How to write informal letter?

Letters written for your loved ones or friends are recognized as informal letters. It is written differently from the formal letter. These are personal letters that cannot be used for official purposes. The informal letters are mainly written to inform you about yourself, any news, ask for apologies, or thank you for your ideal. An invitation can also be sent through these informal letters.

Informal letters can be written on many topics as these letters are personal letters to friends and family. Some of the reasons can be those mentioned below:

  • A letter to invite someone on someone’s birthday.
  • A letter to know about Grandma’s health.
  • Letter to describe any of the incidents that happened.
  • A letter to congratulate someone for any success (school results, promotion, buying a new car), etc.
  • A note to say sorry or to say thanks as per the situation.

As personal news is infinite in the same way, the topics for writing informal letters are endless. 

Format of writing an Informal Letter

A format of writing an informal letter should include the following steps:

  • The address of the sender should be above 
  • After that mention current date
  • Address of the recipient
  • Greetings
  • Letter body 
  • Complimentary ending

Sample Format:

A sample format shared below to describe you more. 

Address ( of the sender)


Dear (name of your loved one)

Body of the letter

(Part 1) Asking for health and wishing best for health and life.

(Para 2) Would you please describe the reason for writing a letter to them?

(Part 3) Concluding the letter

Complimentary ending

Yours lovely,

Name of sender

Informal Letter sample

I’m sharing an example of an informal letter as a guideline. 

Topic: Write a letter to your friend telling them how your studies are going and what you expect according to the preparation.

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Sec 15B,

New York,


The USA.

Date: 14 Nov 2021.

Dear Smith, 

Hope you are doing well, Smith? I am fine also, by the grace of God. I want to let you know how my studies are going. 

Well, I am working hard on my studies. Maximum subjects prepared. But in Physics, I am facing some problems. The numerical theory based on numbers is proving difficult for me to understand and solve. I am trying my best to cope with this problem. The subject History is lacking my concentration as I feel it as a boring subject. But working on it too to make it interesting for me to learn the issue properly. 

The preparation for the rest of my subjects is good enough. I am willing to get good results. I have discussed my practice and progress. Now, I wish to know about yours too. Do write me a letter in reply to this. I will wait for your reply. Give regards to the family members.

YourYours loving friend


This is a sample letter to explain to you the format to write an informal letter. I hope this article you’ll find helpful and now you can write an informal letter. 

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