer from iPhone to iPhone?

Anyone who owns the iPhone. It creates a handy icon location program for folders and desktops. Selected useful widgets for quick access to necessary information. Standard bell Often it is replaced with a vocabulary and recognizable ringtone. Collection of songs, photos, and other attributes from many years of use are accumulated. Losing everything with the transition to a new device that absolutely doesn’t want to. In Apple, this is perfectly understood and creates a convenient backup mechanism. In this material, we will tell you how to transfer data from one iPhone to another without any loss.

iCloud Activation on iPhone

To start from the beginning, check the presence in iPhone connection Wi-Fi to work with the Internet. Find out if in the old iPhone iCloud program. If for some reason it is not activated, it must be activated by going into the “Settings” menu of your smartphone. In the “Settings” menu, select the cloud iCloud function . . In the opened screen we can see the cloud settings, the amount of storage available, which is very important since the transfer of information on the cloud can be quite a large amount of gigabytes and does not match what can disappoint you.

To prevent it from happening, you need to check the information stored on the device that is being transferred in the settings of your smartphone. Cloud can store around 5 gigabytes. If the data transfer is larger than the specified volume, you must first expand the volume of the cloud by purchasing an additional area. If this option is not profitable for you, consider the amount of data transferred from iPhone to cloud, which you can only achieve within 5GB. For example, you can transfer the ringtone from iPhone to iPhone while transferring the ringtone for iPhone completely free.


  1. Activate settings iCloud. The program itself, if not activated, should display the “On” icon. Then activate all sections of the information we want to transfer (pictures, books, emails, contacts, calendars, reminders, notes, applications) – everything you need to save and install in a new iPhone. To do this, drag the activation icon to the right in front of each section of information (it should turn green).

When each required information section is activated, press the function “ iCloud Drive. ” This will open a new window in which the same way activates the specified function by allowing programs to copy and save documents, as well as data in the iCloud -Storage. Visually it looks like this.

After running the program, activate the “Find iPhone” icon in order to find, block or delete this iPhone, as well as the deletion of deletion or repeated activation. Without your password.

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Copy data in the cloud

Next, open the “Storage and Copy” section, it contains messages about the date and time of the last copy. In the backup screen that is displayed on the screen, select the “Symbol” backup “Please pay again to ensure that the” key bundle “is off and the” iPhone Search “is the opposite. Activate Next, do the backup process in iCloud, and then tap the “Create Backup” button at the bottom.

Stage of copying data and documents from your iPhone to cloud storage. Run. The screen shows the time and amount of copied documents, the transmission of documents is displayed as “Make a copy”. If a lot of file data has been saved in the smartphone, this process will take a long enough time. It looks like that

After all, the copied amount of data is sent to the cloud, you can delete old phone content that brings it back to the factory settings.

But before that, be sure to save an individual number. Registration ID and password for entering the cloud from another smartphone.

Reset all data on iPhone

To do this, activate the iPhone and select the string from the Settings menu. ” Cell network data transmission”. Then on the new screen that opens you will find the command “Reset Settings” and then select “Reset Contents and Settings”. The process of resetting the smartphone to factory settings is activated, and after a few minutes the phone will restart, all your data will disappear as if you just bought this device.

It remains to complete the process of downloading all the data from the cloud in your new iPhone. To do this, turn it on, select the language, say, Russian, decline the proposed connection to the geolocation service, turn on the wi-fi network and enter the settings of the new iPhone. Under the suggested connection options, select the option as a copy process – ” Recover from copied iCloud. ».

Recover from copied iCloud

At the end of this phase, Apple will ask you for the ID number and access code that is stored specifically for access. When you enter the requested data, the iPhone will start the data recovery process.

The terms of the required terms that are being requested must be grasped by clicking the “Accept” button. Then select from the backup last version which one you need to forward from the cloud by clicking on the selected date of the copy data.

The process of copying data to your iPhone and the process of setting up the old smartphone is in progress. It takes some time depending on the amount of information that is replied to. The process itself and its duration are displayed on the screen.

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After a while, the basic menu opens on the iPhone, which shows all the programs and applications on the old smartphone.

The process of restoring all data stored on the cloud and transferring it to your iPhone will be over when the smartphone restarts and information about the screen will appear on the screen. successful recovery. Data. Click on Continue”.

You will open a window with the restoration of all settings. Smartphones will stop sometimes, creating new smartphones. It is designed from all stored information. You can see the data transfer step from iPhone to iPhone completed.

Copy data with iTunes

There is still one way to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone, which can be a transfer with a PC using the iTunes program. Given this. A computer program Must be installed on your PC. If such a program is missing from your PC, it is not difficult to download it on the Internet and go to the developer’s official website. It is copied quickly and easily.

After iTunes is on the computer, you need to connect a USB cable from your iPhone to PC, they will sync. Turn on the iTunes program. what the iPhone that is connected to the PC detects. At the top of the window, select Settings, select Backup, follow this computer, then tap Make a copy. When you stop syncing your programs, click the “With copies of programs” button. At the end of the copy, the program will display the copy time for the last time.

Bottom Line

After all files are reset from iPhone to PC, disconnect iPhone from PC, harvest new iPhone to PC via USB cable. Now the computer information transfers the entire volume to the new iPhone. To do this, in the main menu of the smartphone “Settings” screen, select the suggested option “Recover from copied iTunes. “, And then confirm all data from the backup. After the recovery, wait patiently for the program data synchronization program. The copying is over, you can disconnect an iPhone from the PC.

The detection of a new device is always a joyful and long-awaited event, but old files and documents. As well as some applications that you need for a new device, are neither less than in the same. Transfer all data and never lose valuable files with an iPhone phone.

Possibly possible without any problems if you are encountering backup files on iCloud. You can also transfer data from your applications: measurements and indicators, many other options can be transferred through iTunes. So when you have the right settings you will not lose any of the information. From the old media by using the new iPhone With known applications, documents, and program indicators.

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